Beware of It’s a #Scam #Fraud #Impostors

First of all…


DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR PAY the website “” for FrostWire. is not affiliated with FrostWire in any way, yet they use our trademarked logo and trademarked name to sell we don’t know what and by asking personal information to users before giving them a FrostWire download. will try to charge you around $30 a year for a ficticious VIP Access and Supercharge internet connection while putting our name.

We try to go after these sites but they fall out of the jurisdiction of the DMCA in many cases.

Download only from the official website,, absolutely free, use it all you want, always turbocharged and open sourced.

Selling FrostWire is not illegal or against our software license, in fact one of the freedoms of the GPL license allows others to sell GPLed software, however, using our trademark and pretending to be us to sell our software is a very deceiving practice. Users don’t get the official installer, instead they get installers full of spyware and this damages user’s computers and our reputation.

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