Get FrostWire Plus for Android (1.7.3)!

Download FrostWire Plus 1.7.3. for Android now!

We’re so happy to release this new version of FrostWire Plus. We fixed a lot of things! YouTube, Monova and EZTV search are fixed, so now you will get more results!

Also, we added the latest changes of LibTorrent.

FrostWire 1.7.3 – APR/15/2016
– Soundcloud search results include estimated file size.
– Spanish Translation Update
– Fixes issue where player lock image would remain after playback was stopped.
Thanks @X-NicON.
– New jlibtorrent with SSL security updates and libtorrent 1.1 release.
– jlibtorrent: multithreaded disk i/o and hashing.
– jlibtorrent: more efficient alert allocation.
– jlibtorrent: experimental support for mutable torrents (BEP 38).
– jlibtorrent: 5x faster torrent bcoder/bdecoder.
– jlibtorrent: improved shutdown.
– jlibtorrent: SSL over uTP supported.
– jlibtorrent: countless scalability updates, seed tens of thousands of torrents, if not hundreds of thousands of torrents in a single jlibtorrent instance.
– YouTube search fixed.
– Monova search fixed.
– EZTV search fixed.
– Crash on search fixed.

What is FrostWire Plus?

What is the difference between FrostWire Basic and FrostWire Plus for Android?

FrostWire Basic and FrostWire Plus are identical in all respects besides the basic version of FrostWire not having YouTube & SoundCloud Search and Download capabilities.

FrostWire Plus


FrostWire Basic


YouTube & SoundCloud

Search and Download


As of April 2015 we were told we have to remove YouTube from the list of our search engines and download sources to comply with Google Play Rules. If we wouldn’t, we would no longer be able to be listed on Google Play. Shortly after, we were told to remove SoundCloud as well.

Because of a great user outcry, we choose to keep distributing FrostWire on Google Play and remove YouTube & SoundCloud entirely, effectively making the FrostWire Basic a BitTorrent Client only, but provide the more advanced users with an option use the fully featured, yet still free FrostWire Plus version.

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