#FrostWire on #OUYA #screenshot

We wanted to announce that we're about to submit our latest version of FrostWire for Android to the OUYA developer portal! If you are a OUYA console owner, this will be very different from a game, there's still a lot to improve in terms of the feel and the controller and we're probably going to … Continue reading #FrostWire on #OUYA #screenshot

New FrostWire for Android 1.0.8 out

A new FrostWire for Android is out on Google Play. In this release we improved our search algorithm to include relevant search results that were being hidden in previous versions. We've also made use of Square's Picasso Image loading/caching library for displaying all the images on the user interface, resulting in less crashes due to … Continue reading New FrostWire for Android 1.0.8 out

EXPERIMENTAL: FrostWire running on OUYA

Download Experimental Build for OUYA It was a painless journey to get FrostWire to run on OUYA. We just had to add a line on the application manifest and an image so it'd be shown on the OUYA's "Play" section. As of now, this experimental build will let you perform downloads, we still have not … Continue reading EXPERIMENTAL: FrostWire running on OUYA