New FrostWire for Android 0.4.19

The picture above shows how FrostWire for Android 0.4.19 addresses a privacy issue some users and critics pointed out last week. Now when FrostWire is installed and run for the first time you will get a simple configuration screen to let you know what you’ll be sharing from the start.

On this upgrade there’s been a lot of work to make Peer Browsing a lot faster than previous versions. It also adds a few new features of the file browser and fixes some bugs our users reported last week.

Expect more updates, we follow the “release early, release often” philosophy of software development.


FrostWire 0.4.19
– UX-Upgrade: When Browsing a peer Long Pressing on it’s name shows possible actions on the peer.
– UX-Upgrade: Fresh installs ask user about nickname and what files to share from the beginning to do away with any privacy issues.
– UX-Upgrade: Set Audio file as ringtone on Long Press.
– UX-Upgrade: Set Picture as wallpaper.
– UX-Upgrade: Clicking on the connection bars brings out the Preference Menu, for users that are not familiar with Android and looking to connect.
– UX-Fix: Copying and sharing finished downloads on the Chat now links to the copy on your phone.
– Bug-fix: Fixes issue with UDP broadcasts not being received correctly.
– Bug-fix: Fixes force close when changing nickname during application startup.
– Bug-fix: Fixes issue with negative number of shared files.
– Core-Upgrade: Faster counting of Shared/Unshared files.
– Core-Upgrade: Faster Browse responses.
– Core-Upgrade: Faster startup.
– Core-Upgrade: Faster scanning of local peers.
– Core-Upgrade: Faster shutdown.

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3 thoughts on “New FrostWire for Android 0.4.19

  1. i tried downloading your app on my tmobile samsung behold two phone, but it keeps telling me that it cant be installed on my phone. am i doing something wrong or does it not work on my phone?

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