How to fix ‘Can’t Open File’ error on Chrome for Android

Do you want to install FrostWire Plus on your Android and you’re getting the error:
“Can’t Open File”?

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 11.21.39 AM

We’ve made this video to show you how to fix the ‘Can’t Open File’ error on Google Chrome when downloading .apk files on Android.

This tutorial works not just for the FrostWire installer but for any app installer (.apk file) you may have had to download from a website, and it works for every Android phone or tablet.

There’s no reason why Google Chrome should be blocking the installation of .apk’s with their browser which happens to be the default of most phones out there, any app can handle opening .apk files, Google has simply decided to have more control of the android ecosystem and is trying to force everyone to use their Google Play market.

If things keep going this way, Google will be able to censor app developers completely if apps don’t follow their whimsical market rules, eventually they’ll turn Android into an iOS like environment where you can’t simply install apps without using the official store, the biggest bait and switch in the history of personal computing. Google, don’t be evil.

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7 thoughts on “How to fix ‘Can’t Open File’ error on Chrome for Android

      1. 1. actually it is way faster to read the sentence “just download and install the .apk from a different browser (not chrome)” than to watch a 30second video

        2. absorbing information and getting to the bit you are looking for is much faster in a text layout than skipping through a video hoping to find the magic bullet moment

        3. search engines cant (yet!) contextually sort and display content from within a video, meaning your viewership gets limited as it is simply harder to find the information. words count!

        4. people listening to headphones while coding/doing computer work, dont want to pause their video in the assumption that a video result will contain the answer verbally (sure yours does not do this, BUT we dont know that before watching it do we)

        …. and other reasons im sure..

        video ‘answers’ suck pretty bad. its not a good fad.

        can you name any PRO’s against the above list ? i cant.

  1. This told me nothing. I clicked to install and then get the message saying it can’t install. So this hasn’t told me anything new…?

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