Thanks Kellee Maize & InASHTON for your support

It’s a dream come true to see new artists embrace p2p and thank us for working together.

InASHTON signed CD and thank you note

New artists have grown side by side with p2p technology and they understand that p2p is the new radio.

Kellee Maize promoted her last album via FrostClick/FrostWire and received over 132,000 downloads (and counting)

InASHTON more recently had a promotion running and has already done over 82,000 downloads.

Both artists also sell their music via iTunes and by other channels. P2P has not hurt them, it’s helped expose their music to listeners that would’ve never heard them otherwise had they stuck to the “don’t listen to my music model”

In fact, Kellee Maize was open minded enough to hear our speech about what Creative Commons can do for her and she licensed her album under Creative Commons. She still selling copies on Amazon and iTunes, Her Creative Commons license gives us the permission to share and even Remix her music, all 100% legally, she keeps the rights to sell her music.

Way to go, our doors are open to promote any future work you are willing to share with the world.

Thank you from all your FrostWire fans.

Download the albums with these Torrent Links – 100% LEGAL
Kellee Maize: Aligned Archetype

Kellee Maize

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