How do you like the new got a plastic surgery done!

We hope this new and evolving version of the site will be appreciated by you. We’re trying to make it as simple, clean and easy to use as we can.

It’s still evolving, I know there’s some content missing, but for now we’re focusing on the most important thing, making the installers available on 1 click.

If you have any comments, they’re welcome, you can write here in this blog, or you can talk about it on the forums, there’s a lot more to come

We’ll be adding important sections to it, also we’ll be doing a facelift to the forums and this blog so that everything looks the same.

Stay tuned to this blog, as a tip, you might want to suscribe this RSS feed to your iTunes.

PS: Debian users, sorry for removing the Debian logo and placing the Ubuntu one, but given the stats, and the fact that we know that Debian users can read, we placed the Ubuntu logo there for the massive amount of Ubuntu users hitting the site., having received several comments we’ll figure out a way to not make other distro’s left out.

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