Subversion! Subversion! Subversion!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I’m so thrilled, we just found out the Sourceforge people finally answered our support ticket for the subversion import, (and we were right, we rock), it was due to our 953mb cvs repository being too big and we hit a bug.So Kiddies, get ready for some subversion happening soon, things will speed up a lot now in our development thanks to this.


You hit a bug that another project hit, due to the dump file
size. I’ve fixed that bug and pushed it out. I am manually
running the import now, and don’t anticipate any further
issues, so am closing this ticket out. I suspect this import
will be completed in an hour or so (if not much sooner).

Thank you,

David Burley
Quality of Service Analyst,

See the whole support conversation (Gotta have a session open to be able to read it)

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