FrostWire for Android expands its Mobile Offerings

Preview’ & ‘Play As You Download’ Now Available

MIAMI, FL (AUGUST 12, 2015)FrostWire, a BitTorrent Client & YouTube Downloader that makes it easier to search, download, play and share content from the BitTorrent network & cloud sources, all in one place, announced today its new ‘preview’ and ‘play as you download’ capabilities for Android phones and tablets.  The new preview feature not just enables users with a more convenient way to find and discover content, it makes downloading optional in some cases.

Preview Before Download

Available today only for FrostWire Plus* (v1.6.1+), the ‘Preview before download’ feature allows users to stream YouTube and SoundCloud content directly from search results.  This convenient (and free) feature lets users determine if they want to download the file for offline access, move on to another search result or simply play it without keeping a copy on the device.

Play As You Download

Because of how file pieces are shared on the BitTorrent network it’s not possible to offer instant previews the same way it can be done for cloud sources.

However, with the new ‘Play as you download’ feature available through both FrostWire Plus and FrostWire Basic**, users can listen to music or watch videos as they are being downloaded.

With nearly 3 million active Android installs, FrostWire is excited to provide their users an experience every media lover will appreciate. This new update will allow Android users to make better choices when selecting files to download from the hundreds of often closely named search results, saving them both time and bandwidth and getting them exactly the files they want.

What Is FrostWire?

FrostWire is the only BitTorrent Client and YouTube Downloader for both desktop and Android, featuring built in torrent & cloud search, preview functionality and integrated media player. For artists looking to share their content and consumers looking to access new content, FrostWire’s software is an easy-to-use gateway to the world of torrents, file-sharing and peer-to-peer content distribution.   

Featuring a BitTorrent client, YouTube and SoundCloud downloader & Music Player, FrostWire is available as a desktop client or an Android application.

The fully featured FrostWire Plus app, is available for a free download at the official website

The FrostWire Basic app available on Google Play is mainly a BitTorrent Client and does not provide YouTube and SoundCloud support due to Google’s Developer Terms of Service.

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