FrostWire 5 BETA Testers wanted – BitTorrent So Easy

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FrostWire 5 (BETA) is a new generation of our file sharing software that does away with the old and broken to adjust to the requests of the user community throughout the years. We need your feedback to make sure the final release will meet all the goals we’re trying to accomplish with this next generation of P2P software.

With FrostWire 5 you can:

  • Get search results without fakes or spam.
  • Get much faster search results with plenty of seeders.
  • Download partial files out of torrents.
  • Playback audio files without any issues (now powered by mplayer)
  • Create and seed torrents.
  • Send files to friends using magnet links (direct integration with Facebook coming soon)
  • Enjoy a new look with new “Substance” skins (more skins available with final release)
  • FrostWire 5 is a safer, faster, cleaner and lighter P2P client. It will feature a few surprises that we hope will reshape the landscape of legal file sharing, free content discovery and a massive expansion of Creative Commons content to the world.

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