Get FrostWire 6.1.6 for Windows, Mac or Linux!

Download FrostWire Plus 6.1.6 now

The new FrostWire for Windows, Mac and Linux is here! This new release has a lot of fixes, so now you are not going to have any problem when you do a search.

FrostWire update


frostwire (6.1.6) stable; urgency=high
* Fixes drag and drop freezes introduced by new Java Runtime Environment 1.8.0_60.
* Fixes SoundCloud search.
* Fixes TPB search.
* Fixes BTJunkie search.
* Fixes TorLock search.
* Updates to Spanish and Romanian translations.
* Chat button on header moved to Tools menu. More space for search bar.

— FrostWire Team <> Nov, 02 Sep 2015 13:04:00 -0500

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