FrostWire’s improved Magnet URI support (BEP 0009)


As of FrostWire +6.3.0 for Desktop, and FrostWire +1.7.4 for Android, all FrostWire clients can now interpret the new peer= parameter


Where <peer-address>…

<peer-address>A peer address expressed as hostname:port, ipv4-literal:port or [ipv6-literal]:port. This parameter can be included to initiate a direct metadata transfer between two clients while reducing the need for external peer sources. It should only be included if the client can discover its public IP address and determine its reachability. Note: Since no URI scheme identifier has been allocated for bittorrent xs= is not used for this purpose.

The immediate result of being able to pass and receive this parameter on magnet addresses is that FrostWire will try to include as many ip:port available it can find so that others can connect to your peer, try sharing files on your local Wi-Fi network now, vs doing the same on older networks.

We don’t know if other BitTorrent clients already support this parameter, therefore we suggest that when sharing Magnets from your computer, you tell the other party to use a new version of FrostWire and you’ll have a greater chance of connecting right away.

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