FrostWire for Android 0.5.6 with more filesharing controls

We heard your feedback on 0.5.5, we understood that it was too hard to share on 0.5.4 but it was our priority to make sure that you were not sharing files by mistake, therefore the policy of having things not shared as default when you first install.

Now we’ve included controls to let you share and unshare equally easy.

Starting on 0.5.6 you will notice a new icon on the bottom of the screen when you are browsing your own files

Pressing this icon will automatically load the rest of the files and check them all (or uncheck them if they were checked). Once you have a bunch of files checked you can Long press on any of the files and a range of possible actions will be available to you.

Now you will be able to Share selected files, Unshare selected files, Toggle sharing state of the selected files and more.

We’ve also made available the option to Enable or Disable sharing (without having to select all) on an entire category of files. The same result can also be achieved from the Settings page.

You can now intuitively know wether sharing is enabled or disabled for a file type by looking at the color of the padlocks. You can enable/disable sharing, and FrostWire will remember what individual files you had shared in the past.

If the file category was disabled for sharing whenever you try to share a file FrostWire will ask you if you want to enable sharing for a category.

If the category is disabled and you still unlocked the file, it won’t be shared since the category as a whole as been disabled for sharing. To understand it easily, grayed out files and locked padlocks tell you that the file will not be shared.

We hope you can make use of these changes, there’s still a lot more to come in the coming releases, stay tuned, give us feedback and share safely.

25 thoughts on “FrostWire for Android 0.5.6 with more filesharing controls

  1. and another thing you said its 100% free even though paid absolutely nothing , stilli i see their is a charge you cannot burn music

  2. I can’t seem to find the correct FrostWire for android in the market is there something I am missing here? When I do put FrostWire in the search in the market I come up with 3 results none of which carry the FrostWire logo or trademark.

  3. Works great on Windows… but is USELESS on my Droid 2 Global. I have begged for support. I only show 1 bar signal when sitting next to my WIFI or on 3G. I can SHARE 800 files… but search results reveal nothing. Its pretty clear that I am not connecting. Is there ANY HOPE of tech support for this thing? I would LOVE to get it running right.

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