Look at how FrostClick featured artists will now make it to your pocket via BitTorrent, no matter where you are

Screenshot of featured content on an Android Smartphone

All content creators featured on FrostWire for Desktop will now reach the FrostWire for Android user base.

Before the old FrostWire for Android was taken out of the Android market it had already surpassed a million installs, and over 250,000 daily active users.

We don’t know at this point how many people still have it installed, but it’s well over 100k users that will get the update message guaranteed when the new release is out.

FrostWire for Android will be a great channel for independent content creators to reach worldwide audiences wherever they are via BitTorrent.

If you are a content creator (Musician, Film Maker, Writer, Software Developer, Photographer) willing to share content under Creative Commons or some form of free license contact the FrostClick Team now, promotions are absolutely free, but only world class quality content will be accepted.

Here are a few screenshots of how it’s like to get your featured content on FrostWire for Android.

First touch promotional graphic, FrostWire will ask you for confirmation before starting a download and shows how much space this will take locally after it’s done.

The download starts, details about progress, the number of seeds and peer connected to us are shown in real time.

You can expand to see individual file download progress for that transfer if the transfer contains more than 1 file.

You can cancel or pause (resume) the transfer anytime.

After the download is done, files will be on your “Library”, browse your audio files, hit Play. By default finished downloads will be PRIVATE (but you can configure all your downloads to be automatically public on the local WiFi network). If you make your files public, friends running FrostWire for Android, or FrostWire +5.2.12 will be able to stream your files or download them from your phone. On the screenshot below, we’ve made the song “Around the World” by No Way Josie public on the WiFi network.

And this is how it looks on the audio player (accesible through the Android notification pane)

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