FrostWire Source Package distribution ready – Ubuntu/Debian Sponsors wanted

Download the source packages

A new Debian Guideline compliant Source Package is finally ready for Linux repository mantainers to build official FrostWire binaries and finally have FrostWire included as part of your favorite Linux distribution or at least have it available in the repository of your Linux distro.

With FrostWire 4.21.3 for Linux we have finally achieved complete architecture independence, FrostWire for Linux is a 100% Java GPL application.

This source package includes every single line of code of every third party library used in FrostWire.

We will be distributing on every release from now on the following files:

frostwire_x.y.z.orig.tar.gz (ALL sources, useful for non Debian based linux mantainers)
frostwire_x.y.z.debian.tar.gz (All Debian specific files required to build the frostwire debian package)
frostwire_x.y.z.dsc (Debian source control file)

We are looking for a friendly repository sponsors/maintainers/uploaders that are willing to take the next step of grabbing our source package and building the binaries that could be included in every official package repository of every major Linux distribution.

Thanks to the #ubuntu-motu folks for their patience and guiding during this process.

How to build a .deb package on a Debian based distro

You will need the following packages installed:
Download the source packages

ant, libgnome2-dev, libxt-dev, maven2, default-jdk, python, zlib1g, libc6, libgcc1, libacl1-dev, javahelper

Build like this:

$ #extract the sources
$ dpkg-source -x frostwire_x.y.z.dsc
$ cd frostwire-x.y.z
#build the package
$ dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -rsudo

3 thoughts on “FrostWire Source Package distribution ready – Ubuntu/Debian Sponsors wanted

    1. Thanks for pointing this out. It’s part of effing maven’s project config.
      We’ll see if can have all of those dependencies included so it doesn’t have to download anything.

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