Music of the Week #7

A new Music of the Week is ready! Listen to this incredible three music bands. If you like Electro, Rock or Soul, this is for you!.

  1. The Code

    #FrostWirePromotion #Electronic
    The Code are rather fascinated with enigma. Their album cover is a stark white image of a cassette tape, their website and social media accounts do not reveal much about them, and their name as well, is a term associated with secrecy. Perhaps it is to focus all attention to their work rather than themselves, but there is a charm to this air of anonymity which also lingers in their music, intentionally or not.

  2. The Stone Foxes: Bears & Bulls

    thestonefoxes#Alternative #Rock #Blues #Indie
    Hailing from San Francisco, CA, The Stone Foxes has already made their name in the indie music landscape throug smooth blues mixed fused with a spicy kick of alternative rock. Stone Foxes consists of Shannon Koehler, Elliott Peltzman, Vince Dewald, Ben Andrews, Brian Bakalian, and Spence Koehler.

  3. Kiki Rowe

    #Pop #Soul
    Toronto-based songstress Kiki Rowe might be a newcomer on the music scene, but that doesn’t mean that Kiki Rowe (Keandra Shan Lal) is not slowing down when it comes to great music. Kiki Rowe has been making waves in the indie landscape, and with the release of her self-titled album, the 19-year-old has formally debuted her journey to the music world.

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Music of the Week #5

November is almost end, but the good music is still here. This week we show you the three music bands of the week on FrostClick.

  1. Andres Puche: Sur
    Andres Puche is the lead singer of HolySexyBastards (we reviewed their previous album right here on the HolySexyBastards) and in his first solo album he gives us a whole new side of his musical brain or alterego. Sur is a record that goes around folk, pop, cuban trova, psychedelic sounds and even shades of hip hop. His influences do vary, and his album can sound alike Tame Impala and Silvio Rodriguez all at once.
  2. The Suffers: Make Some Room

    Hailing from Houston, Texas, The Suffers is a ten-piece band that offers a rich blend of classic American soul with rock n’ roll. Giving a foundation to vocalist Kam Franklin is a well-founded, solid sections of rhythm and horn.
  3. Little Brothers: Nostalgia Trip
    little brothers
    Little Brothers are a talented crew not afraid to break boundaries. Though the styles can seem somewhat abrasive, none of it sounds stale. Nothing is overdone, everything is fresh. Such a thing can’t be emphasized enough in music. Indie music is having a bit of an identity crisis and Nostalgia Trip 2011 fits that category pretty well. The sporadic nature of the music really makes you wonder whether this album was actually made in the 21st century.

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Music of the Week #4

Good news! Last week we introduced Lisa Richards on FrostClick. Lisa Richards is our new promoted artist on FrostWire. We love her music and we want you to listen to her!

Also, you can listen to another 5 amazing bands that has been reviewed on FrostClick last week.

  1. Lisa Richards: Beating of the Sun

    Lisa Richards is not your ordinary singer/songwriter. This Queensland native has been honing her music for decades with five recorded albums under her belt and years of touring while based in New York City and Austin, Texas. She has rounded the festival circuits in the U.S. and has also brought her music to the U.K., Netherlands, Belgium, and Australia. Now, Lisa’s distinct voice, akin to great artist such as Billie Holiday and Suzanne Vega, is back in Beating of the Sun.
  2. bansheebeat: Lumine

    Ride and curl along waves of luscious electro music in bansheebeat‘s Lumine. With flavorful chiptunes infused with some ambient melodies, this nine-track collection, released via Galaxy Swim Team, is a solid case for those who enjoy the beauty of late night chilling out with good music to accompany you along the way.
  3. Mitch Murder: After Hours
    mitchmurder (1)

    Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, Mitch Murder is the moniker of producer Johan Bengtsson, creating retro synth pieces that remind you of the ’80s. Amidst the sudden overflow of artists/producers creating ’80s club/electro music these days, Mitch Murder separates himself from the rest by staying true to his chosen era and creating a genuine representation of its sound and culture.
  4. Homestead: Homestead

