Rumor: Frostwire might make it to Ubuntu’s Repos

let’s just say for now, we’ve been contacted by one of the Ubuntu developers because of our .deb package, the ubuntu developer said:

“I would like to sponsor it for ubuntu/universe if you are interessted ๐Ÿ™‚ “

That’s pretty awesome right?

We want to say the Linux userbase shall never be taken as an unimportant minority on this project.

Special Thanks to the Ubuntu Developers and the Ubuntu User Community for using FrostWire.

Ubuntu Users can also chat with the FrostWire Chat Community
For now you can interact with the FrostWire chat community by connecting to our irc servers at with your favorite irc client (while we figure out the bug with awt on linux)

10 thoughts on “Rumor: Frostwire might make it to Ubuntu’s Repos

  1. Thank you for a great program. I use it under kubuntu and it is the best firesharer out there. There are still some occassional crashes when starting the program, but once its up and running its the best. Ubuntu can’t go wrong with choosing you to include in the newest versions of its distro.

  2. Hey. i think FrostWire is a kick ass website, because not only is it free, but i can get all of my fav. songs. VIVA LA FROSTWIRE!!!!!

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