Paid for FrostWire? Don’t get Scammed – FrostWire is 100% FREE

PLEASE DO NOT EVER PAY A DIME FOR FrostWire. Below we show you some screenshots of sites that scam people into paying monthly, yearly, or lifetime “memberships” to nowhere. FROSTWIRE IS FREE


There isn’t any service to pay for, you’re basically sharing your files with other people, that’s all, there is no service behind organizing the content in anyway, you just search other people’s computers, therefore, you don’t need to pay anybody for memberships. is a scam and infringes the frostwire trademark


These sites even put video demos, with a model showing you how to search, download and burn.

They even go and distribute OUR own FrostWire and put links to our servers and then charge people monthly fees.

Please do not download FrostWire from other websites, only download FrostWire from the official site

There’s no such thing as subscriptions or monthly fees, or one lifetime fee, etc. Since we don’t provide a download service, FrostWire is just a client of the Gnutella Network which is a FREE network. doesn’t sell FrostWire, however it accepts voluntary donations from its users.

If you are a victim already, look for an invoice, you will see it doesn’t come from First try to contact the company that charged you (not and ask THEM (not us) for a refund, if you don’t succeed, then talk to your credit card company to open an investigation


What to do to get my money back?

  • Talk to the company that charged you, ask them for a full refund. The ONLY official distributors of FrostWire are , and
  • If a company other than FrostWire LLC charged you and they refuse to give you a refund, go to your credit card company or bank and demand an investigation for credit card fraud is started so you can get your refund

Hopefully if we get enough investigations against these fraudulent companies, they’ll loose their merchant accounts and they won’t be able to charge credit cards again.

So far we know that companies doing this are the following, and we are NOT ASSOCIATED WITH ANY OF THEM in any way:

  • <- FRAUD of the worst kind!!!
  • MP3 Music HQ.Com
  • Number One Music Inc with their site
  • (which shows a cheap copy of the website to appear legitimate)


937 thoughts on “Paid for FrostWire? Don’t get Scammed – FrostWire is 100% FREE

    1. well i fell for it. never got the email i was suppose to get for the download. I called my bank and I go in on monday to have them start a investigation so i can get money back. they said what they will do is cancel current debit card and issue me another one at no cost.

      1. hi all.
        this has got much worse and a friend has just today had nearly 2 thousand cleared out of his account and i am now having to lend him his rent money. it came out os his curren t account. can he get i back?

      2. I never received an e-mail neither but i wasn’t charge anything. I just checked my account and my e-mails and nothing. But for some reason when I go to download for my blackberry it doesn’t work. Why is that????

    2. I also paid for FrostWire, but after seeing this post, I looked at my bank account online, found the transaction, called the number provided w/ the transaction # & got a refund 🙂 I encourage everyone who paid for this service to do the same & get your $$ back!!

  1. i falled for it and now it keeps makin my bank account go over drawn how do i stop this from happening?

      Whenever you Cancel a Debit/Credit card, you are automatically issued a new 16 digit Card Number & CVV (3 Digit Security Code on the reverse of the card).
      Both these numbers are what allows the thieves to apply/re-apply for the payment,& they will be able to continue to do so until you take the action i’ve advised.
      I see that you posted this some time ago & only hope that someone has supplied you with this information already.
      If the money was stolen on Several occasions & you had told your bank & they have not/had not advised you of this, then follow the Branches’ Greiviance procedure, and lodge a complaint to have the money compensated.
      If this is the case & you do not get anywhere with your bank, then you have the right to take it to The Financial Ombudsman, whom you’ll get all the details for from your nearest Citizens Advice Beaurau/Or the equivalant for your area/region.
      Good Luck!

  2. i read ur blog on “Dont get scammed”, stating that frostwire is free. i initially signed up for frostwire paying a “lifetime” membership for $29.99.
    What do i do???? Who do i report it to?? Do they now have access to my banking account?? I am lost!

    Please help


  3. Tell your credit card company to block all further charges coming from them.
    Also tell them you want to start a case for a refund, it might take about a month,
    but you’ll get your money back in case whoever is charging you doesn’t want to refund the money.

    1. I got taken also and started wondering how these people can get into their server without them knowing. I do not want to start a stink but as many people as are being taken by this scam it seems as though they could do something about getting these sites shut down. It seems as if they know who they are so why are they not doing anything? This after the fact site is almost usless if the company does not want to refund the money. I will be contacting the federal web frud division today. Not about FrostWire but the site that scamed me.

      1. please help me my bank told me to make a police report on it but all i have is DRD Software Palm Harbor FL> if any one has more info can u please pass it on to me my e-mail is my bank told me that because they got my numbers it is my fault and the will not refund it and if they had to eat the loose they would not issuse me a new card

  4. I payed for this service and it was charged on my credit card, what do I to get a refund?

    1. I just got sucked into paying $44.01 for Frostwire also. I will follow your advise and contact my credit card company and start a complaint for refund. Can’t you keep them from doing this to everyone?

      1. Sorry, but, No.
        Due to the Omnipotent nature of the Internet & Size, with millions of users Online each minute of each day, it would be all but impossible to monitor & Police the Web,at Present, but I am confident that we shall someday be able to develop a Database of all online Users which be able to store their ISP address, allowing us to track the Crime back to them – Somewhat like an Electronic Fingerprint.
        Try to Ensure your Bank provides you with SIB, (Secure Internet Banking), but if not, then just try to be more Vigilant with your Cards whilst Shopping Online.
        Good luck with your Complaint & Refund.

    1. yes i have been done as well i live in australia so im hoping to get my money back

  5. I never paid for anything and have always been using Frostwire for free. I guess my message is either a mistake or a glitch. This is a good program for people who’ve been scammed though!

  6. I paid for frostwire in january! i have just read this as my computer reset so i needed to download it again. is it too late to start a case for a refund. i know i will have the bank statement with it on.

    1. Go to the near of the company Better Business Bureau and make a claim or to the Federal Trade Commission. They will help

    2. No,
      You’re not too late.
      If you still have the Original bank Statement, then simply go to your Branch and file a complaint.
      After you have done so then you will be able to Persue the party that debited the money from your Account.
      Some Banks; I.E: (Bank Of Scotland, whom I Bank with), offer “Secure Internet banking,” whereupon if you are scammed on the Internet, then the Bank refund you for any & all purchases made.
      However, to benefit from this, you must be sure to check you are on a SSL.
      (The Webpage will have of small picture of a Padlock on the Top Right of the page).
      Good Luck & Kind Regards,

  7. Hey, I just called these people and they are putting through a refund! i paid $60 for a lifetime membership in march 2004, when I told them about this scam they did not resist. They must have made a fortune! Said my ‘lifetime membership’ was for technical support call them on USA 1800 436 5205 for a refund Canada 1800 978 7657 UK 0800 484 8387.

    1. I paid several months ago and because I couldn’t download, I assumed I was doing something wrong until I found this information. I also used a debit card.

      I was wondering if they told you they would refund just to get you off the phone, You posted this in October, have you received your refund yet?

    2. i just called and it said your call cannot be compleated at thius time, i was scammed too. took my money and my car insurance will not be paid. i’m pissed!! why didnt tis mess pop up before we pay?? humm

  8. Hi,

    I too have been scammed into paying for this program, I payed $27.00 NZ Dollars, But the good thing about it maybe is that I used a prepaid credit card, I think I may have caught a virus from the download too, because I.E pages keep appearing, and my web browser is always encountering problems and having to close, what do I do now?????

    Help Me Please…
    Lost Kiwi.

    1. uh i hope you got a recovery disc…..if u dont i think u need to buy a virus preventing software,or call a computer dude?

    2. The first thing I would attempt is a ‘system restore’. Hopefully it was turned on when or before you downloaded the program. And… YES… get a virus protection program such as Norton!

  9. I was never charged for Frostwire. Where ever they got the software is illegal. Goto and type in Frostwire. All software there is totally free.

  10. i paid for this 3 days ago i read your statment for a fee i call the number i was promise a refund in about 10 days

  11. I had to pay 60 bucks for a lifetime subscription and supposedly your spam blockers and virus detector (which I never recieved) so your saying I just got shafted

  12. Why is everyone asking how they can get help when it is very clearly stated above how to do this??? I’m sorry for the folks who got scammed, I really am, but u don’t have to spam the board with questions answered directly above in the blog ^^

  13. About a month ago, I paid $25 for a lifetime membership to MP3Music HQ, using my debit card. Today I read this blog and called the company to demand a refund. A guy named Jeff yanked me around a little (wanted to charge me a $10 cancellation fee, for example) but eventually agreed to giving me a full refund and sent me an e-mail to confirm it would be credited to my checking account. If the credit doesn’t appear, I’ll post to this blog and let everyone know, but it looks like I’m getting my money back. Here’s the phone #: 800-978-7657. The first two times I called, I was on hold forever and just hung up. The last time (around 4:30 p.m. on a Friday), the call was answered quickly.

    A few tips:

    Tell them you feel they took your money fraudulently.
    Do not accept anything other than a full and complete refund.
    If they say that they supply a convenient way to access frostwire, say that downloading the program directly fron Frostwire is even more convenient.
    When I asked him what service exactly were they charging me for that I couldn’t get for free, he said customer support. When I pointed out that it took me an hour to get someone on the phone, he stopped arguing and agreed to the refund.

    This URL will take you directly to the company’s contact page:

    Good luck!

    1. Thankyou so much Carol. I was also scammed by MP3 music. At first the man on the other end of the phone said he couldn’t find my account, But then magically it reappeared! I also could have sworn I hears a little girl in the background calling for “Daddy”. Are they doing this from home?!? Well he tried telling me I was paying for the customer support provided. I told him no thankyou and I expected a full refund. Thanks for the link. I was ready to write it up as a loss

  14. I also fell for this scam. Do they have my bank account info now? I chose the one time fee…will they keep charging me? Is the program I have okay to download on?? is it a legit site? should I delete it?

  15. I payed full lifetime membership at MP3downloadhq, think 3 years ago and now I looked ur warning, got curious and logged in once more.The site is still running with guides and extra’s for members, but nothing you can’t get for free, like ex: Skype,bittorrent, firefox with google toolbar. Don’t you think they will say that they are running a service? And allmost forgot FrostWire is the main thing on the first page.

  16. I also paid for the lifetime membership and they charged me about $70 of bullcrap. Has there been any case where they charged another fee after the intial lifetime membership fee has been paid for you guys?

    1. hey lily,i got the same problem!but at first i was paying to get limewire,at the end of the download i got frostwire….n nobody to tell whats going on.i think this bull crap,ive been triyng to get someone in charge but cant find

  17. I didn’t fall for this scam, but I did have a problem with another company that was debiting my bank account monthly even though I opted out of their services. It will take about two months but your bank will stop them. Just go to your bank and have thm start an investigation!

  18. Sadly I fell for this and am extremely cross with myself – have informed my credit card company, but it is not a quick fix unfortunately. Please beware MP3MusicHQ!

  19. I got scammed!!! Cost me $65.00 for a “Lifetime Membership”. What a pile of bull Would like my money back. Would also like to them prosecuted

  20. My name is Teresa and I did get scammed. I will dispute this claim and use frostwire for free as per frostwire. I was charged even more than I was supposed to be for four different amounts.

  21. yes i also fell for it an was charged an over fee. but thanks to this notice i was able to go to my bank an get my over dreaft fee an what they charged me.if we who were robbed dont take this step to stop this fack companys then they will do it again to other just like us who enjoy listenig to music, take a stand

  22. Thank you for informing me of this. I called and MADE them refund my 34.95. They argued and even tried to charge an extra 9.95 but finally refunded it.

  23. Nunca paguei pelo FrostWire… O serviço é mto bom e como a grana é curta num teria como pagar se fosse cobrado!
    Valeu FrostWire!

  24. yes I’ve been caught as well, paid on credit card bill came in as MPMUSICHQ-COM – contacting the bank straight away!

  25. ok I dont know why you dont just go to the frostwire website or limewire website, if you dont about it ask people about it. I am so happy these are here i can now keep up with my friends with all the downloads , just get peer guardian 2 and then you wint be caught or get framed for supposedly doing what you are allowed to do.

  26. OWNED !!! WTF how could you be possibly dumb enough to fall for that ?
    Well I hope in the future people will be more aware of the scams going around the internet

  27. I have subscribed to Limewire Basic FREE! for almost 2 years! NOW I can’t re-istall it….why? I have JUST!! given my credit card details for £24 lifetime membership!!! I am VERY concerned that as an OAP! I have been “hoodwinked”!! How do I stop this payment for a “Free” service going through? HELP!!

  28. A very BASIC simple question NOW!Why HASN’T “LIMEWIRE” announced it’s new! title and avoided all this confusion?I am seriously worried NOW! as an OAP on a VERY restricted income/pension..that some b****** is linking into my account details NOW!! God, it’s Saturday night and I can’t stop this transaction now! If I, and those folks above have paid their subscription..who the hell? is profiting for a “Free Service”?? as you have described!??Better get some answers I WILL …PERSONALLY take “this scam” ALL THE WAY! starting with “Watchdog”! ..a UK consumers guide! from Cherub 132!!! GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

  29. I paid 4 frosrwire lifetime access and like 4 months….but i want my money back:( thanks 4 the information

  30. What i say is i got scamed i think you know who by as it probably the same people who scamed every one else.Ithink everyone who has been taken in should donate the money they have payed to c’dentials to your site, as they were willing to pay anyway and at least it would feel as if they were not riped of so bad,also it would give a lot more money to help your site and make it far better and we would reep the rewards. Any way thats my opinion.from James.

  31. Yeah right .99 cents a month for something FREE! Luckily I got my money back, or at least that’s what they said. We’ll see!

  32. I was charged $9.88 USD and $24.76 on my MasterCard when I downloaded Frostwire. As you now say that it is absolutely free, I should be reimbursed the aforementioned amount ASAP, considering that everytime I try to download a song, it takes forever and on ocasion it shuts my computer system down. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you.


  33. I’ve been done too but I’ve wiped my history since & now I’ve no way of telling who I’ve paid… is there any other way of finding out?

  34. Hi,

    I am a lifetime member, why do you send me a reminder for a lifetime membership. I paid it a year ago. I love Frostwire, great stuff.
    Thanks for the good work

  35. i had pad in full for this program and i would like to get my 36 dolles back my add. is 737lakeview ave, lowell mass. 01850

  36. I fell for the scam. When I typed in a search for limewire I was redirected to Frostwire & the download page. I just thought it was the upgrade to limewire so I went for it. I did a 1 yr membership w/ spyware. they charged me 59.00. I called them to have the charge reversed & they offered to take off the tech support & spyware program but keep the 1 yr membership, I agreed. (thinking it was for limewire) Then I got a virus on my PC & had to clear a bunch of stuff off & while looking for the download for frostwire I found this forum. THANK YOU ! I called them for a full refund. They tried to talk me into keeping it & thats when I let them know I’m not paying for a scam. Then after being put on hold I was told I would have to pay a processing & handling fee. I said I will not pay for it. So…if you call and they try to give anyone else this line of bull, my advise is just keep saying no I want a full refund!

  37. why dont you stupid mother fuckers open your eyes before you enter your credit card details into a site!!!!! Usually when i pay for something, i know what im paying for???? Catch a wake up, stop crying and wisen up:) There is no place on frostwire for you to enter credit card details and there’s no indication of price either on the frostwire website….so what the fuck are you guys paying for???

  38. When i purchsed this frostwire for $64.99 I was lead to believe that this was the one and only payment required… Alas it was not, there is something in the fine print stating that for $11.35 per month is required for automatic updates for new releases of the software. You can contact them and ask for this to be taken off..

