FrostWire 5.3.7 OUT with Faster Startup times and improved International Search results

FrostWire 5.3.7 OUT with Faster Startup times.

Everyone behind a firewall having issues while FrostWire was around 31% of starting will be very happy with this release. Thanks to the community for all the amazing feedback, helped us a lot in nailing this bug. While fixing this bug, we also fixed other issues when shutting down the Azureus core, it’s a lot cleaner under the hood when it comes to start and shutdown.

As a side effect we nailed another bug we had when sending files to friends, so sending files should work in more configurations than before.

We also detected an issue with UTF-8 encoding that was causing FrostWire to not index as many files as it could’ve been. International users will now be able to find files with special characters on FrostWire, so search just got slightly better for non-ascii character based content.

We’ve added yet another way to export files to iTunes.
You can create a kick ass playlist with our Library, and now, if you want that very same library on iTunes, to export to your mp3 player, you can right click on the Playlist name and send it to iTunes. When you go to iTunes you should see a playlist with the same name and the same audio files, which you can then configure for automatic syncing when you connect your iTunes compatible device to the computer.

Here’s the full changelog

frostwire (5.3.7) stable; urgency=high
* New Feature: Export playlist to iTunes.
* Core upgrade: Better support for UTF-8 torrent contents.
* Faster startup time. No more waiting around 31% on splash screen.

— FrostWire Team Thu, 14 May 2012 08:07:05 -0500

2 thoughts on “FrostWire 5.3.7 OUT with Faster Startup times and improved International Search results

  1. How do I share my freakin files with I Tunes?,..because it’s not letting me send my songs to I-Tunes…you should give examples of how to share the stupid files dummies…If you update your crappy website in which I paid for…make sure the crappy things let’s you share the files with I-Tunes…

    1. Hi,

      To send files to iTunes you just drag and drop. If you cannot do this, it means you have an old version of FrostWire, and you need to install the newest which is absolutely free.

      Which brings me to the point that you should ask whoever you gave money for FrostWire to give it back, FrostWire is absolutely free. Please watch this

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