Revamped Community Section

Today we’ve released a better version of’s community.We’ve simplified the navigation menu, the link to this blog, and the links to the forums and blog were moved inside the community section.

Also, we’ve included something we’ve been working on for about two weeks, a chatroom client (and server) for you. It runs on our very own irc server at:

Feel free to enter the chatroom using the webpage applet (courtesy of our very own alkalinex) or your favorite IRC client to jump in and have fun with other FrostWire users. It’s a great way to get quick answers to your doubts, technical questions and meet people from all over the world, you should give it a try now!

As a geek note, we’re proud to say that our IRC server runs on a very humble machine and all the magic happens thanks to Linux Debian, it’s amazing what Debian can do with 200Mhz of CPU and only 32mbs of ram. Saying this, we remind you donations are more than welcome if you want to help us support this project, we’ll be able to do a lot more with better hardware.

Now that the site is on its way, we’ll be working on internationalization to help people all over the world use FrostWire, also now that our repository is finally working on subversion we’ll start working much more on improvements to the software.

Stay tuned.

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