  39. when they say ppl r stupid u guys take the cake look its down to ur own stupid ass to read what u signing up for if u cant read i shouldnt be online becuz its gay fuckers like u guys that make shit for everyone else some of u r so stupid and say u didnt know what u were filling in ur credit cards details for.ANY NORMAL PERSON WHO HAS ANY SENSE WILL READ SOMETHING BEFORE PUTTING IN THERE CREDIT CARD DETAILS so its down to ur own stupid ass for not reading what u r doing.u bunch of dumb fuckers

  40. I really want to thank Carol who posted on 10-19-07 for the info to get in contact with the people who ripped me off! I called them this morning and they said they will refund all my money, they charged my account 4 times for a total of $65.47 last night. I would also like to thank this site for being here so I could get the help I needed. MP3Download # is 1-800-978-7657 for anyone else who gets scammed. I will be more careful in the future. Thanks again!!!

  41. this is a scam
    we now speak to indians aswell they say they offer support and dont sell the software as the software is free.
    I also sometimes get to speak to some type of koren persons they are worse than the indians they dont know anything

  42. there is another phone number to contact them at…it is 1-866-730-0934 DO NOT let them charge you ten dollars for cancelling your account. Tell them u want EVERY PENNY BACK.

  43. I was scammed as well, I serached for Limewire and came up with frostwire,I paid for a $9.99 fee and was charged four times on my credit card,it has been deleted s I got a spywear virus,how do you get in touch with this company,do you have an email address.thanks

  44. I have a question…why isn’t the ‘law’ doing anything about this? Bank Fraud….and why are these ‘frauds’ listed at the top of Google search engines as if legit?….more involved in negligance in this matter than just the fraudulent links…somebody better do something..if this kind of robbery is allowed then I’m getting into this business.

  45. ill tell you what happened to me, im in uk. i thought i was downloading for free, then a screen popped out of no where saying charge me £20 for a year – i just thouyght it was part of the process so i paid for it

  46. I have just discovered that I have been paying $12.00 every month for almost a year now. I originally paid $70.39. my bank has started investigations. How do I stop them from taking anymore payments while all this is happening? Please help me if you can. My email is .

  47. Took someone’s advise from above to call them and demand that I get my full refund and they complied.
    # to call is 1-800-978-7657

  48. i went to and called them and asked them what they were doing charging for a free program. he basically said he’s a site that has a bunch of diff software for diff things, like p2p, movies, burn software etc….and THAT is what i was paying for; access to those programs, NOT frostwire… for the other person who was being charged over and over, its some crap service (9.88/mo) that i had cancelled immediately with no cancellation fee. now the interesting thing too is that he said he could give customer support for frostwire, yet he nor his company has ANYTHING to do with frostwire. i asked how and he just said that there’s a ‘teacher’ there….

    basically, he said (in my own words) that they are a repository for software for diff things such as p2p, burn software, movie etc……THAT is what we payed for, as well as the ‘customer service’ that they magically know how to do…….

    any way to fight this that anyone can think of? he does have quite valid points……..

  49. This is in the ‘members area’ of under FAQ’S….oddly enough the question is “I thought these programs were free, why am I asked to pay for them?”

    “The software is free. What we offer is unlimited access to our exclusive members area where you will find over 50 different applications all related to the world of downloading so you can begin downloading the media of your choice now! You also get unlimited access to our specialized support team who will be able to help you 24/7 if you are experiencing any type of problems with the software found in the member’s area. To top it all off, you also get online tutorials and all the latest updates for the lifetime of your membership at no additional cost.”

  50. Yep, I got dinged for about $70 bucks as well. That I do not mind as much as the fact that the software was downloaded, and of course it does not work at all. Just sits their saying it is “connecting” but never actually does connect. I used this software two years ago, and it worked really well. So tried it again and I am out $70 and have useless softeware. That was fun

  51. I immediately called them as I had found out about this scam…right after I paid for it…since I didin’t think Google would have them listed as legit….Google is in on the scam…I contacted them and told them not to bill me I didn’t want their service, they took all my info once again and asked if there was anything else they could do? Yet they went ahead and took the money…even after I personally called them the very same day to cancell this mistake…call your State prosecutors office and forward these complaints…if they allow this…they better start hiring security officers for the banks…I don’t play this game!

  52. dear ‘b0ss’ and ‘Joe Black’, shove it. it’s not our fault you guys are super paranoid. One might wonder if you’ve ever been behind anything like this to know so much about it. The language is WAY out of line. All of us made a mistake in assuming this was legit……
    One thing I’d like to know is, why hasn’t Frostwire removed themselves from the site? Going on 2 months now. One would think that someone who’s been around for so long would be affiliated with legit people, THAT’S why most of us fell for this.
    Grow up.

  53. im more than pissed off with thes sunz of bitches. fukn scam me i dont think so! im guna sue th basterds!! then well see how many more stories we see up here grrrr!! all good guna getm good! hahah..

  54. I was scammed a lifetime membership fee of $40.00 through Nothing else has been charged to my card and I paid it off and cancelled it. I have tried to access the website I went to and it no longer exist. I would love to do something about this. I had no idea that frostwire was free. I just know found out and I paid for it like a year ago.

  55. this is a really good page for info … who ever made this you are awesome !!!

    i feel bad for the ppl that got scammed ..


  56. Okay…. of coarse I did no read or look this up but being a scam I called the 800 number…. 1-800-978-7657. I was very calm and patient the whole time with the lady. She refunded all the charges and then told me here would be a $9.95 processing fee for all the credits. I then explained how i thought it was fraud and not right for them to charge me another $10 when I did not authorize the other money… She put me on hold and came back within seconds. I was refunded everything and will recieve it within 5-10 buis days.

  57. Glad to hear so many have been able to get refunds. I’m super bitter about scams like these–b0ss and Joe Black, if you don’t have something helpful or encouraging to say, feel free to not say anything at all. I agree that Google and FrostWire could do a lot more to shut these fraudulent companies down. With that said, I need to be more careful with who I give my bank info to. Peace.

  58. I got scammed and I’m glad I found this site so I knew to start doing something right away about it. I wish there was a way to make this site come up faster

  59. just promised a refund and was also given the deal about the cancellation fee. my card was charged by mp3musichq and the number is 18667300934.

  60. I also was scammed, thank you so much for the information. I made the call, and the operator was still trying to get me not to cancel. After some “very nice words”, the operator complied with my request. Thank you again for the informatiom, just wish i would have checked sooner.

  61. I don’t think I downloaded the site that pulled this scam on people but I did get a message that my account had become inactive when I tried to log into the Forum…I contacted Support about this. I did not pay anything. All I did was “register” for the Forum. Unfortunately, I had forgotten my login information: username; password, and when trying to retrieve password, received message that my account had become inactive. It was when I reported this problem that I found out about the people who pretend to be Frostwire. This is just a reminder to write down your username and password no matter what website is asking you for this information. It sure did teach me that lesson!!!

  62. scammed as well. they told me it was for spy ware and I couldn’t get my refund since after 7 days. These guys are a joke.

  63. Well it’s been almost a year since I was scammed and didn’t know it was a scam til a few days ago – I called & spoke to someone in India who told me to ” shut my mouth” when I told him that the service was free and I wanted a refund. He eventually told me he would process the refund after I gave him a few choice words. He ended up saying bye and hanging up before I was done asking questions. I called back and spoke to a American and she processed the refund , gave re a refrence number and I told her about the charge and spyware etc and that it was never received blah blah blah and no problem. She did try and get me to reconsider but was nice .Let’s see in a week if the charge is reversed !

  64. Looks like I have joined quite a number of fello music lovers who have been scamed for what was represented as Frostwire Music Download Center by a fraudulant source. I lost $65.00 and would like to retreice it.
    I will definately start an investigation with my credit card company about the matter.

  65. Thank you for this warning! I was scamed also, but because I just signed up yesterday, I was able to call my bank right away. They cancelled my card and told me because I acted so fast that when my next statement came all I had to do was dispute it and I would be refunded. The scam web site is MP3 Download HQ.C0M

  66. I too have been caught and am now taking steps through my building society to stop access to my account.


  67. Thank you for this warning! I was scamed also, but because I just signed up yesterday, I was able to call my bank right away. They cancelled my card and told me because I acted so fast that when my next statement came all I had to do was dispute it and I would be refunded.

  68. thank you for posting this on your website, i also paid and then realized it could just be dowloaded for free! i just called and got a full refund!

  69. Thankyou for the info on this site the, number 1-800-987-7657 works
    and you can reach these people to get your money refunded if u dont get an answer on the first try keep trying they will eventulay pick up ASK FOR A FULL REFUND and dont fall for the 9.95 Processing fee that they say you have to pay to get a refund.

  70. Like so many on this message board, I have been scammed and have started action at the Credit card company to get the money back. It is not much, but I have been cautiously watching to see if any charges have been made against my card, not having been on Frostwire at all for months.

    My card is debited by MP3MUSICCHQ-COM. is USD then converted to UK£.

    I believe this derivate is not on the Known list of scammers posted by Frostwire.

    I too went to Limewire and upgraded for life (or so I thought).
    I am not naive or stupid. These scammers are clever at what they do, and do not debit all of the time.

    Something must be done.

  71. I was looking for itunes for my new iphone and came across this site and paid for it. I called them twice after I got itunes to cancel but they told me they were giving me some technical support. Well I read this site and I was very upset, I immediately called them at 5:30 AM and asked for a refund they tried the same scam and then they told me it was pass the seven days I told them I had called twice before and had control numbers to prove it I knew this site was fraudlent taking people money and if they didn’t give me mine back I would call the BBB. He immediately talked to his supevisor and came back with I will give you your refund minus $9.00 but I had paid $65.00 and found out they were taking a monthly maint fee I never knew anything about they are really ripping people off and they need to be investigated. This is terrible I sure hope you guys get your money and maybe if enough of you write the BBB they will stop the scam.

  72. My Account # is : 7414174
    And I was not looking for Your compnany sorry I was Looking for Kazzaa can U please Refund my money in the amount of: ($55.59)

    Thom Hutchison (

  73. omg i had mom pay for it (scam) and it doesn’t work.. uhh man..she knows how can we get our money back?? help!!

  74. I never thought about paying for anything more with FrostWire because the main service I needed was free, and that was to simply download stuff I did not want to pay for, for free. FrostWire is that service and it’s free.

  75. I was also scammed!!!! I paid for a lifetime membership which totalled to be $55.28 and since Jan 2007 they have been taking $9.88 out of my checking account each month!!! On my bank statement it shows Do not fall for this scam!!!! I have been on the phone with these people for the past two days trying to get a full refund. They said that they are going to refund the initial setup fee of $55.28 but would have to escalate the issue regarding the monthly charged debited from my account. I repeatedly told them that these were fraudulent charges and I would taked further action if I was not given a full refund. I was also told that I would have to pay a $9.95 cancellation fee and I told them that I would not pay it and I finally talked to a supervisor who said that since they were fraudulent charges that he would waive the fee. I don’t know what is going to come of this but I will continue until I receive a full refund. I have been given two different #’s for MP3MUSICHQ.COM 1-888-436-5129 AND 800-978-7657(I can never get anyone to answer when I call this #) Just continue to pressure them to get a full refund. Good Luck and I will let you know what finally happens!!!!!

  76. I was calling your phone number 1-888-436-5205 No one answer must of the time hung up. How can I calcel my subscription I can do anything at all since I get it,
    Please answer me, I am going to call my bank to calcel your payment.


  78. I paid for lifetime membership and Ive been told I was scammed what the hell is going on here and Pease give back my money

  79. Went to bank: talked to person in chage of fraudulent charges- explained all

    highlighted fraudulent charges on bank statement w/ them there. Closed bank account and reopened a new one.

    The bank will investigate this thoroughly to nail these suckers.

  80. Thanks for putting up this website, although its too late for all of us. I just spoke to a “Mona” at MP3MusicHQ AT 800-978-7657. sHE TRIED TO SCAM ME FOR $9.95 CANCELLATION FEE, WHICH i REPLIED WITH A THREAT TO CONTACT THE D.A. IF SHE DID. She refunded all of the money with a reference number. We will see… I too have a viris now. So I will not be able to use my computer till I figure this out. Why cant you flag the sites that do this? They are smooth. I didnt even know I was paying someone else until I printed out the reciept.SOMETHINGS GOTTA BE DONE ABOUT THESE PEOPLE!!!!

  81. My fiance was being scammed by this company without realizing it until today! We took a look into his finances and wondered what mp3musichq was! I did a search on google and this page came up.

    I wanted to say THANK YOU to Carol who posted on Oct 19, 2007. We got all of our money refunded and did not have to pay a $10 cancellation fee. (Well, we got a confirmation number saying it will be refunded. It will take 5 days before we know if we really did get refunded or not).

    Do not accept anything less than a full refund. We spoke to a “Patrick Bello” although I’m sure that’s not his real name. Good lucky.

  82. Hi everyone,
    those scaming bastards are still at it,! l just got broadband, after years of slow dial-up and l typed in “free mp3 music,” and got sent to the frostwire website with that blode telling how good their frostwire is, and l also payed the life membership, $29.99, or somewhere about there, and used my debit visa card, and that was only 1/2/2008, that ‘s wright folks just the other day!!! so the theives are still stealing peoples money!! they also have a login for there members, on there web site!So what’s going on? aye? why are they still allowed to be doing this? where are the authorities, that controll these tossers? I will go to my back tommorow to sort this out, l used a visa card, the account never has more than $100.00 bucks in it, for the soul purpose, of limiting this kind of damage. But it still gets me real p___off. see ya.

  83. yhe firm that done me is called saphie number one this ws on the 12/1/08
    i have phoned and also written for refunds but i am worried it will come off again next month £60

  84. Hi everyone, l posted the other day, the crooks got $46.29USD, out of my Visa debit account, they took more than l realized when l posted the other day, l’ve had my card deactivated as if it’s been lost or stolen, every bank and financial institution has that ability, and no one can take anymore money out of my account, so that stopped them, when l went onto their site l went to the “contact us” box on their site and found a whole lot of 1800 phone numbers to contact them on world wide, they are based in the Phillipines, Manila, l’ve been there many times in the past, they’d be easy to find, for me and some of my mates over there, . Any way here are their phone numbers if you want them, and Don’t take No, for an answer, demand your full refund, and don’t forget to ask them for, the confirmation number of your call to them and note down the time and date, and who you are talking to, okay everyone and you will get your money back, l told them they’re a bunch of scammers, . Here’s the phone numbers, they all get diverted, to Manila, in the Phillipines, and it’s a free call for you.

    Please choose one of the contact options below:
    Phone Support. Our specialists are waiting by: we answer every call within 90 seconds!

    Billing: 1-866-730-0934 (toll free)
    Tech: 1-866-730-0934 (toll free)
    Billing or Tech Support, call: +44 (0) 800-404-8387 or Click Here
    Billing or Tech Support, call: 1-888-436-5129 or Click Here
    Billing or Tech Support, call: +61 (1) 800-469-290 or Click Here
    All other
    Billing or Tech Support, call: 1-800-301-9404 or Click Here
    Troubles calling our Toll Free Numbers? Click Here
    Web-chat is now available!
    Okay see ya everyone……………………….Steve.

  85. I paid for this too. I looked on my bank account online and see only a couple of charges that it could have been. It looks like either $29.90 or $29.98. I do not know who to call or get in touch with since it is suppose to be free. Do I go to my bank? It does not have a 800 number on my bank statement on line. Thanks

  86. I would like to say THANK YOU to Carol for the October 19th, 2007 at 7:05 pm posting.

    I had my bank fruad department looking for 10 months and they kept telling me they can not find a telephone number to contact these scammers.

    Thanks to Carol, and 35 minutes of my life that I will never get back, I spoke with Don – Employee ID number 0014 and I will be getting my money back finally.

    As for the bank……I will switch banks.

    Don’t be Scammed, call them and get your money back.

