FrostWire 4.13.3 is Leopard Compatible

I went yesterday to the Apple Store in SoHO to try FrostWire in Leopard, I managed to install it and run a few tests and it seems to work without a glitch.

If you have Leopard and now your FrostWire copy gives you problems you didn’t have with tiger, please write us at

Please remember that if you are in the US, you can support FrostWire by getting yourself a tshirt at

10 thoughts on “FrostWire 4.13.3 is Leopard Compatible

  1. My problem started as soon as I upgraded to Leopard. I have not touched the default settings. I have closed and restarted Frostwire more than ten times and during those repetitive moments, I have let the program run for at least an hour hoping that maybe something would happen. Once started it connects wonderfully for about five minutes then shows a connection of only one green bar. No doubt you may need more information but that is the situation at the moment.

    Thank you in advance.


  2. I seriously have the same problem as Todd. I start frostwire, and it works great but after about 2 minutes the connection goes dead, where as my connection to the internet is fine. I have OSX leopard and an intel macbook. your help is truly appreciated

  3. Hey there, I have a different problem. When I run frostwire on leopard my macbook starts to use allot of processing power and has reached temperatures of 82 Celsius. Please help me with this I use frostwire allot but I won’t if it causes my computer to burn my lap.


  4. Same as above, connection varies between 2-20 minutes, it’s longer if chat is running in the background, ultrapeers disconnect but chat continues, the program attempts to get new connections with no success. Leaving it on to search through its database of addresses does not help. only a restart will reconnect to same initial ultrapeers.
    Another problem in leopard with Frostwire and Cabos is an error an forced logout from leopard.

  5. my problem is different, it is the same for limewire too though. every time i open it it “quits unexpectedly” after about two seconds. i was running limewire for a while and it worked but then one day it just stopped. helpp

  6. I have this issue also, Leopard (formatted & installed) with 4.13.4, it keeps the connection for 2 min, then like it says above just cycles through the connections… without success, only thing that solves is restart, after 3-4 restart program hangs and you have to logout/reboot to be able to run frostwire again.

  7. Just tried Frostwire for the first time since Leopard install. Frostwire tries to load, then nothing happens at all. System remains stable, no crashes etc, but Frostwire just doesn’t even load up 😦

  8. OOps – sorry – just realised that I needed to download the latest version – 4.18.2. All working fine now. Sorry for previous post – moderator please feel free to delete.

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