New FrostWire 4.20.5 out

Download FrostWire v4.20.5

FrostWire v4.20.5 is available now for Windows, MacOSX and Linux operating systems.

FrostWire is absolutely free DO NOT PAY for FrostWire.

If a company charged for it ask them for your money back.

Make sure you download FrostWire only from the official mirrors:

Find out more about FrostWire “Torrent Joint” v4.20 series

Support FrostWire

You can support FrostWire by recommending it to your friends, you can get these Free FrostWire Stickers* to make that more fun.

Another way to support development and distribution costs is to get your self a new t-shirt to wear.

Stickers and T-Shirts are shipped worldwide.


Changelog for v4.20.5

Version 4.20.5 "Torrent Joint" (March, April 2010)
- Fixes audio player issues. Now all MP3s should support skipping and gain control.
- Fixes bug on status bar speed meter. Now BitTorrent uploads speeds are added up and shown correctly in it.
- Fixes High CPU usage bug while loading hostiles ip list.
- Fixes a bug on MacOSX on which FrostWire would only start downloading a .torrent only if FrostWire was already running.
- The FrostWire windows installer will now clean FrostWire Desktop shortcuts if uninstalled.

FrostWire is licensed under the GPLv3.
Browse the FrostWire Source Code

* Stickers are free, you only pay for the postage or you can send a self addressed stamped envelope.

3 thoughts on “New FrostWire 4.20.5 out

  1. I am trying to download the new frostwire from the old 4.18.1 version and half-way through the download, it quit on me and I can’t even get into my old frostwire and was wondering if anyone could offer any help?

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