    Homestead‘s self-titled album portrays a blend of sound that reminds us what it means to be lost and found, to let go and discover, to wither in winter and bloom in spring. In this five-track ensemble, Matthew Brue (vocals/keys), Trey Glaspie (guitar), Chris Munoz (bass/synth), and Hunter Sprague (drums) treat listeners with upbeat, synth-driven alternative pop melodies.
  5. FLEGMATIC: Esprit de conquête, la mostla tape

    French rock music doesn’t exactly have a reputation for being spectacular. When people think of French music, images of jazz bands in Parisian night clubs and street musicians on the Left Bank may come to mind. Crooners. Edith Piaf. Singers that put you in the mood for romance and bottles of wine under a cute full moon.
  6. The Peach Kings: Mojo Thunder EP

    Featuring four alternative indie pieces, Mojo Thunder is a follow-up collection to the band’s debut EP,Handsome Moves. The Peach Kings is the brainchild of Paige Wood and Steven Dies. According to their website, this cinematic garage rock duo weaves “sexy and relatable songs are the soundtrack for their intimate love story.”

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Music of the Week #3

Happy week everyone! On Monday we love to share good alternative music. On FrostClick we publish reviews of new music bands that share their music for free. This week, we are featuring this three amazing artists. If you like to listen to electronic, hip hop, pop, rock, or funk, you will love this recommendations.

  1. Jasmine Jordan: Time Travel EP

    jasminejordanFeaturing four tracks, Jordan puts her own modern flavor in the well-loved ’70s urban soul, as greatly seen in the first track, Possibilities. Here, Jordan succeeds in combining funk and contemporary pop stylings to the vintage grittynes of ’70s music. Press play and let lush, rich vocals turn up your groove.

  2. Digital Velvet: Digital Velvet EP

    Digital Velvet: Digital Velvet EP
    Described as “funeral” and “death metal,” the self-titled EP is in league with the moodiest and darkest melodies out there when it comes to its unique, atmospheric arrangements.

  3. David Amber: David Amber and Friends, Vol. 1

    David Amber
    David Amber and Friends, Vol. 1 brings back the flavor of the previous decade while still electrifying our ears by adding his modern twist in every track.

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Music of the Week #2

On FrostClick we publish reviews of new music bands that share their music for free. Since 2007 FrostWire brings you the best free music that you need to listen to. And now, each week we promote here on FrostWire Blog the new music reviews that are on FrostClick.

  1. David Amber: David Amber and Friends, Vol. 1
    davidamber (1)
    Featuring five electro-pop pieces, David Amber and Friends, Vol. 1 opens with I LuV IT (Feat. Ashley Jana). Here, Amber mixes texturized sound layers with a highly-addictive tempo that gives the right amount of rhythm to make you pop.
  2. Kohaku Rivver: Faithful and Virtuous Night [LP]
    Gear up for this fall with some lovely, experimental pieces from Kohaku Rivver. In Faithful and Virtuous Night, the Ohio-based artist lets us free our mind and sink deep into our cores by mixing poems and music.

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Listen to Shinobi Ninja. Free FrostWire Mixtape 2015

We’re so happy to announce that our new Free FrostWire Mixtape 2015 features Shinobi Ninja. Shinobi Ninja  is an American rock band from Brooklyn, New York. The band is known for high-energy performances and eclectic sound, blending music genres such as Hip Hop, Punk, Funk, Metal, Reggae, Electronic, and Rock.

shinobi ninja

On this Mixtape Shinobi Ninja is sharing 5 great free tracks, including 2 hit-tracks from their 2014 album “Escape from New York” (“What If Times” and “Gloom Doom”) and “Honey Trap” from their 2015 album “Artistic Visions”.

You can get the torrent here and download it using FrostWire.

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#MusicMonday Recomendations from

Fever Sleeves: Soft Pipes, Play On (LP) – complicated and sweet math rock compilation

The first time you listen to Fever Sleeves, you might find it hard to put a finger on their brand of music. On one hand, you have this beautiful calculated math rock sound while on the other, it’s a noise fest filled with random guitars, hazy vocals and unconventional drumming.

