Get FrostWire Plus for Android (1.7.1). YouTube Audio Search Fixed! Experimental Features Available!

Download FrostWire Plus 1.7.1. for Android now!

We are so happy with this FrostWire Plus release. On this version, we added a new option: Experimental Features.

This option allows us to test future features and see if they work and users like them or not.

Also, we fixed the External Storage option and now you can save files on your SD Card on any folder of your choosing.

We also fixed YT audio search, the broken transfer bar progress for SoundCloud, and a lot of other fixes.

FrostWire 1.7.1 - FEBRUARY/11/2016
 - New "Experimental Features" option available. In order to move at a
   faster pace and keep up with Android's endless architectural changes
   and fragmentation issues, we're rolling out experimental features
   with a switch you can turn on to help us test and fix faster.
 - On Android 6.0 it's no longer needed to restart the app after
   special permissions have been granted.
 - YT audio search fixes.
 - [Experimental] Integration of Android's new Storage Access Framework.
   Android 5.x and up users are now able to save files on your SD Card
   and not use up your internal memory once again.
 - Upgraded to new jlibtorrent
 - Greatly improved Spanish translation.
 - Improved track sharing on social networks.
 - Fixes broken transfer progress bar for SoundCloud downloads.
 - Crash fixes.

What is FrostWire Plus?

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