Mac Users, FrostWire 4.13.1 (pre-beta) installer ready

As promised, here’s the pre-beta installer for Mac.


Windows users, just hold on a little more, we’re still fixing a few details, and soon we’ll have a final release on the 3 platforms.

Mac Users, let’s hope you can give us some feedback.

Remember to go to Preferences -> Chat and change your Chat nick name.

10 thoughts on “Mac Users, FrostWire 4.13.1 (pre-beta) installer ready

  1. It works. You can make a .zip instead of a .dmg and you’ll make a 10MB download instead of 14MB.

    The chat is a nice touch.

    I really question the use of 4 ultrapeers as a leave though. This should NOT be done, no reasons for it. The only reason would be LW filtering content or going evil which is not happening now. If FW want to be a leader it has to preach by exemple. I’m very a return of wars of UP connections to promote c lients instead of others. IE :Yes, but my client connects to 8 UPs… Of yes? mine now does 12 UPs. All Gnet users are loosers with this kind of settings.

    Stick to 3 please

  2. I meant that I’m very afraid that UP connections may become again a way of promotion between clients, while it is only a setting. This has lead to Gnet disruption in the past with Qtrax and Aquisition using way to much UPs and thus leading to less search results.

  3. Yes it does. It has BOM archiver integrated in the system since 10.3. On a fresh install, you double-click on the .zip archive and it expands automatically, no dialog or nag. Zipping on os x is as easy, right click on the file and you have in the contextual menu the option to make an archive, which defaults to a .zip archive for cross-platform interoperatibility.

    It is up to bandwidths costs in the end 😉 That’s how I made previous FW packages on osx, and no one was complaining.


  4. perfect tonight I’ll release zip, I suppose I can make zip from a linux command line, or darwind cli, this weekend we’re also gonna be working hard on the windows installer, currently having a few issues after upgrading jdic, might have to rollback to old jdic for windows version.

  5. Just released a newer version of the installer. Some possible glitches seen in windows are also included on this installer. The text on the Chat options is much better than before.

  6. Pretty nice Mac implimentation, imo. Haven\’t seen such nice work since early verions of XFactor (before they both wrecked it and THEN started asking for money …), the standard against which I judge Frostwire.

    Unless I have missed the feature, it would be nice to have the option to choose a minimum bitrate. In the old XFactor, there was a slide filter to choose your minimum bitrate, which made it VERY handy to get the quality of results you wanted. While the old XFactor got ALL the results, it only showed the ones at and above the bitrate you set. If you slid the filter button forward or back on the slider, it displayed more or less results as the minimum bitrate changed.

    At present, I just sort my results by bitrate, from highest to lowest, which works, but with a bitrate filter, searches would be even faster.

    Thanks for making file searching fun and useful again.

    P.S. From my experience so far, the video search feature is 100% useless, sadly. It does not seem to work at all. Thanks.

  7. Hi guys.
    I’m new on this website and also new with Frostwire.
    Can any one tell me how to install this soft on MAC.
    I already downloaded the MAC version but when I click on the Frostwire Icon, nothing happens…
    I really don’t know how to install this.
    Thanks for your help.


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