How to copy files from Android to Computer #frostwire #wifi

Step 1. Make sure FrostWire is running on both your Android and on your PC, and that all devices are connected to the same WiFi network.
You can get FrostWire for Android on Google Play or at FrostWire is absolutely free to download.

Step 2. On your Android device go to “My Files” and have the files you want to make available public by touching the Padlock icons so that they remain opened.

An open padlock means the file is public for anyone to download  from your Android device.
When you make an Audio file public, it’s also available for streaming by FrostWire for Desktop users.

A closed padlock next to a file means nobody can have access to it except yourself.

You can use the checkboxes to select multiple files, once selected touch on any of the selected files for options to share, unshare, and more.

Step 3. On your computer Go to Library, under Devices you should see all the Android devices running FrostWire on the same WiFi network.

FrostWire will show you how many files are publicly available for each device, it will group shared files by data type (music, video, ringtones, pictures, apps)

Step 4. Browse the shared files of your device.

On your computer. Select the files you want to download from your Android and click on the “Save” button.

If the files you’re looking at are audio files, you can also stream them by clicking the “Launch” button or by double clicking on them. You will be now streaming music from your phone or tablet into your computer speakers.

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