New FrostWire for Android 0.5.5 with improved file sharing controls

We urge all FrostWire for Android users to install this latest update which addresses some stability issues and introduces improved sharing controls so that you are always aware of exactly what files you are sharing from your Android device when connected to the FrostWire for Android P2P network.

Here’s how sharing works after this update.

Now by default you decide on what file categories you will enable file sharing.

By default you will be sharing 0 files. This way you’ll avoid sharing the wrong files by mistake.

Now, there are clear instructions on how to enable sharing file categories and how to share individual files.

At first you won’t be sharing any files to better protect your privacy.

Long Press on a Category Icon at the top (e.g. Pictures), this will show an action to Enable file sharing on that category

After enabling Sharing on a category, you will see Padlock buttons.
A closed padlock means the file is private,

An open padlock means the file is shared with the network.

If you wish to disable file sharing for a particular category, again, Long Press on that category icon at the top of the screen.

All padlock buttons will be gone.

Now share safely and responsibly with FrostWire for Android.
A lot more changes coming in the weeks to come in regards to network performance.

Update: We are aware of file availability dropping now that the rules have gone in favor of making files harder to share. We are working on a few solutions to make sharing and un-sharing equally accesible.

However we’re strong on our decision to having files not shared by default when you first install the app. People have very personal files on their phones that they might not want to share with others and we prefer to keep everyone safe so that they’re not deterred from installing the app and we all have a great experience using it.

FrostWire for Android is still in its infancy but we like to release early, release often so hang in there, the app will get better and better as updates arrive so be sure to upgrade when you see the next notice for 0.5.6.

6 thoughts on “New FrostWire for Android 0.5.5 with improved file sharing controls

  1. The new update was a terrible move. I know you have to balance privacy with user experience but you went too far in the wrong direction and killed the network due to the lack of file availability.

    Please consider returning the sharing function to how it was in previous versions and trust your users to be smart enough to configure the application for themselves.

  2. The new update made it garbage. You gave people the option not to share and made it a pain to share.Look at your market comments. My whole browse window has 25 peers all with 0.5.5 and all sharing 0 files. You could have just removed it from the market if you wanted to kill it.

  3. We hear you, we see file availability dropping, and we’re working on a whole new way to make it easier for you to share files while at the same time protect your privacy.

    We think we have something very cool in the works.

    Don’t loose faith on the FrostWire Team, we’re still at a very early stage.

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