New FrostWire for Android 0.4.15 finally here

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If you haven’t restarted your FrostWire you better do so now to get the automatic update. If you haven’t installed FrostWire at all on your Android then this is probably one of the best times to go and try it since it just got a lot better to use.

The Peer browsing functionality just got a lot better after 0.4.15, we reimplemented big part of our networking framework and FrostWire can now communicate using UDP or TCP as it pleases, all it’s internal messaging can now be configured independent of the IP transport layer and now we can experiment what kinds of transport we should use for what messages.

Other than that we fixed some usability issues suggested by our tester community, so we think 0.4.15 will be a great release, but still there’s a lot more coming before we hit the Android Market.

Now try it, enjoy it and break it, then let us know so we can fix it, the comments section is all yours for feedback and ideas. (And no, we’re not doing 3G anytime soon, it’s too slow and your carrier won’t like you very much if you start doing p2p over their 3G network)


FrostWire 0.4.15
– UX-Upgrade: New option to navigate to downloads from FrostWire Logo’s Menu (only present if there are any Downloads [active or finished])
– UX-Upgrade: Hitting “Back” on Chat or Search tabs won’t get you back to the Desktop, you’ll be taken to the Browse screen. Too many users getting lost.
– UX-Fix: Tab heights should now look the same across all devices [slimmer] (Thanks Dan Jackson for screenshot)
– UX-Fix: When submitting a search, File Type selectors are automatically hidden to have more space for search results.
– UX-Fix: When typing a search with the virtual keyboard, hitting ‘Return’ now hides the virtual keyboard.
– UX-Fix: Focus bug when trying to long press on yourself in Browse Peer Screen.
– Core-Upgrade: Rewrote delivery mechanism of ‘Browse Host’ messages. Browsing now works 99% of the time.
– Core-Upgrade: FrostWire can now be _configured_ to send messages via TCP or UDP as need be.
– Bug-Fix: Possible Force Close when search results arrived.

About FrostWire for Android
FrostWire for Android is the first P2P client written for the Android Operating System. It features a new p2p protocol designed specifically for mobile and embedded devices that allows users in a Local Area Network or across the internet to Browse, Search, Download and Offer files in a peer to peer fashion, no central servers are involved.

Support FrostWire for Android
Get something new to wear and support FrostWire development. The other way to support the project is to spread the word, you can do so in a fun way by getting the FrostWire Stickers for free

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