New FrostWire for Android 1.3.3 build 139 available.

Download FrostWire for Android 1.3.3 from Google Play
Download FrostWire 1.3.3 build 139 (.apk)

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 5.56.30 AM

We’ve addressed a number of crashes and fixes reported by FrostWire users by improving the way FrostWire caches images in memory. We’ve fixed issues related to search ( search was freezing the app) and cloud downloads.

We’ve also added a new feature, try pasting a Soundcloud or YouTube url on your search box or transfer’s screen (+) button to see what happens, you can now search for a specific YouTube video, or download a Soundtrack cloud or playlist if you have the corresponding URL in the clipboard.

FrostWire 1.3.3 – JUNE/27/2014
– Improvements in memory consumption and performance for image caching.
– Download Soundcloud Tracks and Playlists by entering URL on search box.
– Download Soundcloud Tracks and Playlists by entering URL on Transfer “+” control.
– Search YouTube videos by pasting YouTube URL on search box.
– Fixes YouTube download error.
– Fixes issue with Connect/Disconnect preferences button.
– Fixes issues with search.
– Transparent use of ViewHolder pattern in ListViews.
– GSON library update.
– Picasso library update.

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