Soft Pipes, Play On is the band’s debut record, it might be two years old but with just one listen you can tell that there’s something special about it. The band hails from San Diego, CA and have been around since 2004. Their first single, Futuristic Killings, paved the way for the band’s much anticipated full length debut back in 2009.

Sigmafly: Tetrachrome EP – a free release from Cut Ever since their start, Cut Records has become a musical haven for anybody looking for some awesome electronic ambient releases. The best part is that each of their releases is available as a free or ‘pay with a tweet’ download. Truly a great treat.

This time around, they’re featuring Sigmafly’s first release under the label, Tetrachrome EP. Filled with 7 moody electronic singles; it mixes atmospheric beats with carefully chosen samples.

JoJo: Can’t Take That Away From Me – soulful pop R&B beats The once young JoJo is now a woman and she proves it in her beautifully composed and executed album, Can’t Take That Away From Me.

Exclusively released last September 2010 to, this free mixtape is a prelude to the singer’s third album formerly entitled All I Want Is Everything. The said album was then released as Jumping Trains under BlackGround records due to a misunderstanding with the songbird’s former record label.

The Julys – self titled hipster 50s rock If you’re in the mood for some uptempo indie rock, listening to the The Julys is a good place to start. According to their facebook bio, the band started off “as two young men coping with the loss of their respective harpy women.”

They’ve certainly come a long way since then. Now, the band is a quartet that creates some really good and catchy indie rock mixes. Instead of bitter, heart wrenching lyrics; the band takes on a feel-good disposition; filling their sound with bouncy beats, hipster style guitars and some wild Little Richard-style singing.

#MusicMonday recommendations from FrostClick

Welcome to the first of the #MusicMonday series of posts on the Official blog. In honor to the Twitter #MusicMonday meme, we’ll be recommending you some free music that you can download and safely share on FrostWire since that’s the way it’s creators wanted it, free for all. This music is curated by the folks at who today are waiting for Kellee Maize’s Integration album to break 100,000 downloads in 20 days.

Giraffe: There Is No Devil – gorgeous folk alt country compilation
Carrying the moniker Giraffe for this record, James Gardner releases his second compilation: There is No Devil. The album is a lush collection of folk, country alternative that’s perfect for fans of artists like Bon Iver or similar soft folk singers.
The songs resonate with acoustic guitars, beautiful singing and a catchy (sometimes odd) melody fit for most folk lovers. It’s an album that could serve as a worthy background to a laid back afternoon where you just want some simple but engaging music to keep you company.

The Juliets: Perfect Season – upbeat orchestra pop
After the successful self-titled debut album, The Juliets are poised to take over the music scene.

Formed in late 2008, the five-piece band of Jeremy Freer (piano/guitar/vocals), Sarah Myers (violin/vocals) and Kaylan Mitchell (cello) manages to seize new-age pop and classical music, applying their own twist with a violin and cello.

Perfect Season is produced by the band along with Dave Feeney and was recorded during February and March this year. It introduces the addition of Ashton Hopkins (bass) and Jaclyn Phillips (drums) producing a 12-track record of raved up, string-heavy music.

You Me and Apollo: Cards with Cheats – melodic acoustic folk that should be on your playlist
For moments when all you need is a sweet voiced singer with his guitar serenading your quiet afternoon; You Me and Apollo should make for a really good company.

The guy behind this sonic ensemble is Brent Cowles. A pastor’s son from Fort Collins, Cowles started writing and creating songs at the age of 14. Thanks to an early start, he developed a beautiful sound that resonates with both quiet and upbeat tempos, mesmerizing vocal work and skillful guitars.

Simplicity and intrigue are both present in his work, something that makes you want to tune out the world and simply tune in to his songs.

Captain Stu: Free Music EP – upbeat, highly addicting blend of ska, funk, and punk
Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Captian Stu has been performing throughout the region ever since 2003. The five piece band brings us some of the most upbeat sounds I heard in a while; and with the unique and highly addicting blend of ska, funk, punk, and just a touch of fresh African flavor, their music will surely bring back all the wonderful days of summer that quickly got away.

So go ahead and get yourself a little bit of sunshine infused beats of the Free Music EP. And yes, just as the title suggests it is yours to enjoy entirely free of charge.