  87. they got me too! lucky i found this page. I call the scammers and got the refund, but just in case these a holes don’t do what they said i call my card company and had my card cancel and if no refund in 10days they will investigate the fuad.

  88. Those slick s.o.b.’s scammed me for 50 dollars! I got my card cancelled, and found there number and called them back and got a refund. Get this, they charged me 50 dollars for the oppurtunity to call there customer service. There scamm is actually legal. We the consumer must read the fine print. Thats how they get all there victims.

  89. I just found this scam warning and realized I have been taken. A total of $47.59. I cant believe it. I do feel stupid. Everthing else seems to charge for using their site so I figured it was ok. I did the lifetime thing and liked the fact I didnt have to pay ever again and no per song charge. My next bank statement hasnt come yet so I dont know if they are gonna charge me again. I am freaking out.

  90. So I just called and cancelled and they said they will refund my account. We will see, but of course there is a $10.00 cancellation fee. I just am blown away.

  91. I got scamed also for the lifetime. I was redirected from limewire to frostwire. I was billed $79.00. I called 1-866-730-0934 toll free and spoke with a person whom did not give me a hard time. I told him many people are getting scammed and it needs to stop. I told him I want all the money back with nothing taking out for cancellation. He said he would take care of it and I will get a full refund in 5-10 days. Just make sure you get the conformation number and whom you spoke with. Now I will go to my bank and see if I have to do anything on this end. Good luck

  92. okay i got scammed……and now i can not get any customer service with the mp3 music hq com…. any advice on how i get my money back???

  93. I just want to say thank you so much everyone who’s wrote advice on what to do if you’ve been scammed and ways to get your money back! I paid a total of Forty One pounds just yesterday for Frostwire only to discover, thanks to this site, that it is totally free to download!! I was shocked, worried and annoyed! Thanks to everyones advice though, I cancelled my bank card first thing this morning then rang them and just got an email through telling me they’ll refund me my full amount within 5 – 10 business days – only time will tell I guess! The guy still tried to scam me out of my ‘cancellation fee’ but because of everyones comments I was having none of it!! Got the guys name and a ref. no. which, to anyone looking to get there money back, is vital!!! I can’t believe these scam sites exists – they’re disgraceful I hope every1 who works for “MP3MusicHQ” gets whats coming to them! To anyone whos fallen in the same trap – good luck, be strong, and lets fight these skanks to the end!!!!!

  94. I got screwed! I thought it sounded like such a great deal and now not only have I paid for a lifetime membership, but my computer is blocking this website.

  95. i have been scammed for frost wire i paid $60.00 dollars for and now i have just found out that its free and that i should go and try to get my money back i really hope no one els gets scammed like i did

  96. I unfortonatly paid for the program to.
    I tryed calling them and they just gave me run around saying I was paying for thier services. Well that pissed me off, so I then got on the phone . and filed complaint with Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) ,FBI and after seeing thier company was also in london.UK talked with on my friends that also a police officer in london he is also filing a complant there and investigating it in london. So hopefully thier days are seriously numbered

  97. i payed 4 a life time membership of £60 with frost new on computres and thought it was normal to pay for things like that,untill i couldnt get in 2 download becos of afirewall.when i was trying 2 sort it out i came across this.WHAT SHALL I DO.

  98. I paid over £30 as a one off fee . . . . and low and behold i’ve since had another charge of £10.10 – which i’m now disputing with card supplier!!

  99. I am pissed!! I paid like 65 bucks on my debit card for a life time membership, some kind of gold membership or something, and now i cant even figure out where i got it. please help!!!!!!!!

  100. Yes we purchased this. It was working great, then the computer got a virus, we had to have it worked on and cleared. we tried to re download and did not pay for it, but not it won’t connect more than one bar,HELP

  101. I was scammed. Frostwire is still cool, just be careful where you click when downloading.

  102. If you’ve been scammed by these fraudulent companies, your civilian rights will protect you.

    #1. First, contact your credit card company or bank, and tell them to block any further charges from the company you bought frostwire from.

    #2. Next, contact the company by any means possible, via e-mail, phone, etc. DEMAND (not ask) for a full refund.

    #3. If you cannot come in contact with the company, or the company refuses to give you a full and complete refund (without any cancellation fees as well), call your credit card company or bank, and have an investigation opened against the company that took your money. I can just almost guarantee that you will get your money back in the end, though it will take about a month or longer.

    #4. If worse comes to worse, call your lawyer, and file a lawsuit against the company. The company will probably be blacklisted, if not completely taken down.

  103. mp3 music i am not that good only recently bought a computer ,downloaded frostwire only to find out later it was a free site mp3 music charged me £60.49 billed under help me on statementfeel so foolish yet so angry that in this day and age that this could happen and the powers that be allow it to happen

  104. I recently downloaded this program on March 2, and when I put in my search it will not show any results, and I was wondering if there is something I don’t have that would allow this to show.

  105. Dream on.
    The banks won’t block further charges if you’ve been dumb enough to hand over your credit card number. They’ll tell YOU to contact the company who’s charging you.
    SO what you do is tell the bank that the charges were deducted WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE.
    You have to play it their way, TELL THEM WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR.

  106. I just realized that I was scammed…what a pain in the but! The original charge was supposed to be $24 and some change, I got a confirmation e-mail and I was charged $34 and some change. I called mp3musicHQ’s number and the guy assured me that I would have a full refund in 2-3 billing cycles. That wasn’t enough for me! I called my credit card company right after I got off the phone with him. I canceled that account and had them send me a new card. If you cancel your account, they can’t charge you anything else! Now I’ll i need is to make sure they don’t get my $35!

  107. Yeah I got scammed out of 32.99 for a lifetime membership almost a year ago and have been paying 9.99 a month for “technical support” I called 18009787657 and went round and round with some phlip about a 7 day money back limit and that I can’t get my money back. Said that it is my fault for going to the wrong site by google. U can bet ur @$$ I am going to the online better bussiness burreau and complaining! I called my bank they can only refund 3 months of charges and have to cancle my card…what a pain.

  108. i paid for lime wire if you go to look for the help number in your area call the support tell them you know what they have done they return the money to your card quite quick i got it in 3 days!! cheeky monkeys!!! also it said it was a one off life time charge of £26 theay actually charged me £100 when i called to enquire about this they tild me that there were a lot of extras included in my package which never materilised but i got my money back end of.

  109. hola pague mas de 60 dolares desde hace mas de un mes y frostwire,no funciona,esto es un robo puesto que la informacion del fraude llega demaciado tarde, ya cuando el dinero lo cobraron,bueno hojala funcionara,de cualquier manera gracias.

  110. Hola, hace 1 año que pago 9.99 todos los meses por el Programa. El banco dice que no pueden detener el pago. Por favor necesito un telefono donde llamar.

  111. I paid $39.00 for “lifetime” membership..I just called the company @ 1800-978-7657 and demanded a refund before I pressed charges of Fraud against the company..They informed me, that they would process the request right away.I will be checking with my bank periodically until this payment is received. The name of the website that defrauded me is: …For the people thta didn’t get scammed, and they think this is funny, SHAME ON YOU.


  113. My frostwire is saying it is not connected to Internet. Please call me at 317-513-2696.

  114. I also realized too late about this scam, when I called they cancelled my monthly charge which I was not awae they were taking out and then I am told as per there contract which Inever saw I could not cancel after 7 days, I hae called three times and each time they say they will not refund that they were giving me a service…I told them they were scammers and they insist it is legitimate and will not refund it is out of the person’s hands that answers the phone, they insist I call my bank. I thought I was doing something legal and they are ripping a lot of people out of hard earned money. I explained I never signed a contract never saw a contract did not want monthly charges…to no avail..has any once lately gotten a refund…are the banks helpful when you call them…

  115. MP3MusicHQ = Scammers!!
    I had to cancel my debit card. They will charge your account monthly. Then you cannot get through to their contact number. That’s what they count on. I learned a valuable lesson about giving up my debit number to just any website.
    I hope these companies get what they have coming to them!! They are evil!

  116. I have ordered frost wire online using my credit card and i am being charge at a rate of €15 monthy. I thought there were no monthly or year charges once this has been downloaded. €15 has been debited from my credit card over the course of 4 months now.

  117. Yeah, Ive been scammed also $79.71 AUD. I rang and cancelled my visa straight away. They billed lifetime membership $39.00, codec propack $12.95, spy remover $17.88, new releases and tech support $9.88. I will of course contest the amount billed on tuesday with the bank, they told me tonight they can chase this SCAM up during normal business hours. I can not contact by phone, email or anything like that so Ive exhausted all avanues. I had heard a lot of great things about limewire and thought Id give it a go. I did not realise it was free until after I had been scammed. I know its not their fault but it leaves a bad taste and maybe I will not bother in the end. Perhaps its within limewires interest to help try and stop this sort of crap going on with their software program.

  118. I need help in how i can stop the scam i am now involved in. If some1 can tell me how to get out of being charged every month i would greatly appreciate it thank you

  119. Me too! Frostwire free download was how I got scammed by Mp3
    To the tune of 75.35
    I will close my bank card immediately – since they are charging for cancelling them
    I will inform the bank – and provide copies of all infor I downloaded tonight
    and ask for an investigation
    I will have a lawyer send a letter to their London address
    Saphie Number One Limited
    26 York Street LOndon W1U 6PZ, UK

    Th phone # 323-443-2415 and 2416 no connection is LA, Calif EagleRock

    Anyone know a lawyer with scam experience –


  120. I am disabled and have a very hard time with memory due to a head injury. So even tho I know I payed for a lifetime subscription at $29 and change, I don’t remember who to as it was over a year ago and I have no idea how to fix this. So just put me down as another poorer but wiser user.

  121. I too was scammed, and paid $27.76 for a 1year membership for frostwire, but billed by MP3HQ…and the following month they charged my card another $9.88. I called the number listed in the blog & they ultimately agreed to refund $27.76 (but said they couldn’t refund the initial $9.88). It’s supposed to be in my account w/in 5-10 business days–we’ll see….

  122. I have been scammed by mp3
    they took 3 payments out of my account in February 2008
    and another payment in March 2008 I have reported these fraudulent payments to Mastercard, hopefully they can do something about the fraudsters. I may have to consider taking action in closin my mastercard

  123. I to was scammed I purchased frost wire from mp3 music I called asked for a refund and they did give a refund. They tried to slick talk at first but after I told them that I would report them that was when they refunded my money. people like that cant get very far in life.

  124. Thanks for this information! And for the other people who posted here! Invaluable. I just called and requested my refund from MP3 MUSIC They did not give me a big problem about cancelling. However, they wanted the cancellation fee ($9.88).

    I was clear about what I wanted, and said I wouldn’t pay the cancellation fee, regardless of whatever Terms & Conditions they claimed I had signed off on. I was polite but very firm, and at that point, I said it was a scam. The person on the other end of the phone was pleasant enough throughout, but at that point said that if it was a scam, how could there be a phone that got answered at the other end by a real person? (He was still pleasant.)

    I said, you may not be doing anything illegal, but you are furnishing a so-called service that is actually of no worth, and I will take it up with my bank if I don’t also have the cancellation fee waived. All of this stuff is available free on the Internet; it says as much on the FrostFire website, and mentions your firm by name.

    He “spoke to a supervisor” (I waited on hold for about 60 seconds), and when he got back on the line, my cancellation fee had been waived. I got my cancellation number for my membership and I will await the return of my money! He was polite throughout, and I hope this refund will come through very shortly.

    Thanks again, FrostFire community.

  125. I just called to cancel – got straight through. Said I could cancel no problem but then asked me all sorts of questions as to why I wanted to cancel and did i realise i wouldn’t get 24/7 support? Why would I want that though when I’m cancelling???!!! Anyway, there was no mention of a cancellation fee – i hope i still don’t get charged- but said I couldn’t have a refund as they had done nothing wrong. When I explained – scam, fraud etc etc they just denied it all. I’ll now try to contact my credit card co to see if anything else can be done. Good luck to others.

  126. I cant beleave i just fell for this, im usually really carefull. MP3Music HQ are the ones that conned me, i to have just phoned and can’t say anything different to what Jan posted on the 1st april 2008. i was very polite with the guy on the other end untill he began to get narky with me. each time i told him i wanted to cancel he kept interupting by saying how i should keep the 24/7 sevice, he acted like he couldnt understand why i wanted to cancel. but in the end i said to him no matter what he says i will cancel anyway so just get on with it, and he did.
    i hadn’t actually come across this part of the site at this time, so i wasn’t aware there was a possible chance of a refund, but you can be sure i will be taking this matter further.

  127. I just off the phone with the tech support. I was informed that the 39.00 lifetime membership fee was so that you are able to download MP3s. There was a 9.88 monthly fee for 24/7 tech support that I was not aware of. I did cancel that. They informed & assured me that the 39.00 fee was a one time thing.

  128. Will someone please tell me how I might possibly get refunded this money back? I could use a phone number! Help! What a terrible scam!

  129. I just got burned for $35.88 from! Hopefully my bank will reverse the charges. Watch out! Snappy-Music is a bunch of scammers!

  130. Same experience here through $2.99/mo. for unlimited “legal” downloads. Thanks for the help, I’ve contacted my credit card company.

  131. A real clever scam!! Then you cannot get through to anyone to complain!!!!! You are charged the FULL amount no matter what you sign up for!!!

  132. silly people 🙂 let that be a lesson to NEVER pay for software, use open source and a Linux operating system 😉


  134. I just signed up for the scam too bad your warning wasn’t early enough

  135. Hi all

    Thanks Frostwire for you info, I too have been scammed and I went to my bank today and they were great in helping me complete a stat declaration to Visa to get my money back and stop further payments. Here’s hoping I get back it back but I will pay no more!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. I have been using frostwire for over a year, and have not only been billed a start up fee, but am billed every month on my credit card minimum of $9.00, but usually a little more because of downloads and size. How can I cancel this program and get a refund????? Anybody help me???

  137. I just payed for an up date through limewire but instead I got frostwire
    which is the same .does this money go for an update with frostwire?

  138. I have the same problem of being scammed out of $34.64 by not realising until I got an e-mail from them that I was falsely rerouted to there website. I have reported them to my credit card company and now I am in process of reporting them to state and federal authorities. I would advise anyone this happened to , do the same!

  139. im sorry for the people that went through this thanks for your advice

  140. They got me too. I called my bank and they got right on it. I know times are getting hard and everything like the gas prices, but hell can anyone be truthfull these days.

  141. i thought that there is suppose to be a free version but if you want it to download faster like pro you would pay a small fee.

  142. I have paid $US12.95 for unimited free music downloads from ‘sharepanel’. Now when I try to login to my account I am always directed to the sharepanel webpage but cannot make any connections or links from there. There are no options for contact with the company either.
    Is this a scam, or a problem with my settings?
    M. Stevens.

  143. hi there i joined frostwire last year and my computor crashed last week how do i get my membership back on to my computor

  144. hello, i live in the uk in northern ireland and
    my mum downloaded frostwire and was scammed and had to pay for it ! she downloaded it from
    when I realised this website that is when i told my mum she had been scammed. so she got on to her bank and they said that they can not cancel it and that she has to go on to the website and cancel it but i went on to the web site and there is no where to cancel it ! can any one help me.
    i have uninstalled it but i do not know if that will cancel the membership. please email me on
    thank you very much !!

  145. ya i agree with KJ don’t give out your money to anyone or less u read everything on the webpage …i been to alot of webpage that say free or u have to pay for it ..if it has a thing for a credit card don’t bother it bc u can get scammed for it ..if u can’t find a webpage that u can’t get it for free … just keep looking around on the enternet that what i do untill i find what i looking for …but i can put this on here …if u can find what u look for send me a e-mail and i’ll look for it for ya …..and my e-mail is

  146. Over 200 comments posted in 15 months and nearly all say ‘I paid for it and how do I get my money back?’ Did none of you read the article before posting a reply?

