How to solve the libapr_tsvn.dll crash (Crash on Startup)

It seems there is some kind of conflict between the Java Virtual Machine and Tortoise SVN, this is the reason why FrostWire may be crashing on you lately.
We’ve found a solution by overriding some of the launch parameters. All you have to do is create a new file called right next to your FrostWire.exe (Usually at c:\Program Files\FrostWire)

The file should contain the following, and the application will launch, and you won’t have to remove Tortoise SVN


The FrostWire Team

12 thoughts on “How to solve the libapr_tsvn.dll crash (Crash on Startup)

  1. I’m having problems with Frostwire not loading. I do not understand how to create this new file that will hopefully fix it. Please help.

  2. As Chris stated, it is a little difficult to understand what you all mean when you say create a new file. I haven’t found the option to do so and wish you would make a diagram or something to show us. Please help us.

  3. Hey I am trying the txt file, we will get there, if not uninstall is the other option as it’s getting really frustrating!!!!

  4. Awesome, this fixed my problem with starting the program. For people having issues creating the file; here’s a step by step:

    To create the file:
    1) In C:\Program Files\FrostWire (or wherever your Frostwire installation is) right click and select New -> Text Document

    2) You will then be given the option to name the file, call it “”. If it prompts you to confirm changing the file name extension (it should, see below) select “Yes”

    ** For this step make sure you have “show file extensions” enabled, otherwise the full file name will be, and that will not work. Windows by default hides file extensions, for steps to unhide it Google “windows unhide file extensions” **

    3) Drag the file into a text editor (ie. Notepad), paste the text from the original post into the file and save.

    If Frostwire still isn’t working make sure you have the latest version of Java and Frostwire.

  5. I did everything by the example, and is still just booting up with the first screen frostwire and shuts down. Does nothing, going to just use another file share program if no one can e-mail me with a real sulution.

  6. That worked great, even for ver. 4.13.5. Thanks for the fix. As stated before, be sure to uncheck the “hide file extensions” option in the View tab in the Folder Options.

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