New FrostWire for Android with improved search

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The latest version of FrostWire for Android addresses very important issues affecting search experience.

We’ve made a number of improvements in our search algorithm, we’ve improved local indexing (the more you search the better it gets) and we’ve made the process of searching a bit more interactive so you have a clue what’s going on during search.

International users should be able to find more files as we’ve fixed a few UTF-8 encoding issues we found on the Azureus core, so files with non western characters should be easier to find.

The response from users that installed or upgraded the app during this week tells us that we’re on the right path to a 1.0 release.

If you also have a desktop computer running FrostWire and you’re not using FrostWire to transfer files from or to your PC, boy, are you missing out, take a look at these videos.

Full Changelog

FrostWire 0.9.12
– Search performance improvements.
– Better international search thanks to improved special character support.
– Search status UI feedback improvemens.
– Search results remain on screen when the device is tilted.
– Search results remain after a transfer has been started.
– New animated media player status bar for easy access to media player.

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