    @ David (25th June 2008)
    Just download it again if it doesn’t work, and DON’T PAY FOR IT! Give them a donation if you like, but there’s no membership fee.

    @ Karen Mc Keever (9th July 2008)
    Don’t post your email address on the Internet, that’s probably the quickest way get 4000+ spam emails a week offering you Lithuanian viagra and penis enlargements

  147. the monitor tab is still there, it’s just not shown by default to not confuse novice users. Go to your View menu and you’ll see it inside the Show/Hide submenu.

  148. i have been trick to pay by lots of sights before hope this is not one if i need to pay i will but it is confusing

  149. I had to pay close to $50 for a 2 year subscription to frostwire. I didn’t know that it was free. How do I get a refund?

  150. I’ve been paying a monthly amount of up to £10.00s since june 2007 and they took £30.00 when I first downloaded bloody frostwire, can I get a refund for all that money if it’s off of a debit card? Gah! this io SO anoying!!! Anyone got any contacts I can call???

  151. Is Frostwire a Sister version of Limewire. and is there any other sites like frostwire and limewire on the internet

  152. I paid like $40 at “Snappy-music” as it was the number one legal download service under a search on Google for “music download services”. It came up and appeared 100% legitimate, however after my bank account was dinged and the installed software downloaded FrostWire for me instead of the professed Snappy-Music. I will be heading to my bank on Monday to file for a complete refund and I would recommend that all in similar situations to absolutely do the same.

  153. i didn’t fall for it but if u download spyware download this free program it works really good

  154. i very enjoy to have frost invest, it is very speed and best than lime wire.
    but, more themes will be best, because my frost invest is basic in blue color. thantks

  155. I contacted MP3 thru the live chat after finding out that frostwire is free. I spent $24.75 in Feb for it, and while it’s definitely been worth the money, I am really PO’d about being ripped off. Here is part of the conversation:

    when I joined, Frostwire was what I downloaded to get music. I paid the one time fee for that, is that correct?
    customer associate 5
    Frostwire is saying that it is a scam, that they don’t charge anything to use their services.
    customer associate 5
    I see. The softwares are free, the only thing that you are paying for is the 24/7 Technical Support.
    if that’s the case, I would like a refund, because frostwire provides their own tech support.
    customer associate 5
    I see. Just to verify, you contacted us to cancel your membership and get a refund, would that be correct?
    I am contacting you now to cancel membership and get a refund.
    customer associate 5
    I see. Let me remind you that if you cancel your account, you will not be able to access the website, download the software and you will no longer avail the 24/7 technical support, whether it is via chat, email or phone. This can be beneficial especially when trying out new softwares. Are you sure you don’t want to reconsider keeping your membership?
    yes, I am positive
    customer associate 5
    Let me offer you an access to one of our website called for you to keep your account with us. Would you reconsider my offer?
    no thanks.
    customer associate 5
    I do understand your concern, Karen. However we have a 7 day satisfaction guarantee period and your account is beyond that period so the most that I can do for you is just disable your account. Better to keep the account because you already paid for the membership and as I informed you I won’t be able to process you a refund.

    So they say, yes, you paid for the software, then all of a sudden it’s oh, you pay for the tech support, the software is free. and if you play that card, then they throw the 7 day satisfaction guarantee at you. I will be escalating this. Sorry the entry is so long, but thought it might be of interest.

  156. Yep! I was scammed also. I didn’t realize it though until I opened this up. WOW! I had no idea! I paid over $60 for a lifetime membership almost two years ago. Boy do I feel stupid! I guarantee you that I will do whatever possible to get my money back though! Good luck to the rest of you who made this same mistake. I hope that you will all pursue this. Take back what is rightfully yours! I know that I am, and I’m also going to research a little better next time before paying for something like this over the net.

  157. Yay I say like all outhers who already payed for I feel bad for them, because we should never pay for anything that we already payed for since we pay for Internet ansd every thing else sould be free.

  158. HI. I’m very sorry for knowing that the MP3 Music (fraudulent site) got me. The’ve charging me monthy payments, plus the enrolment I stupidly did. I don’t know how to get them. I doesn’t show to whom I can call or send a request for reembursement. If any of you guys could help me I’d appreciate! Thanks, Jakeline

  159. It would have been nice to know that it was a fraud BEFORE paying for it, isn’t there someway of letting people know??????? I got an email from you people and asked to join, so I did and now I find out I was scammed.

  160. This is a huge scam,I fell for it twice.They make it sound like u just click a movie and watch it,no such thing. U go nowhere.There are no pretty movie player skins like in the picture. All u get is links to someone elses browsers.Tomorrow im going to my bank to have the fraud dept to open there investigation.

  161. To all those who think the people who paid for frostwire are idiots. Shame on you. Can and am sure it has or will happen to you, one way or another.
    Considering how many people pay for it thinking its the right and legal way to download frostwire. Considering the small fee, and limited time people have, things get done in a hurry without reading the fine print. At least we are lucky for the small scam fee and have learned a lesson. I hope when or if you never get scammed folks out there ever do, I hope its for a small amount to. Oh shame on all those misleading companies doing all the scamming. What goes around comes around.

  162. I can’t believe all of this I didn’t even know that these websites where scamming people.I have had frost wire for over 3 years now and never once was asked to pay anything. Im glad to know this now so I can let others know what is going on with it.I have referred this software to a lot of people

  163. Anyone who got scammed:

    You can’t get mad because if you knew anything you would have researched Frostwire before you paid anyone any money. It’s not necessarily your fault but you’re more to blame because you weren’t careful enough. Always be 100% certain a website is legitimate BEFORE you put any of your credit information in, once they’ve got it, they can take whatever they like – not just a bogus membership fee.

    Wikpedia, McAfee Siteadvisor, or even just a bit of cautious Googling will soon put any of your doubts at rest about any website before you give anyone any money – look for forums, they’ll have the most honest advice.

    Hope you all get your money back, and for the future, don’t give your credit details away!!!



  164. If one looks long enough you can find a Blessing and a free one as well. I was very impressed to see so many positive comments about this website. I was very pleased to see that there is some out there who don’t mind giving up something good for free. Thank You!

  165. STAY AWAY FROM THIS WEBSITE!!! It is NOT a valid website. They slink into the “real” product and take your money for sites which are free (i.e., FrostWire). I had already paid with my credit card, and I just now went to their “live chat” area and told the agent I wanted my money back. Make sure to keep a copy of your transcript! I should now be getting my money back, but they are not ethical!

  166. hello to all-i just found out my credit card was being billed as a private detective/summons server.this is the fraud.if anyone wants the number contact jeff at thanks jeff

  167. I paid almost 90 dollars for a lifetime membership and this was almost a year ago. Do you think that this can still be refunded? Also I have the hardest time getting connected in order to download music or anything else could this be connected to the scam?

  168. I got scammed as well 2 hours before I read this last night. First thing I did was Email MP3 with the following

    I joined Frostwire today and was tricked into paying the sum of £36.85 (7UN92138XM921414W) to Saphie Number One or
    Please refund my payment as I now understand that Frostwire is free and MP3 has no authorisation to charge for this.
    I will start a paypal claim to get monies refunded if I do not receive a suitable reply in 72 hours

    2nd thing I did 10 minutes after sending it was to lodge a dispute with paypal claiming item “Significantly not as described” but added another line for Paypals benefit.

    From Buyer – Graeme Taylor
    26/10/2008 13:11 PDT

    I joined Frostwire today and was tricked into paying the sum of £36.85 (7UN92138XM921414W) to Saphie Number One or

    Please refund my payment as I now understand that Frostwire is free and MP3 has no authorisation to charge for this and has done so fraudulently, I also understand that there have been inumerable compaints of similiar actions against MP3 for this practice.

    I will start a paypal claim to get monies refunded if I do not receive a suitable reply in 72 hours

    This morning my money has been refunded
    and Email from MP3
    Hello Graeme,

    Thank you for your mail.

    I am sorry that you have decided to cancel. As per your request, I have cancelled your account effective 10/27/2008. Also, all the charges on your account has been reversed.

    Should you need anything else, please let me know.



    I have checked my paypal account and it is there.
    Hope this helps anyone needing help.

  169. I was just scammed by a place which said clkbank on credit card company. I paid $24.95 for a year service for frostwire. I am not dumb or stupid, thank you, to all of you inconsiderate people, who have posted such appalling words to those unfortunate people, who have never heard of Frostwire or other applications. The internet is a vast place and we can’t be aware of every single computer software program or application available. If you are aware of every one of them, perhaps you should entertain the idea of a life, a job, or something more to fulfill your time, rather than surfing the internet, 24/7! I will be requesting a refund, as well as contacting payment source. (I paid via Paypal) to open a fraud investigation. I appreciate you letting people know about such fraudulent activity taking place. As you can see from the boards, there are many people who have been taken advantage of, when you provide such a wonderful free service. When I receive my refund, I know I will be making a contribution to your free site, I would suggest others who reclaim their monies do the same! It is the caring, honest, people like you who make the world go around! Thank you!

  170. anyone who wants frostwire for free…get it off of and search for frostwire or just use to get it….COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GET A REFUND IF U ARE PAYING ANYTHING

  171. frostwire is the best for downloading every thing you need i’v been useing frostwire for 3 years it is the best very thank you verry much frostwire your the best.

  172. Hey has anyone gotten ripped off by “Snappy-music” ?
    i got ripped off quite a sum of money for a “one day special” lifetime membership.

  173. o my goshhh!!! this is 10000000000000000000000000000000000c000000000000000000000000000000000 times better than lime wire! i’m serious!!!!

  174. THey got me too , my daughter laughed and said, “that’s wrong ,Dad” I’m gonna call card co. 39.95 (ouch ! )

  175. stay away from snappy music they dont show that you are buying frostwire until you get the download. wow! all this time and I never thought about it being fraud! Thanks for being so helpful!

  176. how can you suckers get caught? look around the bloody net for information before you pay for anything!. Also you have paid for crap that at every turn downloads some shit that triggers off virus detection software. jack that lot in, get rid of it and go to somewhere like use-next and get speed and a bit more security. I took this crap off and went back to ares or downloaded bit torrent and went to the torrent sites on the net. google this stuff first before you part with your money. you must really be some of the stupid ones who also send private info to e-mail scams saying that they are from banks or building societies. Grow up, get wise or tripple check.

  177. I have been scammed for a lifetime’s membership under the guise of MP3 Music for which I paid £33.88 and they have been taking £9.88 per month since then. I spoke to some guy called John and he told me I was calling him in the Phillipines – from the UK – I told him to cancel any further payments – I hope this will be done. I feel completely swindled! How do I get my money back – are they (helpmedownload) legally liable to give me a refund?

  178. hello, I just recently purchased frostwire, but brought another computer, and I may need my liscense key, or the codes to access my frostwire software… please help
    here’s my email address, I know that I am in you data banks as a recent customer…

    much thanx!!!

  179. Thanks for the heads-up…I was under the impression that FrostWire charged a fee, and I’m in the process of trying to get my money back for charges incurred 12/28/16 through 2/28/08. So far I’ve contacted, my credit card company, and again, and only have the promise of one-month’s refund. Someone suggested contacting the police, so that’s my next step. Wish me luck!!!

  180. I paid 34.95 for frostwire lifetime membership through clickbank*com and realized almost immediately afterward that I had been scammed. I have requested a refund and already called my bank. they are aware of the scam and we must wait to see if they dARE to charge my card, since I emailed them immediately after ordering to say to CANCEL.
    It will be resolved, one way or the other, of thast I am sure!

  181. Yah know, all these people that got “scammed” and i mean no offense to anyone but they are oblivious to some of the trivial things, when your on it says “Sponsored Links” and that right there means, “WE PAID TO HAVE OUR NAME HERE” and with that being said, anyone who paid to have their name up there probably isnt what you want if your looking for something like frostwire.

    Also as a side note to anyone who has been fooled by this, if you ask what your paying for and they say “Customer Support” run, and run fast in the opposite direction, cause thats a red flag for anyone who shops online for things.

    And lastly to finish my little rant here if ever a company asks for your credit card info make sure you know who they are, what your paying for how much your gonna be paying for for how long and all that vital info. you wouldnt walk into a car dealer and say eh let me get a car and then just sign the paper without looking and then next thing you know your facing either defaulting on a payment cause you cant afford it or your so far in debt and paying for something for the rest of your life. Its common sense people and some of you seem to have none.


  182. I purchased frostwire for the lifetime of 30 something dollars and have nothing but problem’s. What joke. Try to make a cd….Good luck. The company was mp3 music


  184. Ha, I just got scammed by as well. They advertise a yealy membership for 1.49 per month (US dollars) which seemed reasonable but I was charged an additional $14.97 for “New Releases and Technical Support” for a grand total of $32.85 for one year membership. I managed to get them to agree to reverse the $14.97 charge and got an email of the transcript of my conversation with their Customer Support. The second I finished with them I found this website, read over it, and immediately contacted them back again demanding a full refund, which they agreed to as well. I plan on contacting my credit card company as well regarding this and any possible future charges from same.
    BTW Snatch Sniffer…I DID Google for Limewire and somehow ended up with some bullshit pay-for spinoff of Frostwire. Yes, I will chalk it up to being dead tired on my feet and not thinking too clearly, but for the love of God, GET OFF YOUR BLOODY HIGH HORSE. Everyone is entitled to make a mistake once in a while, even you.

  185. I can’t believe how stupid some people are, some of the people here deserve to be scammed. Reading these replys has given me good laugh. Really some people should not be allowed to use computers.

  186. I got scammed just as well I purchased frostwire but for the protection of viruses this was about two years ago but for the past yr and ahalf I’ve been trying everything to get them to stop charging my account but my bank wants to charge to block it but i feel why should i have to be charged for something I don’t want they gave me the number of the biller but i still don’t get a answer the phone rings and rings. To top it off I ended up with viruses. Is’t that a laugh…………………I need answers please help

  187. It appears that I have been scammed, and charged (more than I aked signed up for) by However, I did not find out about the FREE part until I sought help from this page,when my computer would not connect to frostwire in the first place. How was I supposed to know in advance? We don’t all spend all our waking life surfing the net. So thank you, Debbie, for those few sympathetic words. Now to try to get my refund.
    And start a fraud proceeding.

  188. AN UPDATE to the last posting;
    After reading a few of the postings here, and adding my own (see above), I emailed the MP3helpdesk demanding a refund. I returned to my inbox 10 minutes later and I got cofirmation of my refund. Phew.
    One further comment….there are a lot of very rude people out there….and I do mean on this forum.

  189. I was also scammed by this website!! I have received several viruses from this website… When I called to demand a refund they told me that they are unable to access my account at this time because they are experiencing technical difficulties.. BULLS**T. I have e-mailed the helpdesk and hopefully will receive a full refund. Thanks for the website.

  190. Thanks God for this website. I was just scammed a few minutes ago. I was looking into LimeWire and somehow ended up on this website. The whole time it had the Lime Wire logo.

    Fen – same thing happened to me. It was $0.99 a month for two years unlimited downloads etc. It just so happens that I couldn’t log in properly and got out and “re-goggled” Frostwire itself and this blog came out.

    I didn’t even bother calling MP3MusicHQ. I just called my credit card company and cancelled the charge. I reported them as well, and cancelled my entire credit card so there will be no future fraudulent charges.

    By the way for some “mean” people who post, I am very careful but this time I was scammed because it didn’t look like I was navigating to a different site.

  191. i pd the 50 buck for it and now it is *ucking up. did know it was a scam. have no idea how to get my money back.

  192. Frostwire is Limewire’s clone. All that’s different is the name and the color. What makes YOU so special?

  193. been cammed tonight!! went oto so called limewire page. charged me £38.63. contacted bank straight away and they are going to look into it but cant untill it comes out my bank.

