Try FrostWire for Android in the Airport/Plane this holiday season

Get FrostWire for your Android

That’s a picture of FrostWire for Android running on two phones and connected to the Open WiFi network near the gate at the airport.

Please give it a try on public networks and let us know what the experience will be like (it’s hard to find public networks that don’t isolate peers for security reasons and FrostWire won’t work in these cases).

If you’re in an airport and the WiFi is not free or it won’t work, please try creating your own android WiFi hotspot and testing how FrostWire will work when one phone is the hotspot.

What better time to share the pictures and videos of your holidays than during the wait for your flight back home or at 30,000 feet while you’re bored flying back? Wouldn’t it be cool to chat with other passengers and break the ice?

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