New FrostWire Plus (1.6.7) for Android released! YouTube Search Improvements!

Download FrostWire Plus 1.6.7 for Android now!

This new release of FrostWire Plus fixes a lot of issues (with YouTube search, search, etc) and adds a new option: Select storage location.

ffw storageChangelog

FrostWire 1.6.7 – DECEMBER/03/2015
– New: Select storage location. Down to the folder where you want
your FrostWire download folders to be.
– New: Exit/Shutdown button replaces VPN button on FrostWire status
– YouTube search improvements.
– Library updates (support-v4, rxjava, gradle plugin)
– Fixes bug where invalid names could be used to rename files.
– Spanish translation update.
– Fixes issues with search, download. Thanks @X-NicON.
– Fixes back to home arrow dissapearing bug on My Music screens.


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