  194. Is there anyway to get the money paid for it back? Ive just been charged £42.78, although they stated £12!!!! Help!!!!!


  195. I tried to get a refund from MP# Music HQ and they told me that since I purchased a lifetime Membership for $37.71 back in Oct 07, that they will not refund my money. I told them that it was a fraud case since they charged for something that I cant use. Never been able to download anything from here. They refused to listen to me and I threaten to have the Attorney General office get involved. They could care less. So I hope that I can get my money back. If not I will handle that. But I agree with FrostWire that these people need to be stopped or shut down.

  196. I paid for a lifetime subscription to frostwire, but there has been a firewall blocking frostwire from accessing the internet. How can I fix this?

  197. I was scammed by Mp3 music as well, I was going to call and cancel services today anyway but when I found this site and realized I was being scammed I called Mp3 Music’s customer support. After an initial hold time of about 20 minutes I spoke to a representative who was friendly but was initially unwilling to refund my money. I said that I wanted a refund for paying for free downloads and free customer support and then was told I would have to pay a $9.50 charge for refund after my 7 day trial. I said that I would not pay to fee and that if I had to I would call the BBB, state attorney and anyone else Icould think of to report them as a fradulent business, citing my own problems as well as this blog as a list of examples. After about 2 more minutes on hold they agreed to refund my fees, almost $60 worth…..I was charged 38.51 initially and a little over $10 a month since then. Thank you to frostwire and all you, In 5-14 days I will see if what Mp3music promissed in my refund will happen or not

  198. Just for clarification, I believe most of us that were scammed by were actually trying to get Frostwire and ended up with the knockoff Limewire in addition to being charged for it. Perhaps Limewire itself is not bad, it’s just the sour aftertaste of being charged for something that should have been free, the headache of chasing after our money, and arguing with service representatives to put an end to it all. I will look into Frostwire again, albeit very, very cautiously. Good luck to everyone in this same boat.

  199. Addition to above post –
    Yes, I too have heard good things about Frostwire, that’s why I went looking for it in the first place. 🙂 SUCKS, heh.

  200. Yeah yeah…. i got done too! I’m not a big computer geek or anything but i love my music and when i found out about frostwire i wanted to get it. I had to send 3 sms’s to get a code that would allow the download to begin, costing $3 per sms. Suffice to say, i got NOTHING! and now i don’t know how to get a damn refund from an sms??????

  201. im just downloading my friends say its amazing i thought id try it because i down loaded lime aire and it gave my p.c about 15 virus’s and i got vista i didnt know here that many types for vista i hope it work

  202. Gostaria de saber se não tem uma página em português (Brasil), pois para poder fazer download ficaria mais fácil. Obrigada.

  203. Hey can somebody give me the number to call to get my refund. This sucks I too was trying to download limewire and ended up with this crap. Surprise there is no contact information. Rediculous.

    Appreciate the help, ASAP!

  204. i also got scammed yesterday but i thought i was buying virus protection – obviously not. Thanks to this page I sent a few angry emails and have been promised a full refund. Phew, thanks very much!
    email them at either or

    they both work. And if they ask for a cancellation fee tell them to get lost.

  205. you should email them michelle. It works just as well and you get a reply back from them straight away instead of having to wait on the phone and also pay for the phone call.

  206. I was asked to pay £3.00 a sms for 3 texts, so £9 in total, from a mates contract phone, will they keep taking this money from me and how can i stop this one?

  207. I via a search for Limewire, filled out all that was required and paid $34.95. I had never even heard of Frostwire. I’m not that computer savy and I guess I’m ‘naive’. I’m not a ‘young’ person either and I don’t have money to waste. No matter what I did, I could not get any music to play, let alone anything else. The phone number given was phony.
    I used PayPal. So I entered into the search bar and I got this site. Boy did I feel like a fool but also very angry. Because of the people here giving a workable number for MP3, etc., I called the number and got a woman (I’m sure it is not the U.S.0believe it is Philippines) who
    told me they would download again to which I replied. She sputtered all sorts of things but I was adament and then when she said there would be a $9.00 fee I really blew up. I told her it is all a scam and they should all be arrested and demanded ever cent I paid.. She tld me to hang on and then came back on and said there would be a total refund.
    I got an email confirmation. I’ll keep checking my band account to see that it is taken care of. I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t bombard the ‘powers that be’ and demand something be done. Most people will just let it be once they get their refund. It’s time to care about others and also to send a message to other online scammers.
    Can someone please post just where these complaints need to go. I deleted anything having to do with their download and then downloaded the FREE Frostwire. I love it; I’ve been playing it continously for hours.
    Thank you people who posted info to help others. I hope this will help someone. The number I called is: 1-800-978-7657.

  208. Well I think this program is amazing, sorry to all those people that got ripped off, but im making a donation to for all their hard work and effort.

    XD. Excellent.

    1. I just got scammed by the web site that made me pay for frostwire also. Is there anyway to get your money back? I need help with this.

  209. Just found out about frostwire,good program,about the same as limewire but does`nt slow my computer down as much.Still liked the old WINMX though,wish we could get it back.PS i make it a rule never to pay for p2p programs,there are enough free programs out there that you should never have to pay for them.

  210. i found frostwire on a website (kick~back) from google and i knew that limewire was free so i thought that frostwire was just the version that you have to pay a subscription to and a few days later i went to update frostwire and learned that it should be free it kinda blew my mind when i found out and i called and they said that they where charging me for a tech support ( i work on comps and hardware for spare change) why i would need tech support i dont know but to make a long story short they charged me not ONE but TWO payments of $38.73 and i got really pissed and told them that they would here from my local P.D if they did not refund my money so they inturn said three too five business days.
    i made the reference that they could have atleast used lube when trying to screw me

    i would also like to give the name of the company that did this

    there number is 1-800-978-7657
    speak with a guy named DEE his badge number is 220
    (he likes to be hollared at) wink! wink!

    i hope all this helps someone else out there

  211. I got scammed too. Didn’t realize it till we downloaded it on another computer in the house. To find out it was free blew my mind. I sent them an email because they were ”
    conviently” colsed. Demanding a refund if not I will take further action. By going to the bank and fighting the charge. Some nerve people have…… When we are at our lowest as a whole country, it amazes me that people are suck A*%holes.

  212. dont go on fake websites,they r just tryin to get money that people sometimes dont have!!!SO DONT PAY,JUST GO TO THE REAL FROSTWIRE(

  213. I’ve been a user of Limewire Pro for quite a while now. I must admit they have a pretty good P2P program. But it seems that when I update to a newer release (usually good for about 6 months), they come out with a new release a week later (which costs more of course). I have only paid them twice on the past years, so I guess I won’t be sending them any more money for future updates. I haven’t tried Frostwire yet, how does it compare to Limewire Pro? On a side note, I noticed some Frostwire users on my uploads.

  214. My dad paid about £16.50 for FrostWire at but we got our money back and reinstalled FrostWire from the official website. Avoid mp3downloadhq at all costs!!!


  216. I am on the frostwire website – how do I download this to enable me to put the songs onto my mp3 player? very much a beginner here – step by step please…. And I can’t seem to access limewire without paying – thought it was a free site?

  217. FrostWire (FW) by far, is the best client there is! I am one of the lucky ones who was NOT charged for it, and I have ALWAYS gone to FrostWire’s offical download site – I’ve never had popups, virii (viruses) or spyware/adware, and the system has NEVER crashed as a result of FrostWire.

    There are, however, some music download sites that do charge a fee – either per downloaded mp3 or per visit – whichever is the greater profit for the company behind it. Always be aware of any sites that promise ‘unlimited music downloads’ or ‘all the free music you want’ – there’s always hidden charges and/or a registration process which allows them to scam your personal information and subsequently steal from you. I would NEVER trust a p2p client that attempts to charge for ‘technical support’ – this option should be free like the client. I wouldn’t recommend anything else. I say 2 thumbs up to FW! 😀

  218. Final note: if you are being charged or are paying for it in some way – it is NOT free.

    LimeWire Pro is an example of this. Go with FrostWire! 🙂

  219. TO CLARIFY: “LimeWire Pro is an example of this.” – meaning the tech. support etc., not the original legit software price. In any event, I’m sticking with FrostWire – it’s easier to use.

  220. i guess i got scammed i pay for a year trail
    but i will have this investigated and someone will pay for this besides me.

  221. When downloading i was asked to send an SMS for getting a entry code. I’ve got that code but only after receiving 4(!) SMS’s which cost me each 1,50 euro’s!

    1. me too. my sister asked me to sms 19982889 with the word code for her coz she didnt have any credit on hers, i had to send the word code, then cod, and cod again (wtf?) got got sent a code which didnt work. My (blonde) sister insisted she was on the right website… then tells me it supposedly costs $3 per message. Im going to head out to hers now and see what the heck she’s done – apparantly now she’s trying to DL limewire but she’s on the wrong bloody site! grrrr…

      i hope its not a subscription service, im on a plan so i wont know what ive been charged til next month……

  222. I too was scammed. I paid for a lifetime subscription for my grandson and he tried to download music to his ipod and couldnt. I decided to try for him this am and ran into this. I am so grateful…I called this company 1-800-978-7657…I will be getting my money back, except for $9.95 within 5-10 days. They rattle on and on, but finally i will be getting most of my money back. I see here that it has been going on for over 2 years and they are still going…something needs to be done. I myself will be writing to the BBB and I hope a lot of you will as well…they need to be stopped. Is there anything you can do Frostwire to help, these scammers are giving your site a bad name.

  223. I got done as well – have just emailled the company as could not get through on lines what else can I do. Feel shut a bloody fool – £65.58 it cost me no confirmation email nothing only found out when checking my bank details. Any advice????????

  224. tomas
    april 21,2009 never again to limewire it cost me over 300.00
    to fix our computer

  225. I just got scam today ,tryingto get frostwire they said that it would be 2.95 a year they charged me 29.95 to my cc. i called them and they stopped it , Mojo44 and others please call 1-866-998-0515 and they should refund you.

  226. i was recently scammed for $42.34. i have since got a full refund. i thought i was paying for limewire pro but it downloaded on my computer as frostwire. the company that charged me was this is neither frostwire or limewire. the representive said i was paying for tech support. this is a bunch of crap considering i can download frostwire for free and also get free tech support from them. i will download frostwire from their website only as i have enjoyed the selection of songs and quick downloads

  227. I also fell for it – I phoned the GB landline, and after a little Q&A by the agent, she announced that she would refund, but there would be a £5 “service charge” I querried it, she said it was to cover their admin, I said OK, but I am going to report this as a possible scam to my card provider. She rapidly backtracked and said ok to a full refund. She provided a reference nr, but I don’t see how that can work

  228. Please cancelled this order $47.83

    member user Id: st45pc
    Password: 38tv58

    Its not working on my laptob pc.

    I will put a stop payment from my bank.

    thank you

  229. Yeah they got me too, but I have told the company about it and should get a refund.

  230. I too got scammed, yesterday!! I just called and they were very helpful and they said they would refund all my money (cost $56 for 3 years). Call your credit card provider and let them stop the payment. The number (company) to get your refund back is:800-978-7675 Good luck to you. I hope they are as helpful to you as they were to me.

  231. so i dont need to pay anything to download and what about the pres? to talk about creditcards whats that all about…

  232. I fell for this too. The name they use now is MBCONTACT.COM 1-866-998-0515

  233. I did it, fell for it hook, line, and sinker!
    Just made a call to my credit card company, what a pain these scammers put people through!
    They need to hang every last one of them!
    MBCONTACT.COM should be first to hang!!
    I’ve got the rope!!
    Tried their phone number and of course it does not work, go figure!!!

  234. frostwire is free and is rly good i like it alot nd it is fast and easy it makes me feel like a real man i love u frostwire i think it is realy good

  235. mp3 music headquarters scammed me into paying for frostwire.i just so happened in the frostwire support area where they informed me it was free and i was i took there advice and called them and firmly demanded a refund,and it credit card company is also starting an investigation for fraud.thanks frostwire,when i get my refund(2 to 5 days) i’ll be sure to make a donation.

  236. i downloaded frostwire and payed $29.99 for lifetime memebership i cant update frostwire at all and my internet explorer is all messed up and i have no clue what i should do

  237. They got me for 34 bucks!! Now I have to cancel my card but at least I did start an investigation through my back. I hate people!!!

  238. please read and tell if I’m not a victim of scam.I just finish paying for the following from:

    watch movies the largest network online (satisfaction 100% guaranteed.they offer Frostwire.

    For billing & technical support contact us by:
    Toll free: 1 866 998 0515

    For billing & technical support contact us by:
    Toll free: 1 866 903 4555

    Important Notice: Your billing statement will show a charge by » MBCONTACT.COM

    Login page:

    Please review the details below.
    Order status: approved
    Merchant System Order number: 27869816
    You have purchased: 3 Years Unlimited VIP Access and 3 Extra Features USD 65.74
    Delivery E-mail:
    Registration time: 26/5/2009 3:30:48 AM
    Your billing statement will show a charge by MBCONTACT.COM
    You have been charged: $ 65.74 USD

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    I want to receive special offers, promotions, and software updates.

    Membership Options and Features

    3 Year VIP Access and support for only $58.95 $12.97/year – Save $20

    2 Year Access and support for only $16.47/year

    1 Year Access and support for only $2.49/month

    Get the FREE TV to PC Software, with FREE updates and technical support.

    Add 300 High-Quality Premium Channels for only $0.99 per month (recommended)

    Supercharge my Internet connection with the award winning Download
    Accelerator for only $14.95 and download up to 300% faster!

    Payment Method: All funds are in USD

    Thank you for your assistance. and answer my E-mail please. Thank you again.

    1. yep, this is exactly the sight i went to and i was looking to get movie access. Thank goodness you posted this info cause i couldnt remember the companies name!! This is crap!!!

  239. I signed up for frostwire in error. I was trying to get to the apple site for apps. I want to cancel my frostwire subscription.

  240. Having broken my own golden rule I guess I now have to face the consequences. I am always telling my friends NOT to download in exactly the way I did. The only reason I downloaded it from an email link that was sent to me was because I thought a friend had sent it and didn’t read it properly. They sent me a Movie Code: 8253 with a link to and I was charged by a company called MBCONTACT.COM who claim to operate out of Panama – LOOK OUT FOR THEM!

  241. Dear Customers,

    I am a customer service rep of I apologize for your negative experience. We will be more than happy to resolve your issue either via web chat below, or email, or calling our toll free number.

    Thank you for your time,

    US Phone Support 1-800-978-7657
    UK Phone Support 0808 238 0026
    AU Phone Support 1-800-469-290
    Web-chat is now available!

    Our Operations is available 24/7.

  242. I paid 39.95 for a “lifetime membership” from a website. I cant remember which one, I didnt know that it was free, and I thought it was official because the name Frostwire was on the site, I cant believe that I paid money for it when I didnt need to, and I dont know what to do to get my money back.

  243. just wanted to let you all know that i got scamed but thanks to your postings i called my pc mastercard right away and let them know what they were doing also because you put your card ans said that they could authorize it you will have to pay for the one charge but they can cancell your card and send out a new one so you dont have to have them keep using it also they will do the investigation and they have already been able to cantact them if you are using your bank put a stop payment on they it will cost you 12.50 but it lasts for ever

  244. Hello To All,

    I am a customer service representative of I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and for your negative experience. I just want to inform everybody that we do support the website, and we have Frostwire on that website. If you have questions or concerns and if you want assistance, we will be more than happy to resolve your issue either via web chat below, or email, or calling our toll free number.

    Thank you for your time,

    US Phone Support 1-800-978-7657
    UK Phone Support 0808 238 0026
    AU Phone Support 1-800-469-290

    Web-chat is now available! You can visit the website: for online chat support.

    Our Operations is available 24/7.

