New FrostWire for Android 1.1.4 out

it is highly recommended that you update your FrostWire for Android on this release as it contains very important fixes related to the search experience, lot better now.

Oh, and it should be OUYA compatible too 🙂


FrostWire 1.1.4 – OCT/11/2013
– Audio player shows correct android notification when paused.
– Fixes ExtraTorrent meta search.
– Removed Vertor meta search. No longer serving .torrents without captcha.
– Updated arabic translation, thanks @nisrmasr.
– Updated spanish translation, thanks @muckachina.
– Updated portuguese translation, thanks @tati110.
– Updated french translation.
– Updated turkish translation.
– Updated polish translation.
– New anonymous usage stats.
– Fixed crashes and NPEs.

Grab a copy, and while you’re at it, order a few free FrostWire stickers to put on your phone or tablet.

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