New FrostWire 5.3. Easier, Nicer, Better.

Here’s what’s coming on the next update.

FrostWire's new search now with hints (powered by Google's frequent searches)
Better search results and usability Users coming from FrostWire 4 have complained about ease of use and search results. We’ve made our search algorithm more powerful and our user interface friendlier so that you won’t get lost finding the files that you need. We’re bringing a bit of the FrostWire 4 feel to the search form and you’ll have even more control of the search results you see as they are retrieved.

Now you will be able to choose exactly what file types you're interested in

Send files and folders to friends, no size limits, no ads, no third parties involved. And the more friends you send, the better it gets.Sending files to friends. No need to upload your files to sketchy websites that are a pain in the ass for your friend to find the download button among so many ads. Not only you can send files as big as your computer can hold, you can also send entire folders and subfolders. The more friends you send your files, the faster they get it because they collaborate. You and your friends make a little cloud when sending files to each other with FrostWire.

Mobile Integration You can now browse, stream or download the files made public by Android devices nearby. Best part, no cables necessary. Samsung users on Mac will love this, as we’ve experienced impossible to fix issues with the Galaxy Tab 10″ which just won’t share files even with the Kies app that Samsung provides.

Screenshot of FrostWire 5 streaming from an Android Tablet

FrostWire for Android implements an open, simple, HTTP/JSON based file sharing protocol that ANYBODY can work with, so we hope to see Web developers, and why not even iOS developers making clients that can talk to FrostWire for Desktop and FrostWire for Android. And if nobody builds them we’re trying to free some time later in the year to make a light version of FrostWire for iPhone/iPod/iPad so that you can send files from your iOS device to your PC, Mac, Linux or Android devices, all wirelessly (no need for USB and iPhoto, no need to cut your videos or to downgrade their quality to upload them to youtube if all you want is to send that HD video to your mom’s)

Make over

New Fueled skin appears on FrostWire 5.3.0. The screenshot shows a new application header, with the media player present at all times and a lot more polish with respect to custom made icons and backgrounds, textures. More to come.

Those and a lot of other features and fixes are ready. If you cannot wait to try these, you can always download the sources and build FrostWire yourself in two steps (ant; ./run)

frostwire (5.3.2) stable; urgency=high
  * Reverted H2 library to v1.3.160

 -- FrostWire Team   Sun, 12 Feb 2012 09:09:46 -0500

frostwire (5.3.1) stable; urgency=high
  * Updated default album cover image with an anti-aliased frostwire sphere.
  * Fixes bug where clicking on the current song would switch to the library
    but the button on the top would not be selected.
  * Adds missing icon for "copy magnet" on Send file dialog.
  * Library explorer and Playlist explorer are now divided by a split pane
    for a better experience.
  * Hides hints popup when search is triggered with a mouse click.
  * Updated search icon (magnifier).
  * Fonts are reset when the setup wizard is shown so the wizard can work
  * New View > Reset Font Sizes action.
  * The first time the Library button is used "Finished Downloads" is
    preselected to give the user a clue of what can be done.
  * When a new playlist is created, a graphic is shown to hint the user
    about dragging audio files there.
  * Updated H2 library to v1.3.164

 -- FrostWire Team   Sat, 11 Feb 2012 18:22:15 -0500

frostwire (5.3.0) stable; urgency=high
  * Search form looks similar to FrostWire 4 but now allows user to search
    for more than one file type at once.
  * Improvements in search algorithm.
  * Send file/folder feature more effective between just 2 peers.
  * Simplification of search form interface, looks similar to FrostWire 4
  * Phone & Tablets tab is gone, integration with Android devices is now
    part of the Library under a "Devices" tree item.
  * Browses, Streams audio, and downloads files made public by Android devices
    in the same network.  
  * When entering a search hints are shown to type less (powered by Google).
  * Sorts transfers by "Seeds" correctly.
  * Improvements on Library action buttons, now a "Launch" action is available
    and buttons are shown/hidden depending on context.
  * Fixes bugs where files on a audio playlist could not be dragged out.
  * Fixes bugs where deleted files would still appear on the library.
  * When right clicking on selected finished transfers and copying an infohash
    you won't end up with a trailing newline on the clipboard.
  * Sharing ratio of a torrent that you stopped and started seeding again
    will not be infinite and will be based on the total sizes of the files
    being shared.
  * Now when the transfer split pane is dragged up, the pane border is painted
    correctly on top of the image overlay.
  * Fixes repainting glitch when moving split pane on top of promotional 
  * Lots of icons have been revamped for a more uniform look.
  * Null Pointer Exception issues #100, #103, #104.
  * Fixes issue #93 chat action causing frostwire crash.
  * Flickering issue on song progress bar resolved.
  * Simplified torrent creation. User now doesn't have to make up her mind
    about choosing a file or a folder, the file selection dialog now
    handles this for her.
  * Brought back "Stop" search button.
  * Removed lingering "Show/Hide player" menu entry on status bar context menu.
  * If seeding transfers are meant to be finished, newly finished transfers
    are not hidden for that session.
  * Audio files can be launched using the operating system's default player
    Right click on a file "Launc in "
  * Removed BTJunkie search engine.
  * Added KickAssTorrents ( search engine.
  * Fixes issue where downloading removing a partial transfer would
    delete previously completed downloads of that same torrent.
 -- FrostWire Team   Fri, 8 Feb 2012 21:07:56 -0500

2 thoughts on “New FrostWire 5.3. Easier, Nicer, Better.

  1. i was trying to dowload lime wire the other day and frost wire got downloaded but im not sure how? my credit card got charged 3 times that day and im trying to figure out wht is going on?

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