  245. My son asked to join Limewire as it is free and like all free offers ended up paying £23!
    When I realised the real site is Frostwire I phoned mp3helpdesk and got a refund straight away. I received a confirmation e mail immediately.
    If you are not sure who you downloaded the software through check your history.


  246. I was scammed too. I was looking for a movie and what i thought was frostwire said if i paid 2.59, i could have unlimited access and then my statement read 59.99. Now Im reading this! Im soo upset. Now its gonna be a bunch of crap from here on out trying to get my money back, Im sure!!

  247. I bought a 2 year membership last night, I am gutted, has anyone actually got a full refund from these scammers? And it doesnt actually work, what should I do?

    Call this number!
    UK(0808) 238-0026
    DEMAND your money back and they WILL give it back! They will also try to charge you a $9.95 fee for the refund. Bring it to their attention that they’re charging you a fee to return your money for sumthing you didn’t have to pay for in the first place. They will ‘waive’ the fee.


  250. I paid for frotst ware and now it doesnt even download the stuff it said it would they are saying the pament is for you perhaps you could request a block or somthing to let peole know ahead of time

  251. i paid thirty five dollars yesterday for a lifetime membership to frostwire !!

  252. I love frostwire, so far it’s been easier to use than caza and bearshare and I also like it better than limewire. It’s like limewire turbo!
    Never pay for anything you download! Only pay for things that will show up at your door, even then take extream caution, do your homework and research it on google. Thanks For Free Frostwire!
    Free Frostwire For ever babie!

  253. I too was scammed. I was looking for free music downloads. Came across site that offered this. I was told there was a one time charge of $39.95 for 1 year subscription but slashed to $11.95. I’d never done this before so I did not know that this wasn’t the normal thing to do. Searching around I saw sites that did want money. When I got a confirmation email it was from for $39.95. I thought nothing of it. While at the beach June 8th my husband called me to let me know that my banks fraud department was trying to contact me. I called them and they asked if I authorized this purchase to this site. I told them no. I thought it was to Frostwire. They immediately cancelled my card and reissued be another one and file a claim for me. I was reimbursed by my bank. When I log onto my laptop a box comes up stating that files appear invalid or corrupted installation. It gives me a a contact site of for Support & whole list of files. com.limgroup,Frostwire virsion 4.17,Java Version 1.60_13 fom Sun Micro Systems, Windows XP V51 on ^86. I want this box gone.

  254. Just been scammed by paying 3 year subscription to: yes you guessed it== MBCONTACT.COM.
    can`t download movies.

  255. I have tried every UK number for this company and none of them work. Can anyone provide me with a number that they have succesfully used recently?

  256. HEY HEY

    I just got scammed I paid 34.95 for the frostwire and it was on my credit card…i reported this to my credit card company and they canelled the card…..If you did this from a checking account they have your info and you will have to cancel your account and re open a new one or they will keep draining your account and you will get hit with over draft fees and charges.

    PLEASE be aware of this it is a free sight do not fall for it like i did, I reported this so maybe they caught the A@##$5E that is doing this



  257. I’m so irritated…i just went to watch the new show Hawthorne..lastnites episode i missed and it directed me to the .org website…and to download..i thought it was free at first but thought it was a trusted first said it was like almost 13 bucks..then after the transacton went thru it was like 60 bucks..what the heck..i just calld my credit card company to stop it…the reason I found this website was because i was having trouble using the actual program and googled for directions on how to use FrostWire….I”m so glad i found this ……..Thanks u guys….

  258. Hello Garry S,

    I am a customer service representative of I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience but it is happy to know that you were able to reach us and have the issue resolved.

    If you have questions again and if you want clarifications, you always contact us through our Toll Free Number.

    You can also send us an email to

    Or you can visit our Web-Chat, it is available 24/7. Just go to


  259. Hello Mandy,

    I am a customer service representative of I sincerely apologize for the incovenience this has caused you and for the confusion about the charges that you got. If you have questions and you want clarifications about your subscription, we will be happy to assist you regarding your concern. You can contact us through our Toll Free Number
    US Phone Support 1-800-978-7657
    UK Phone Support 0808 238 0026
    AU Phone Support 1-800-469-290

    Our Web-chat is now available 24/7. You can visit the website: for online chat support.
    Or you can send an email to


  260. Hell Sheena Lett,

    I am a customer service representative of I do apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. But I have checked your record on our system and found out that you alreacy called us to have your subscription cancelled and refunded. It is good to know that you were able to reach us and the issue was resolved.

    If you have questions again and want clarifications also, you can always contact us through our Toll Free Number. Or you can send an email to


  261. Crap its free? the site i went to i thought was to download limewire. it took my credit card # and all then said it was downloading frostwire. it charged me 34.99 i think for the lifetime pkg? how do i get my money back? will they keep charging me? now im worried! the site worked good but i know limewire has more people so finding abd downloading what i wanted would be better. i want mt refund, pls advise!

  262. I have been charged on my credit card I want to unsubscribe please let me know how and what to do,

  263. hey my name is amanda and ive been using frostwire for almost a year and its so cool its alot better than limewiire

  264. I can only go so far on frostwire why can’t I get listing s of music like I used to what am I doing wrong?

  265. Hello Jacob and Jolie,

    I am a customer service representative of I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and also for the confusion regarding the charges that you got and your subscription. If you want to clarify that issue, please do call us through our Toll Free Number
    US Phone Support 1-800-978-7657
    UK Phone Support 0808 238 0026
    AU Phone Support 1-800-469-290

    You can take advantage of our Web-Chat. Just go to

    Or you can send us an email with your concern to

    Agin, I apologize for the inconvenience.

    Best regards,

  266. I’ve just been scammed for 63.81 USD today for Ares Ultra which I think is now Frostwire. For 3 Years unlimited VIP access & 2 extra features showed up as 12.90 USD on the website. Next my order was approved with the total of 63.81 USD deducted from my credit card which was charged by MBDETAILS.COM. I have e-mailed them to let them know what I think of them. Will my credit card refund me the scammed amount ?

  267. hi im new 2 the internet would like 2 be e-mailed assistance with downloading music movies etc.are u really 100% free thats hard 2 believe alot of sites say that then ask 4 ur credit card number.

  268. i too believe i have been conned with these sites.
    lucky for me i used paypal so they dont have any of my details, unluckilly paypal can’t or won’t do anytthing about it as it is not an ebay purchase and paypal only refund ebay purchases not anyone elses.
    trying to get a refund £23.97 not holding out much hope.
    i’m a ventran of the security forces and will do what i can to stop this havening again.

  269. ok i was almost sucked into a scam until my friend said that its 100% free now people who got scammed listen.
    usefull advise.
    check on any other websites if its free.
    now if not then dont go straight ahead and click the link on google.
    look it up on link bar such as these are prohibitus links.
    if you look up google and it says 100% garuntee
    dont fall for it just check prohibitus sites and google search it free.
    my advise if you got scammed and you know you have amideatly phone you credit/debt/bank card companny and say stop service and ask to investagate for full refund.REMEMBER DONT GET SCAMMED
    search look check prohibitus it and remember to never get pulled into deals

  270. thanks for your site guys! i just downloaded this last nite and paid 29 bux. after reading this and getting very bad service from frostwire i contacted who was the one who billed me. i called very irate and was promised a conf email within 24 hrs and a refund in 5-7 days. i told them if i did not receive either i would contact bbb. my suggestion is to contact the co who billed u directly and throw a fit, it hopefully works! thanks for your site, i really appreciate it!!

  271. I got scammed for 49.95 for VIP from MBDETAILS.COM I am so pissed off, I contacted my credit card company immediately after I read that frostwire is free…they cancelled my card but the charge still went thru within a couple hours. I have to still go into my card company and sign forms allowing investigations. GEEZ ! really now, do people actually think they would get away with crap like this?

  272. When you look to the sign up url there’s something verry odd to it:

    the site is situated in russia, from my expierince most scammers operate from russia, some people see in scammers a new sort of maffia, i can’t name it like that but….

    if i search them up, and trace there site to there IP adress i see some weird stuff, have a look

    NOTICE: The expiration date displayed in this record is the date the
    registrar’s sponsorship of the domain name registration in the registry is
    currently set to expire. This date does not necessarily reflect the expiration
    date of the domain name registrant’s agreement with the sponsoring
    registrar. Users may consult the sponsoring registrar’s Whois database to
    view the registrar’s reported date of expiration for this registration.

    The Registry database contains ONLY .COM, .NET, .EDU domains and
    owner: CB3ROB Hostmaster
    organization: CB3ROB Ltd. & Co. KG
    address: Koloniestrasse 34
    address: –
    city: BERLIN
    postal-code: D-13359
    country: DE
    phone: +31.878747479
    admin-c: CNET-73324
    tech-c: CNET-73324
    billing-c: CNET-73324
    nserver:[whois][trace][reverse ip]
    nserver:[whois][trace][reverse ip]
    status: lock
    created: 1999-01-04 00:00:00 UTC
    modified: 2009-07-10 17:52:41 UTC
    expires: 2011-01-04 05:00:00 UTC

    contact-hdl: CNET-73324
    person: CB3ROB Hostmaster
    organization: CB3ROB Ltd. & Co. KG
    address: Koloniestrasse 34
    address: –
    city: BERLIN
    postal-code: D-13359
    country: DE
    phone: +31.878747479

    source:[whois][trace][reverse ip] live whois service
    query-time: 0.03039
    db-updated: 2009-07-15 20:50:34
    NOTE: By submitting a WHOIS query, you agree to abide by the following
    NOTE: terms of use: You agree that you may use this data only for lawful
    NOTE: purposes and that under no circumstances will you use this data to:
    NOTE: (1) allow, enable, or otherwise support the transmission of mass
    NOTE: unsolicited, commercial advertising or solicitations via direct mail,
    NOTE: e-mail, telephone, or facsimile; or (2) enable high volume, automated,
    NOTE: electronic processes that apply to[whois][trace][reverse ip] (or its computer systems).
    NOTE: The compilation, repackaging, dissemination or other use of this data
    NOTE: is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of[whois][trace][reverse ip].

    looks like they have a seat in Berlin, with a site wich is registrated in russia….but IP address location & more:
    IP address [?]:
    IP country code: AQ
    IP address country: Antarctica
    IP address state: n/a
    IP address city: n/a
    IP address latitude: -90.0000
    IP address longitude: 0.0000
    ISP of this IP [?]: CB3ROB
    Organization: One CyberBunker Avenue
    Host of this IP: [?]:

    IP dotted quad IP decimal IP hex IP Binary 1410760188 54167dfc 1010100000101100111110111111100

    this is what i get when i search for the ip adress of the site

  273. I just realized I was scammed out of $35US not an hour ago and so will be calling the cc co. Good luck, from the sounds of other people. Yeah, I’m pretty ticked. This has been happening for way too long…how are they managing to keep it up?

  274. Yupppp, wish I had known about last night. Instead, I too got ripped off. Now the hubby is freaking out on me, the dear daughter thinks she’ll never be able to download music again, and I’m just plain ticked off. I mean, what the f??? Anyway, I contacted my credit card company right away and this group comes from PANAMA,(sp error) the country. All I know is they better not even attempt to charge anything else to my credit card or I’ll be one hot momma! Gonna remove frostwire I downloaded last night & reinstall from THIS site. I may be paranoid, but hell, I’m taking NO chances!!

  275. also scammed! call their tele # told them I knew this was a scam and wanted my cc credited, the guy on the other end had the nerve to laugh and said it would be refunded 5-7 business days….

  276. I went on the consumer report thing also thats why I signed up thinking I was safe.

    So now how do I get my money back and donate it back to frost wire??


  277. I fell for it too! Thought I was paying 99p a month, turns out they charged over £33 to my card, I panicked. Managed to get throught to them on the phone, they have promised a full refund, said the £33 was the 99p a month all at once as well as aome additional something I’d agreed to (NOT). Said i felt I’d been misled, that I thought I was on the official website but wasn’t. Need to contact the credit card company during office hours tomorrow! What a pain!! I thought I wasn’t a “fall for a scam” person – what a fool!! I’m so cross with myself. Hope refund comes through.

  278. By the way – this website says that only the Frostwire website and are the official sources for downloading this software. I have just visited and there is a link to this scamming website… that’s not right in my opinion. Here’s a link to the page I went to and saw the link for Limewire – and turns out its the scammers!!!!

  279. I contacted my bank had my card stopped, they in turn sent me over to the fraud dept.
    They deposited the funds back to my account and are checking out this company.

    Then I called the # listed on my banking transaction and they said they would give me back my money so will see boy I won’t do that again.

    I wonder if CNN and other sites know they are being represented on that vido where the lady tells all about what you get.

    Thanks for letting me vent


    1. Go to your (preferences menu)in tools and change your available bandwidth to unlimited, but then again…. your browser speed for internet will be slow….

  280. I need help in downloading music. I’m a novice and am getting frustrated. And yes I fell for the scam and paid too – how frustrating!!

  281. IF You have been scammed contact you bank immediately and ask them to stop all transactions. Contact whoever has scammed you and demand your money back. You bank can help you with this. Your bank will mostly open a fraud investagation, and you well get your money back eventually. Remove the version that you downloaded from the fake / scam website and install it from <<<ONLY]

    Sorry to everyone that's gotten scammed.

  282. I can’t believe I just got scammed for $63.81! I’m a very suspicious & cynical internet user. It sounded like a good deal! But then I remembered my son said he downloaded movies for free on frostwire so I looked into it & found out I got ripped. Just now called the phone # of the scam company & said cancel my fake membership, also e-mailed them, also will be disputing the charge if it appears on my card.

    They said the charge will be refunded in 3 to 7 working days. I’m about to uninstall frostwire & reinstall from original fee company, I feel like such an asshole. But they won’t get to keep my money, I hate dishonest scumsucking thieves!

  283. I am pissed. I have just paid $63.00 for Frostwire for 3 years vip membership so i can download some movies.
    I started to download the movies and didnt even get the movies i wanted .
    All i got was a pile of porno sites.
    How can i report this mob

  284. I to was scammed of 32 dollars. I wanted to cancel and get a refund so I called the number (1-800-843-8882) and all i got was a busy signal.

    If anyone can help me please do.

  285. I was trying to get Napster and got re-directed to Frostwire. It kept telling me to download the software over and over again.
    They charged me $44.90. I am trying to get the refund of when it posts to my acct. I will start a dispute with them, through my bank.
    I almost never do these things, but I wanted some new music to listen to in my vehicle.
    THis lesson sucks!

  286. I wa scammed out of $90.00 dollars for this shit when I thought I was paying for other music website. Does anyone know who to contact to get refund?

    1. been scammed aswell did you ever find out how to get your money back or have you had any problems with your pc as a result of dealing with these people

    2. They got $45 from me. I’ve always prided myself on being scam-proof, but this one looked so official I actually fell for it. I’m embarrassed and angry. I’m hoping my bank can stop the payment for me.

  287. I was scammed too, for $49.00. However, I promptly phoned This is the company taking credit on my credit card account. Their number is 1-877-843-8882 and available 24/7. The technician claimed the entire amount would be refunded to my account in 4-5 business days. I simply told him, I thought I was purchasing FrostWire. I found their phone number by Googling, just in case you are ripped off by another scammer. Good Luck!

  288. thought I was paying for 3 year subscription for unlimited pc game downloads, after they’d taken the 49.90 american out of my credit card they gave me links to the software that i wuold need to download the games with. frostwire was one Vuze another, both of which work fine though still no games to download. After reading these I’m not sure what the he’ll I’ve paid fornow. I’ve 2 print outs from same people with 2 different billing charges 1st MBPURCHASE.COM 2nd MBDETAILS.COM. DAMMIT

  289. I have purchased frostwire thinking it was ARESULTRA.
    Frostwire haas let me get some music, but can’t use the wma files and when i use it, it freeze and i can’t do a thing. I have tried to contact you hoping you would contact me back and i’ve heard nothing, I want this program removed from my computer and my credit card refunded

  290. I was scammed out of 90.00 when the sight i thought I was getting was the Napster music source. I need to get my money back does anyone know how to do this? Please let me know via email… Thanks

  291. Guys,

    Scam companies are a big headache, and we feel for you. But other than direct you to the post at the top of the page, and we can not actively help in getting your money back. All the help we can give is there in the post above.

