FrostWire for Android 0.5.1, now with 3G/4G support

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The top request by the FrostWire for Android community was being able to use the application outside a WiFi network, wel the first version with 3G/4G support is finally available.

This new release brings a few new Features like “Send File To Chat”, you will also notice subtle but useful changes to the User Interface and User Experience.

After FrostWire 0.5.x, we’ll be dropping support for older Androids still running 1.6. According to our stats only 4% of the network was running 1.6 and this 4% was holding back the rest from some great ideas we had in the beginning on how to use multitouch, gestures and other features of Android +2.1. Other than that we believe Androids running newer versions of the operating system will handle the p2p networking technology a lot better.

Many more to come during the 0.5.x series, please report all bugs, crashes and give us your feedback on how to make the application better.

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Here’s the full changelog for 0.5.1:

FrostWire 0.5.0:
– New Feature: 3G/4G support. Use FrostWire outside your Wi-Fi network.
– New Feature: Send file(s) to chat. Long press on a file or select many, then send to the chatroom.
– UI-love: Updated look of Screen Headers. Tabs and Headers have new gradient looks and look well across all devices.
Better looking buttons on Transfers screen.
– UI-fix: Updated “Love FrostWire” section. No more donations until we integrate payment system.
Please rate us 5 stars on the Android Market if you like the app instead.
– UX-upgrade: Distances to peers now shown in both miles and kilometers (by popular demand)
– UX-upgrade: Peer Browsing is more frugal in screen real-state. Good for small screens.
– Drops support for Android 1.6 to favor health of the network with faster/better peers.
– Bug-fix: Fixes several reported (NPE) crashes.

Make sure you know your carrier rules regarding the use of P2P applications since you might be breaching your carrier contract by using this app in some countries. Also make sure you don’t leave FrostWire for Android running for a long time if you have a limited data transfer plan since you might exceed your plan limits.

FrostWire condemns Piracy

Since the FrostWire project started the FrostWire Team and community have worked hard to show the potential of p2p file-sharing as a legitimate and convenient mechanism of content delivery that can level the playing field for content creators all over the world who are willing to share some of their content for free.

We designed and built FrostWire for Android thinking of how the world should be, before FrostWire for Android the most social device by nature (your phone) was crippled when it came to connecting with people near you, it was a great device for remote interaction (email, phone, web browsing, tweeting, blogging) but not for close range interaction. Now you can connect and share one of the most precious assets in your mobile device with those around you, your files.

P2P filesharing will evolve as a content distribution model, we think there’s been plenty of schooling about illegal downloading over the world, we want to school the world on what legal file sharing is, specially in regards to music when you have over 8 million bands and singers in sites like myspace willing to share their music and be discovered, p2p is perfect for them.

We created FrostWire for Android initially for close range file sharing having in mind use cases like:

  • Groups of Friends and family sitting at the dinner table in a restaurant who are usually “texting”, tweeting and being disconnected from what’s in front of them. Now they have another way to interact with the people in front of them, they can exchange pictures, videos of earlier in the day and not be so technologically alienated. No need to have a rain check on that video you recorded of your friends hours earlier in the club, you can exchange the recently recorded memories while you’re having a slice of pizza at 3am on that open Wi-Fi of the pizzeria
  • Conferences and classrooms. Speakers can now share materials with the audience right from the phone, no need to give an URL for later, just grab the presentation, or the video, or the pictures, or the podcast related to the talk from my phone, right now.
  • Parents with smartphones usually have hundreds (if not thousands) of pictures and videos of their kids. You can now easily send in a short amount of time all those pictures and videos to your friends and family, more over, you can now share these files across all the android devices you have at home, think of tablets and tvs.
  • You’re part of an indie band and you want to share a few free tracks with your live audience, whip out your Android and tell the audience to start downloading those demo tracks right now, create buzz around your band after the show is over.
  • You are a shy person, you find yourself in a room full of hundreds of people, there’s an open Wi-Fi network, start FrostWire and see who’s around, the Chat is a great way to break the ice with other shy people around you.
  • Use FrostWire to promote your free Android Apps. FrostWire will only share Apps the user has installed and which are not copy protected (this also gives a level of protection against malware, you can’t just share malicious .apk files unless you have installed them on your own phone/device).
  • Search and Download thousands of Free Apps. You’ll actually see what people has installed on their phones, not some reviews or sketchy numbers on a website.
  • Sending files Wirelessly between your Android devices and PCs. FrostWire is a great way to transfer all the videos and pictures taken with your Smartphone into your computer without any hassle.

6 thoughts on “FrostWire for Android 0.5.1, now with 3G/4G support

    1. Download it and choose your search icon, just like the windows version.
      The app still doesnt work on 4g or 3g.

  1. Trust me and everyone else this app needs major work still.It does no good on 4g or 3g.Still wont connect or locate one single song on 4g let alone 3g.

    Dissapointing for an app with so much potential and desire among the android community,lets get it fixed for once.

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