Snow Leopard users should download FrostWire 4.18.3

A bug on 4.18.2 was causing FrostWire on Snow leopard to not go past the “Starting Connection” state.

Please upgrade to FrostWire 4.18.3 and get Turbocharged in a matter of a few seconds.

Version 4.18.3 (August 2009)
- Fixes connectivity issues on Snow Leopard where FrostWire 
would not attempt to open any connections.
- Bug fix on Connection Doctor. It would continue to run even 
though FrostWire was already connected.

Mac OS X version 10.6 “Snow Leopard” is the seventh major release of Mac OS X, Apple’s desktop and server operating system

Tip: Block Spam better with hostiles.txt

By Aaron.Walkhouse

This is an expanded list for protection against malware, spammers and other abusers of gnutella. It is compiled from many sources, including the lists from BlueTack Internet Security Systems and my own scans of the network for defective nodes, over a dozen types of trojan, the top ten worms and about a dozen classes of spam. It was started in 2004 for BearShare, then LimeWire started using it in 2006 and FrostWire acquired the capability soon afterwards.

It has grown to fit the task over the past 5 years and has become effective against all kinds of hazards while
enhancing performance (despite it’s size) due to steadily improving intelligence on every kind of threat on Gnutella. It now averages 400,000 rules, effectively blocking everything but us.

Needless to say, this makes for a large list. It tend to cut the noise level down so you can get
some searching done without having to wade through mountains of trash. Now it’s just hills. 🙂

How to use the list:

  1. Download the list
  2. Unzip the file and copy the file “hostiles.txt” to your FrostWire settings directory. (Replace any hostiles.txt if you had any since the lists are often updated)
  3. Start/Restart FrostWire

Where’s the FrostWire Settings Folder?

In Windows it could be on any of these two locations:

C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_NAME\Application Data\FrostWire
C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_NAME\.frostWire

In Vista:


In Mac OSX


In Linux


Once you’ve done this, you’ll hardly see any fake search results, and your FrostWire will consume less bandwidth from incoming unwanted queries

Torrents. Changing MIME type and File Type Associations on Mac OSX

After FrostWire 4.17.1 on MacOSX, FrostWire’s Info.plist file tells Mac OSX that FrostWire can be used as an application to open both torrent links and .torrent files.

If you like FrostWire only for Gnutella but not as a torrent client, you may probably want to have your .torrent files, and torrent links going by default to your preferred torrent client. It could also happen that another client is already set as the default torrent application, and you may want FrostWire to be the default.

The following screenshots will show you how to change the file associations and MIME type associations, which tell your web browser which application to open whenever a torrent link is clicked on.

Changing File Associations

1. Select a .torrent file

2. Right click on it and select “Get Info” (or press Command + i )

3. Select the Application you want to open it with, and click on the “Change All” button

4. All your .torrent file associations are now changed to the new program.

Changing MIME associations in Firefox
Open your Firefox “Preferences” and head to the “Applications” tab. Search for “torrent” and change the behavior. You can make it ask you every time for what application to use, or you can set a new default.

Note: If somebody knows how to change MIME type program associations in Safari, please let us know.

How to solve the libapr_tsvn.dll crash (Crash on Startup)

It seems there is some kind of conflict between the Java Virtual Machine and Tortoise SVN, this is the reason why FrostWire may be crashing on you lately.
We’ve found a solution by overriding some of the launch parameters. All you have to do is create a new file called right next to your FrostWire.exe (Usually at c:\Program Files\FrostWire)

The file should contain the following, and the application will launch, and you won’t have to remove Tortoise SVN


The FrostWire Team