    We are interested to hear what companies have ripped you off and we can do our best to warn users not to download any where but from and the sites that you get directly connected to from there.

    Sadly our warnings tend to come too late, but …always … do not pay for anything over the Internet unless it is from a totally trusted site

  292. Guys,

    We feel for you and are do our very best to help you get your money back through the post at the top of the page and but we can not actively pursue the companies on your behalf.

    Thank you for letting us know which companies have defrauded you and it helps us warn others of the dangers of paying for anything on the internet which is not from a 100% trusted site.

    Sadly our warnings are often too late.

  293. Im new on a computer and thought paying for my music downloads,was the safe way. Ihad to have it restored from using Limewire and i got scammed by paying for them too. I’ll be canceling the charge on debit card in morning. Just purchased lastnight. Hope its not too late.

  294. First…thanks to Frostwire for bringing this to our attention. Frostwire support is really going out of their way to stop the rest of us from being scammed. I too, have been a victim, but must say I did not have a problem getting my money back when I downloaded frostwire from at 877 843 8882. I would gladly pay for frostwire’s software…Absolutely Love it !! If I have any problems getting back my $48 I will repost..but so far, so good. You do have to call back to be refunded within I think 15 days. Best of luck to all

  295. I was downloading itunes and somehow was intercepted by this website. I didn’t realize it until it was too late. I called my credit card co and they basically told me that I had to call the merchant first. I asked my cc company if I could change my account number, and they told me that they can’t “block” merchants from billing your credit card if you gave them your acct info. And if I closed my account? Answer: they can’t block the charge. Basically we are vulnerable to these unethical merchants. I called MBDetails, and by the way the next time I went into their “members area” screen, there was a different name, i demanded a refund. The lady (who said they were in Moiden, Holland –really) tried to persuade me to keep the service for tech support, but I was adamant about my refund. I drilled her where they were located, supervisors, and refund policies. She became uncomfortable and said they should credit my account within 2-3 business days. We’ll see.

  296. I also paid for Frostwire last year. $34.99 is what they took me for. I wasn’t aware that it was a scam. Looks as though they have been taken people for awhile now.Well it is time it STOPPED!!! Everyone needs to take some sort of action against these sites. Here I thought I was paying for something legit and come to find out it was fraud. That is the reason I hate to purchase things on line.

  297. I signed up through Besides being charged about $18, I just noticed a charge of $9.88 plus $.30 per month on my bank statement with withdrawals from I disputed it with the bank, but just finished a chat with and they’re going to reimburse me for the three months. They said:

    When you signed-up for service and when you were choosing the number of years for your membership, there are checked boxes that you need to uncheck in order to not avail of the optional services. You might not have unchecked it that was why you got billed by our company. In any case, the advantage of having our membership is our technical support anytime that you will be needing it.

  298. One thing my bank did was cancel the account and send me a new card. This will, at least, stop the charges while you work on a full refund.

  299. my wife got scammed, so scammer beware because I’ll spend the rest of my life3 hunting down you and everyone you know! The Hell with the money watch your back I’ll find you i promise

  300. Just to give you an update. I received a total refund today from They reimbursed me for the initial fee, plus four months worth of tech support totaling $75 and change. I contacted them on their chat site so they did make good on their word.

  301. They didn’t make me pay, but I couldn’t get in chat,then i couldn’t get any mp3 music and still cant this morning,,,Dont no if it’s me our i need to dowmload another one..thank you
    Sincerely jojo

  302. Thank you for letting me know that the prices were fake, i was thinking about buying frostwire off of a website but for some reason every site had a diffrent price. Are you sure this download from this site won’t dammage my computer?

  303. if there is anyone who knows how i can burn music from frostwire could you let me know , i just can not figure it out. it would be greatly appreciated. thank you!



  306. je viens d acheter froowire et ses complements bidon

    je viens de les contacter pour des precisions
    dans tout les cas je le signale au service des fraudes internet francais

  307. I can not believed how these people got my moner twice. First I anded up paying $35.76 for downloading music at frostware which I found out was MP3MUSICHQ. I had problem downloading their sofware I gaveup trying.

    Then thinking I was subcribing to MICROSOFT ZUNE SOFTWARE, I ended up paying to http://WWW.SOFTWAREZUNE.COM $32.88 that I never could used. Finding out that I did not have to pay for free service, called to 1-800-978-7657 http://WWW.MP3MUSICHQ.COM and I was told that I can’t have my refund due that is over 6 month.
    But I called to: 1-800-843-8892 http://WWW.MBPURCHASE.COM I was promised to get my refund into my account;I wil see if this hapepen. Next time will have more precaution.

  308. You people need to look for the Official website and read thoroughly before signing up.
    I have looked at several sites and I would not pay more than $20 if I had to buy a subscription.
    I don’t know what some of you are thinking but wow! $40-60? Just for music download software?
    Find something that doesn’t cost as much or anything at all. I have paid $19.95 for Ares Vista and it sucked. Barely ever connected so that was a waste!
    But I like Frostwire! It is free and works great!

  309. I have used to find out with minimal effort that it was a scam; and not even a very convincing one at that. The site’s ( whois information points to as the host and a quick search of that website doesn’t make me feel any better about the chances of getting the site taken down by the host.

    Number One Music Inc is a bad, bad company though. I’m not surprised that they’re quite well versed in fraud.

  310. can you refund my money on my bank card because i was not able to use frostwire because my computer was stolen thank you can you respond fast to let me know

  311. Ben, je me suis fais avoir aussi…..mais quand même heureuse de pouvoir télécharger autant….merci…je suis débutante mais je vais déposer une plainte car j’adhère à votre fonction de FONCTIONNER……

  312. i am gettting a error telling me i have lack of permission to use frostwire. i actually paid you all thru limewire and that didnt work on my computer and you sent me to frostwire so why would i not be able to use. it told me to go thru support

  313. me recomendaron este sitio para poder descargar temas musicales en mi pc,me dijeron era muy simple y realemtente gratuito,agradecere si me envian informacion de los pasos a seguir para poder utilizarlo en mi pc,desde ya muchas gracias,saluda atte.vanina de mar del plata

  314. I recently bought an apple ipod, in the instructions paper and advertising that comes with the ipod suggest me to contact the MPmusic to download the frostwire and itunes software. yes, I ended buying a membership for 49.93 for two years of free music and movies. I found the information about the scams and I immediatelly called the company that made the charge and question them about it. They told me that if this were a scam how comes you can contact us 24 hrs for support. All the time I call someone from India answers the phone. I am very confused, Why such a popular company like Apple promotes this advertisements if they know this is a scam? Is any of this companies associated with frotwire at all?
    I thank you ahead for your assistant.

  315. I love frostwire. its not really a big deal, but where are my stickers that i paid for? who do i contact for them?

  316. dear sirs this is for your information they use your name to commis a fraud.

    From: Customer Service;
    Sent: Sunday, March 14, 2010 11:00 AM
    Subject: Membership Confirmation

    This is an automatic email. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL!
    Dear orlandini giancarlo
    Welcome to the worlds greatest file sharing software website on the internet!

    Please print out this page for your records.

    Billing information
    Membership type:Lifetime accesso pieno e illimitato for a total of 21.99 € EUR
    Scarica protezione for a total of 9.99 € EUR
    Versione Pro for a total of 6.99 € EUR
    NetSpyProtector Opzione – Protezione da malware for a total of 11.88 € EUR

    Grand total: 50.85 € EUR
    The charge will appear on your credit card as TRANSACT-BILL.COM

    Membership information
    Order ID #: 161369100314055955887

    To begin enjoying your membership, please go to
    To login use:
    Username: Username :
    Password: Password : 254223
    Note: You will find your additional upgrade software in our member’s area under the ‘bonus software’ section.

    Customer Support department
    *************** end of message



  317. valdez if frostwire is so bad remove it from your screen and pay for the services else where. can you say jackass,stupid,moron,idiot,fool,complete friggin dipshit. did i miss anything?

  318. What is this which claims a life membership for 34 Euro aftewhat they offer a downloading of the Frostwire program? According their presentation (after having stoled the payment) they aren’t taking money for themselves but for a charity !!

  319. I was also scammed out of 28.64 via which showed up on my credit card bill as which redirects to

    I tried to contact the company right after the purchase when I realized I was scammed and no response. Its been since Feb 17, 2010 since I was charged. I filed a dispute with my credit card company Capital One and I got a refund for the amount so I thought I won the dispute however I just checked my statement and have been rebilled for 28.64

    What can I do? Call my credit card company back and tell them I was scammed, I already told them the companies phone number is fake. I also just realized


  321. I subscribed with iTunes several months ago, and they printed out instructions for me to lot on. First get

    Frostwire, and from there I do not have a clue. It says exactly, If this is the first time your are using this software, the software will ask you to enter your nickname and ask yoiu to choose if it should bethe default client for torrwents,please choose yes and proceed. Once connected, the five bars in the bottom-left corner will turn blueeeee or green from red. And it goes on. I don’t get it. I paid $60. for iTunes, but just don’t get it. They certainly haven’t helped me. Can you?

  322. impossible de telecharger toute sorte de fichier même après payment (N°reçu 1613-4920-6803-2297)Paypal N°facture 5659611-ILR me faire parvenir une notice de mise en route en français mervi d’avance salutations J.MORELLE

  323. impossible de telecharger n’importe quel fichier.
    malgre mon paiement n° de reçu 1613-49*20-6803-2297
    n° factur 562961-ILR

  324. Hi – I joined Frostwire about 3+ years ago and I never had a problem. It warned me if I was downloading something with a virus and let me cancel before it started, etc. I haven’t been on it since about November/December 2009. Now I cant access it. I apparently can’t download it either. I mean it tells me that I have 4.18.1 and do I want to upgrade and I say yes but the upgrade doesn’t seem to ever go onto the computer. I click on the icon for the one i do have and it doesn’t bring me to any screen. I guess it is a security issue but I haven’t installed anything new since last time I used it so I can’t figure this out. Any help your experience might be able to offer me would be appreciated. If you could email me it would be a lot easy for me but I will check back here and see if anyone has had this problem and can guide me with what to do. Thanks.

  325. To those that downloaded Frostwire and paid for it that is unfortunate and I hope you all get your money back. But remember, there are so many other sites doing the same kind of thing. So remember, 9 out of 10 people go to google first and click on one of the hits to download a particular programme. If you do that make sure you download from the official site. Example….. If you want to download AVG anti Virus, check on google that you will be downloading from the official AVG site, not some scamming site. Remember, download from the official site.

  326. I paid between $50-$80 for a lifetime membership about 2-3 years ago & i don’t think it is even possible for me to get a refund even if i did find my bank statement with the number i thought was frost wire customer service department. Is there any advise?

  327. I too paid for the frostwire download, 42.00. Also paid for limewire previously and then it was shut downand I was out the money again. There should be a penalty to these scam artists. I am going to try to dispute the charges on my credit cards and get my money back! I can see that I am not the only one this happened too, so now I dont feel as dumb!

    1. My hubby paid $42 us as well Just wondering if you got your money back…His was charged from I have tried to contact the number via skype but says to call back later. I also left an email so hoping they reply asap, it also came up when he went to limewire. If any1 in australia got a refund from this Please let me know

  328. I thought I was paying for lifetime membership to but I was given a useless UN: and PW: and directed to FrostWire. Of course there site has does not work other then payment for membership. So now I will notifiy my bank of the fraud.

  329. I fell for it like a fool, im from south africa, i wonder if i can get my money back ($44)….how could i be so dumb??

  330. i payed 14.95 for frostwire and its free and i didnt know it so im trying to get my money back. dont let them scam you like they did me.


  331. I also payed for frostwire and just recently found out that it was free. I am out 63.00 dollars and I plan on making a case out of this so I can get my money back. I think that the people behind this need to be sued and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law which should include jail time.

  332. me to a fell for it 3 day ago , and i wont cancel….but i forgot to take my confirmation number…what can i do

  333. brothersoft. everytime you try to get to the free download you are conned into joining them and paying for free software etc. I was suckered. I ended up downloading about 6 times and it would not work. In the end I managed to find a direct download, but it took ages to find.

  334. I too got scammed. Called my bank, then called the number of the company that charged me, and got the transaction cancelled. I feel pretty dumb for falling for this.

  335. ttp://….<_—— they took me for my money nd im pissed…. i got to wait til 12 bout im gonna blow a gasket…im mad now

  336. I just love you… Hell that’s free aint it? Happy Christmas and New Year to all of you and us.. Thank’s and bless you, Dan

  337. I went to a limewire website yesterday and was given info that I could download 3 years of frostwire for around $13.00 or $14.00 so I signed up with my credit card. Then when I checked my credit card statement online today there was a $45.82 charge under the name A number was listed on my statement “1-800-978-7657” and I called immediately and reached customer service and they agreed to credit my account back for the full amount. They gave me a conformation number and assured me the credit would reverse to my bank. I went to the Legal Office at the military base since I am retired military. They called the number and was assured the company had reversed the charge and also gave the Legal Office their name and employee number. The attorney said the company was legitimate but had no connection with Limewire or Frostwire but only processed website transactions for a fee. If you have been scammed this number I have listed is a good one, but I am not positive that it will work for all sites scamming using Limewire and Frostwire Logo but it is worth trying…Dave

  338. i was fooled by this website when i clicked on what i thought to be for frostwire and it wasn’t. i was charged $74.84 for the service. I had to get a hold of my bank to deal with it.

  339. I got an email from *limewire*, and it wasnt filtered into my junk mail, I thought it was ligit. Paid for a year membership and I really got screwed over. I dint realize it, and thats a first. FML.

  340. I just signed up today Jan. 16 and i was so happy I found the songs i did. Then I play them and to my surprise it says i one a free i phone or a 3d tv yeah right. I paid 52.92 on my credit card. I hope and pray i get it back. Dirty S.O.B.

    1. Hey johnny!
      I just signed up for frostwire last night and i fell for the scam too! I called my credit card company and found out the name of the company which was DRD software. Has anyone else had to deal with them. When they sent me a confirmation email they did not leave a phone number? Does any one out there know what it is? Help will be greatly appreciated!!!

  341. five years ago i paid $9.99 for service n when I got reconnected the tried to make me pay for service n refounded my $40 back..I dont know if your the offical site but I did pay $9.99 the first time.

  342. My daughter downloaded Frostwire & we now have a Frostwire sticker? on our desktop that we are unable to remove.

    Can you please advise how to remove this


    1. anybody knows what’s the best way to remove a sticker? that’s a question I hadn’t heard before. I usually just peel them slowly with my nails from all sides.

