FrostWire won’t open? Try the Safe Mode Launcher

FrostWire won't open? Try the Safe Mode Launcher

If you have an error trying to open FrostWire, please let us know in the comment sections what version of Windows are you exactly running, if you installed a service pack or not, if your computer is a 32bit or 64bit computer, the brand, any details. There’s been a mystery bug with the frostwire launcher on a subset of computers, in the meantime we’ve created a Safe Mode launcher that will run FrostWire in all computers.

8 thoughts on “FrostWire won’t open? Try the Safe Mode Launcher

  1. i to am having the same problem i did install xp serice pk3 no help i am giving up i hope u fix this problem before i try to locate a new program to use

  2. A friend of mine keeps “running out of memory” it isn’t the page file, that’s set to 25,5 GB, on a different hard drive than the SSD hard drive, which also has loads of free space.

    1. what’s your friend trying to do that he gets that “running out of memory”
      how many transfers is he trying to do concurrently?
      are any of these transfers really huge?
      do the folders mapped to the library have lots of media files?

      Trying to think what could cause an out of memory error, never got reports of these all these years.

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