New FrostWire for Android 0.4.12 available now

FrostWire for Android

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A new release of FrostWire for Android is out after a week of long wait. The wait however is well worth the update since this new release features new functionality, the user interface is friendlier, search gets considerably better, and you have more control over your download queue.

If you want to know more in detail of all the other bug fixes and upgrades go ahead and read this changelog.

FrostWire 0.4.12
– New Feature: Delete files from the “Downloads” screen. (featured invented by Travis Rhodes, thanks)
– New Feature: “Cancel all Downloads”. Stops and removes ALL unfinished transfers, no matter what their state is.
– New Feature: The first time the application runs the user must accept the terms of use or else the application won’t continue.
– UX-Upgrade: Search is now friendlier and more obvious to use for the new user.
– UX-Upgrade: When browsing a peer the last clicked file type button will appear selected (like in Search)
– UX-Upgrade: D-Pad can now be used to click on items.
– UX-Upgrade: Visual Feedback upon List Item Touch.
– UX-Upgrade: Pressing ‘Done’ on search virtual keyboard starts a search.
– UX-Fix: Manual Listening Port couldn’t be set higher than 65000 (thanks votaguz)
– Core-Upgrade: Flood control mechanisms to reduce message forwarding.
– Core-Upgrade: Smarter search algorithm, improved result accuracy, reduces network load.
– Bug-Fix: Searches with single quotes would yield no results.
– Bug-Fix: Now the application shuts down properly.

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