  343. all u people who payed for frostwire are not very smart
    and may be deserve it for trying to get “free” music but o well i was charged for stickers i still havent recived 😦

  344. Dear Sir/Madam
    My name is Azher Syed, my email address is, I have been a victim of a internet Scam and the company that has cheated me is based in USA. The name of the company is “” (owned by Multibill, in country Phone number 18778438882. I was searching the internet to buy a recovery CD for my Sony Vaio Laptop VGN N11SW and I came accross the said rogue company. I was asked to become a memeber in order to download the Recovery CD.
    I paid an amount of $44.80 USD through my Llyods TSB Platinum Card on 17th January 2011 at 05:57PM PDT.
    The above said company provided me a Transaction ID 40370906 along with a user name and a password to log in to “” after downlaoding a soft ware which they sent to me, I found out that the said software did not work nor it allowed me to login to download the Recovery CD software. I have been emailing them 3-4 times a day since then asking them to refund the money, and I received 3 emails from them instucting me to make various checks on my laptop. They have been obviously gaining time.
    After an interval of 10 days now I received an email from the “Customer Support specialist” by the name of Anna Smith. This time I have been given the address of another website ” I have been instructed to use this website. I have been alarmed by this situation and I checked about the scams which you have listed in your website and I have found the name of “” listed as scam and fraudulent company operating in the USA.
    I am requesting you to kindly help me in this regrard and suggest appropriate steps.
    I attach the said email which the rogue company has recentely sent to me, which read as under:-
    We are sorry to hear that you are not happy with the service.
    Since you are not happy with the current software/service, we would like to recommend a suitable alternative which is very easy to use.
    We want to assure you that we will provide all the support and tools for you to complete your tasks and you will never be charged again.
    Here are the step by step instructions to download music, movies, TV shows, games and much more.
    If you encounter a problem please reply with the step# that is not working for you so that we may address this issue as soon as possible.
    step # 1 – You must first download our search tools.
    If you are using Windows, we strongly recommend you use the suggested FrostWire program.
    Here is a direct link to download the search program.
    step # 2 – Click “SAVE” and select a folder, we suggest the desktop for easy access —> this will start the downloading to your computer (“OPEN” —> This will automatically start the installation after downloading).
    step # 3 – Once the download is completed, double-click on the installer “.exe” to start the installation. (if you selected “SAVE”)
    The installation process will ask you to download and install Java.
    Please select “Yes” and the software will install Java automatically, it should only take a short while.
    step # 4 – You will find a shortcut icon on your desktop once installed (if you chose to create one).
    step # 5 – Double-click the icon to start the software.
    If this is the first time you are using this software, the software will ask you to enter your nickname and ask you to choose if it should be the default client for torrents, please choose yes and proceed.
    step # 6 – Make sure that you are properly connected to the Internet.
    step # 7 – Let the software connect to the network (If the software does not connect please make sure that no firewall is enabled).
    If this is the first time you are using this software, please allow 10-15 minutes for it to connect.
    Once connected, the five bars in the bottom-left corner will turn “blue” or “green” from “red”.
    step # 8 – Click on the “Search” tab located at the top-left of the window.
    step # 9 – Type in the name of the file you wish to search for in the search field.
    step # 10 – You can also select “Search Type” above the search field to filter unwanted types of files.
    step # 11 – Click the “Search” button.
    step # 12 – The result(s) will appear on the screen.
    step # 13 – If you want to download a file, double-click on the file and the download will start.
    The file download process will be visible at the bottom of your screen under “Downloads”.
    step # 14 – In order to achieve an optimum transfer rate, we suggest you download files that have the most users or sources. These sources are identifiable by a given amount of ‘#’ associated with any given file.
    The more “#” or number of sources a file has associated with it, the better the transfer rate will be.
    Make sure the file that you choose has a bitrate of 128 kbps at least.
    step # 15 – You can view the progress of the download under “Downloads” right below your search results.
    step # 16 – Your downloads will be saved at C:Documents and SettingsAdminMy DocumentsFrostWireSaved by default.
    If you wish to change this location, you must go to “Options” >> “Saving” and then browse to the folder you wish your files to be saved in.
    step # 17 – To play the file, either double-click on the file to start playing, or right click on it to get a “Launch Download” option.
    We hope this will help you to get started.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any further assistance.
    To ensure prompt service, please click ‘REPLY’ when responding to our email
    Best Regards,

    Anna Smith
    Customer Support Specialist

    End of email sent by the rogue company.

  345. So i was also suckerd into paying for this. Also, sence using this program i cant even get half the music i like. Is there a way i can actualy get the music i want??

  346. Oh yea, How do I contact the owner or manager or whom ever runs this show and actualy have a man to man talk about my purchas and how ive been gettin ripped off? I miss the good old days when you could take justice to the people ripping you off. Its hard to punch a computer screen…And just for all you other people in my same boat.. Ill get em for you guys too

  347. I paid for Lime Wire and then when it went again illegal I downloaded Frostwire and Limewire went daed then I found locked in Frostwire pulled out the Icon again since I dowloaded Frostwire Limewire does not work any more. To memeaning they both are the same. Can anyone answer what this means

  348. I was sent what I thought to be a legitimate offer to pay for Frost Wire, as Lime Wire was taken off the web due to a court case. I guess I was scammed out of my money, as the version I was then offered DOES NOT WORK.I was scammed big time, but glad it was just only about $40.00 or so.

  349. I purchases Ares ultra all but 65 dollarsI hav not been able to do a darn thing .Please Explain And return my money this isn’t isnt a jokeI can even fine I cant even out the website To get somethihg about frostbitelaw.comI paid all that money for what I can not belive that a website that is suppoeally the bestWHEN i SIGNED UP i WENT FOR THE3 yr at 12.97 I belirvr for the 3 yr and when I went back even the advertise meant Since I cant down load I BELIEVE WE HAVE A SERIOS PROBLEM i BELIEVE yOU NEED TO RETURN MY MONRY oR SHIP A DELL COMPUTER TO ME WITH APSOLUTELY FREEOF CHARGE tHIS IS SO WRONG i PAID Money that I could have put to a better use.How can you do this I never under people like this I;M surely disaapointed thrir is no thank you for this one I need a phone number because this is not over If anyone Has a number pleasre Nan

  350. Whoever runs this place email me, you owe me 20 dollars and i want it back.If you fail to contact me I will see this Nazi organization in court. I have the time and will power to take as long as i need to to prove a piont to you scam artists. This probly wont even make you flinch but if your a MAN youll contact me

  351. Dylan and Nancy R. Saylor and all i guess you didnt watch the video. Frostwire is free and if you paid you were ripped off by ANOTHER website .. so please raise hell with them not Frostwire. Chaeck who your credit card paid and you will realize that ranting here just isn’t the cool thing to do

    Put another way .. see

    1. You are right. Anybody that used a credit card and got scammed will get their money back. Call your credit card company, talk to the fraud dept and file a dispute. Once you file a dispute you will not have to pay what you lost until the investigation is over. I got ripped off for 44.01 and when I saw that I paid for FrostWire which I alredy have and use I was furious and called my credit card co immediately. They said I had to file the dispute, I wouldn’t be charged and that they have flagged my account. Then told me not to worry, I wouldn’t be charged.

      I have sent several messages to the company that took my money and asked for the refund I was entitled to. (60 days) They send back answers like “thank you for contacting us” “we are here to help” etc. I could kill them.

      The bottom line is that if you have used your credit card and have a good bank you will get your money back. It’s the law so don’t take any shit from the band.

  352. I need HELP I just got a Macbook Pro and some dumb person as a joke downloaded Frostwire. I can not delete the program or even close out of it. Since I can’t close out of it I also can’t close my computer. In addition to my new $2,000 computer not working properly I can’t send emails and this is extremely important right now because I am getting college and scholarship letters. My friends told me that Frostwire is illegal and that if I go into a store so they can restore my computer that legal problems will follow. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

    1. First of all, relax.

      Second, FrostWire is not Illegal. What is illegal is downloading copyrighted files you don’t have the rights to. As long as you use FrostWire to share legal files you have nothing to worry about.
      Look at for thousands of legal files that you can share (millions to come soon)

      Third. If you want to uninstall FrostWire, or Shut it down. Click on your FrostWire window if it’s running and press Cmd+Q. Done. It will shutdown.
      Then to uninstall Go wherever you have the FrostWire Application installed, it’s usually under /Applications, click on the FrostWire icon ONCE so it’s selected, then press Cmd+Delete. Maybe you’ll be asked for your password, enter your password, Press OK, and it’ll be deleted.

      It’s not the end of the world, it’s just a program running on your $2,000 computer.

      I recommend you go to your nearest Apple Store and get the free lessons they offer for beginners.

      Hope that helps, congrats on getting into college, good luck with the scholarships.

      1. This program running on my $2,000 computer is taking over my computer. Trust me I have tried to do command + Q…Frostwire is frozen on the whole “shutting down frostwire” page. I need more help. I have had Mac’s forever and I know how to run them. I just need to get this crap off so i will stop taking my computer over. Please and thank you!

  353. I have a question someone out there may be nice enough to answer,e-mail address- How come when I press onto my Library link then click on saved files I have a whole bunch of weird RED printing that may be other files that I don`t even recognize & that I am unable to delete from my library in my Frostwire. They just keep coming back no matter what I try to do. Can someone please help me out with this. Thank You For Your Time As I Seem To Not Be Able To Get Anyone Else`s. What`s Up With Frostwire Cause They Don`t Have Any Way To Contact Them & If Ya Do They Don`t Respond. Signed; Out Of Options…

  354. I too paid for Frostwire for the year and now when I go to retrieve songs they don’t convert to my new nano 😦 What can I do to get my money back? I can’t recall when I purchased it but it was sometime this past year.

  355. i downloaded frostwire and according to them where i paid for 3 years i was scamed .. but using frostwire all the songs i have been downloading come us with th esame saying about lawsuit for lime wire … i do not get the songs

  356. I have been scam for frostyweir but i felid a claim whis my bank .we gona get this guys for sure.

  357. this is the funniest thing i’ve ever seen. honestly? paying for a free application. im so lmfao

  358. This is ridiculous! I got scammed and can not get ahold of anyone at these supposed numbers or websites. I also was trying to find itunes for my new iphone and got directed to frostwire and signed up for a $1 per month fee and got charged $30. I want my money back, if Frostwire knows this is an issue, they should be doing more to protect their customers! I would appreciate some help with this!

    1. We have videos, posts, and a lot of threads on the internet about this scam. The scammers keep changing websites, the issue is really with search engines and advertisers letting these crooks use our name. FrostWire really has no “customers”, it’s free software.

  359. We have videos, posts, and a lot of threads on the internet about this scam. The scammers keep changing websites, the issue is really with search engines and advertisers letting these crooks use our name. FrostWire really

  360. I have been scam for frostyweir but i felid a claim whis my bank .we gona get this guys for sure.

  361. I have not read all of the above, but I am receiving charges from it’s linked to Frostwire. I guess I’ve been scammed.
    One time an 8 cent charge cost me a $28 overdraft fee because they used an account I was closing.

  362. I too fell for the scam. It looked as if it were Frostwire, but when I saw the company my money went to, I did a bit of research…and sure enough…I was scammed. When I saw my credit card statement, it showed ‘’ as the company. I was lucky, I asked for a refund, and in a few days I got my money back. I would advise if you do not get a refund, tell your credit card company and have them refuse future charges from whichever company billed you.

  363. I got scammed today. By someone at NETWEBSALE.COM. I have just sent them an Email asking for my money back.
    USD $47.93. It will be interesting to see what happens. Folk here in New Zealand don’t like being conned.

  364. i paid $100.00 for frostwire last month and im not happy about it, i c ant believe i got cheated!!!

    1. FrostWire didn’t take you to this page, you probably clicked on the link instead of clicking on “Next” on the Configuration Wizard.

  365. I never got scammed ! Thank God! 🙂
    btw: Im sorry for the ones who got scammed…in hope you get ur money back!

    I ❤ Frostwire

  366. I have never had a problem at all and I have been using frostwire for a while now so if you are falling for a scam then you should read things before downloading them.

  367. OMFG!!!!! why doersthis page show up every time i try to go to frostwires page to download !!!! I CANNOT GETPAST THIS DAMN PAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  368. i download the upgrade for frostwire but now i get sent to here can someone tell me

  369. I love frostwire and all but is anyone else having alot of problems with the “” crap like that? like i click on a song to start downloading it and it starts saying something about free ipads or mac computers or something. its soo fustrating cause i have to spend like 30 mins to find one song thats the actual song! if anyone is having the same problem could you please email me? cause i need help figuring out how to make it stop.

  370. hello all my frostwir is sending me to this sight and wont do enything but that wat can i do to stop this?

  371. Ok now that I got this useless information how do I actually get on frostwire? Everytime I click on frostwire it takes me to this stupid place. Thank you frostwire for making it complicated like always.

  372. click on next at the wizard page when it says frostwire is free hide or mve your bottom task bar to left and click on next and u will get to the instalation part

  373. so in the setup wizard where supposedly im supposed to press next on the 4.21.8 version, there is no next for me all that is avaliable is the link to this page. can any one help

  374. ive never paid for frostwire and now i cant download music cuz this stupied dont get scamed thing keeps showing up how do i get rid of it so i can open my frostwire

  375. i download the upgrade for frostwire but now i get sent to here can someone tell me what to do now

    1. subscribe to this blog and follow @frostwire on twitter to hear all the happenings. We’re very close to releasing the next generation, FrostWire 5.

  376. I have used frostwire for about 2 years now with no probs….love the site ty for building it

    1. Hit “Next” at the bottom of the window, if you don’t see the button maybe you need to drag the window.

  377. I love frostwire and all but is anyone else having alot of problems with the “” crap like that? like i click on a song to start downloading it and it starts saying something about free ipads or mac computers or something. its soo fustrating cause i have to spend like 30 mins to find one song thats the actual song! if anyone is having the same problem could you please email me? cause i need help figuring out how to make it stop.

  378. I’ve never paid for FrostWire & I enjoy ever bit it : )

    I almost got caught up in those scams, but I just kept searching until I could download it for free, because a friend of mine told me it was free

    Other than that, I love it

  379. I was wondering how to get back to downloading music? Because everytime I click on my shortcut it brings me to this blog and wont let me do anything else.
    I would appreciate the help, thanks!

  380. I just Downloaded the Updated Version of Frost Wire [Version 4.21.8] and after it says welcome to frostwire wizard set up… I Dont Know What To Do Next!! I didnt get scammed or any thing.. Just i dont know what to do after i downloaded it. It also says Do Not Pay For Frostwire.. I clicked it, and BROUGHT ME HERE?!! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO????!?!!!!

  381. i download the upgrade for frostwire but now i get sent to here can someone tell me what to do now. Everything i try seems to ring me back to this page. HELP PLEASE

  382. i got frostwire off google and its worked perfect but now i no wat to look out for cheers frostwire

  383. I actually thought and paid for limewire pro and when it downloaded it downloaded frostwire? Help anyone?

  384. The same is happening to me but i never brought the scams. How do i get off of this page i need music asap

  385. it wont let me download music now cuz of the stupid upgrade!! and its making me so mad i reopen it and it says it will guide you through these steps and it takes me here what am i suppose to do from here!!??


  387. I never payed for it…Its free & always has been. I will never pay for nothing online unless its amazon or ebay. Keep trying to download frostwire with different links without will soon download from one of those links not sure which one.

  388. i went to one site that said they would send instructions to my email. when it asked for money I thought nah u dont have to pay for frostwire n closed it down. After reading your scam websites i know I did the right thing. Thank you

  389. I have not been scammed by other sites and I am sorry for those that have been scammed.

  390. frostwire doesn’t work anymore, It keeps sending me to the Don’t pay for Frostwire warning since I tried downloading the upgrades. What’s wrong?

    1. that’s happens to me too! I redownloaded frostwire 3 times now & yet it always brings me to this page & will not let me download music.

  391. a screen comes up telling us not to pay for frostwire,but that screen will not go off of my computer,therefore i cant use frostwire. why dont you fix your problems. i tried everything possible to get it off but to no avail.

  392. how the hell do u set this frostwire up it keeps taking me to this page can any1 help please??

  393. do not know what in the hell is going on but i updated my frostwire and now i lost all mu music.over a 100+ files.and videos…i am SO pissed.what happened?now i cant even pull up frostwire to redownload them.keeps takeing me to this freaking…anyone..

  394. In order to use the new frostwire,just stretch out the box when it says ‘do not pay for frostwire”.i was playing around with it and then i realized the window could be stretched out.Once stretched out,the next button is on the bottom right.Get back to downloading music!!!