New FrostWire for Android 0.4.24

On this new release you can expect better connectivity (even from behind some firewall configurations) and a more responsive UI due to better resource management and a rewrite of our connectivity management, which was re-architected to support 3G and 4G connections (After we test this version, we’ll be getting closer to a release that will be able to use your 3G/4G connection)

FrostWire 0.4.24
– Core-Upgrade: Socket management rewritten to connect behind most firewall configurations (almost ready for 3G/4G support)
– Core-Upgrade: Rewrite of Application Provider.
– UX-Upgrade: Internationalization: French Support (i18n).
– UX-Upgrade: When browsing your own apps you now see their corresponding icons.
– UX-Upgrade: New setting to control vibration notifications upon finished downloads.
– Bug-fix: Crash when opening an old notification if the app wasn’t running.
– Bug-fix: Copying .apk files from the phone to the desktop didn’t work.
– Bug-fix: Possible search result filtering Exception fixed. Better search results for the network.
– Bug-Fix: Fixes obscure FC when starting a batch download then hitting the Back button right away.
– Bug-Fix: Fixes I/O bug that should result in less “Waiting…” cases when browsing peers.
– UI-Fix: Smoother scrolling and updating of Peer list.

Get it now at or on the android market.

10 thoughts on “New FrostWire for Android 0.4.24

  1. Congratulations on making this wonderful p2p program for android, i’ve just discovered.
    Excuse me if this question is already answered elsewhere but why the android version can communicate with other android or desktops in the same network without any configuration, but desktops are unable to connect to each other this way?
    Will this feature be included in the desktop version in the future?.

    Thank you.

  2. Desktops can actually communicate with each other, however there’s no browsing feature per-se at this point on the desktop version.

    It’s in our plans to enable local browsing of other desktops on the same network since it would make it a lot easier to share files within your same network.

    For now, you can perform a search inside your network and you will see Blue Starred results indicating that these files are available within the same network.


    1. If the Wi-Fi hotspot has UDP Broadcast/Multicast support it will work for sure.
      Let us know if you manage to do local file sharing by having one of the phones become the router.
      That phone will probably be swamped by the other phone’s traffic so you want that phone to be powerful, probably a dual core phone or a tablet with at least 1Ghz cpu and a good quality Wi-Fi adapter.

    1. try again later, try other keywords. The more people you’re connected to the more chance of finding files. Might also want to try connecting on another WiFi network.
      The network still has less than 1 million users, therefore what you’re looking for might not be there at the moment.

      A way to know if you’re able to search is searching for “FrostWire” under App search. You should get lots of search results. That way you know you have a healthy connection.

      Spread the word, the more the merrier.

    1. It works already with external hard drives. In theory the Android media scanner will scan all the new files on your drives and make it available to apps via the Media Providers which FrostWire uses to share/play files.

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