Try FrostWire 4.13.1 PRE-BETA Ubuntu Installer – Now with Bittorrent!!!

Yes, it’s finally ready for Linux users. Windows and Mac Users, installers are coming out pretty soon.

In the meantime, we want Ubuntu users to take it for a spin and give us some feedback, you can leave your comments here on the blog or on the forums

Using bittorrent has never been easier in Linux, you can just drag the torrent files to the FrostWire window, or you can open directly an URL.

Download frostwire-4.13.1.deb here
(The .deb has been Updated like 4 times today, make sure your .deb file can produce this MD5 hash)

How to Install FrostWire 4.13.1 in Ubuntu or Debian based distro
You must have super user privileges, and the Sun’s JRE.
(See HOWTO install the JRE after this)

Then just do this with the .deb file you just downloaded:

sudo dpkg -i frostwire-4.13.1.i586.deb

That’s it. (Yes, this will work with AMD too, it was packaged on an AMD64!)

Now look for FrostWire on your Internet Menu, or Fire it up from a Console or from Alt+F2 by typing frostwire

How to install Java with apt-get

NOTE: If you don’t have Sun’s JRE, FrostWire won’t work.

Make sure your /etc/apt/sources.list has the multiverse enabled:

deb edgy multiverse

Then do:

sudo apt-get install sun-java5-jre

Enjoy, and send your comments to this thread on the forum.


24 thoughts on “Try FrostWire 4.13.1 PRE-BETA Ubuntu Installer – Now with Bittorrent!!!

  1. Just to note that this is a PRE-BETA… We still have some work to do to get everything in full swing… as I get settled with my new job, I will be working more on… ETA for official release 1-2 Weeks or less.

  2. the system tray doesn\’t work…or i can\’t get it to work on ubuntu. I went to Tools > options > System tray and the only thing I can see is the shutdown behaviour.

  3. I’ve seen countless posts in the frostwire forums as well as up at the Ubuntu forum where users have the problem of Frostwire freezing at the beginning of the splash screen.

    What I’ve noticed as a commonality is JVM 1.6. I’ve seen posts from Mac Users, Linux Users (Ubuntu, Debian, etc.), and even Windows users. I have my JVM and JDK set up correctly and all Java apps/applets work flawlessly whether they be something I’ve written or other applications such as NetBeans 5.5.x, Tomcat, 5.x, or whatever.

    Out of all of the posts I’ve seen there don’t seem to be any solutions. People either don’t check back or they point others over to Gnutella or whatever those folk are using in Windows. I’ve also checked the FAQ, and other places as well on the Net.

    Is this something that is going to be addressed or has this project kind of fizzled? I ask because I am curious about using this since it looks like a fairly decent application … as long as you can get past the splash screen.

    Any plans on fixes?

  4. hello i try to get into my frostwire and its tell me to reinstalling frostwire i try to but its telling me to buy it again when i pay for a life time can you tell me whats going on thank you.

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