Changes in JLibtorrent


JLibtorrent is a Java interface for libtorrent by us, the makers of FrostWire, with it you can develop libtorrent based apps and services with the joy of coding in Java.


On this release we’ve integrated significant updates from libtorrent’s RC_1_1 branch. If your app/service uses jlibtorrent you’ll be ahead of the curve by upgrading to with respect to the majority of bittorrent clients out there that are built in C++, this is the beauty of using jlibtorrent, you’ll always have the safest and fastest bittorrent engine under the hood without compilation and linking nightmares.

- don't perform expensive hash of piece data for logging
- fixed popcnt asm for x86 and gcc/clang
- move storage "file-by-file"
- fix file_completed_alert, it would not be posted unless file_progress had been queries by the client
- fix filename escaping when repairing torrents with broken web seeds
- fix crash in session::get_ip_filter when not having set one
- fix mutable dht_get_item failure when salt is non-empty
- fix range of lsd::cookie
- don't send bitfield to peers whose handshake we haven't fully received yet
- update our id in the rpc manager when it changes
- make local service discovery cookie support not so random numbers
- fix value of current_tracker when all tracker failed
- hack to allow timeout utp sockets that are about to be closed
- fix re-prioritizing a piece while it is downloading
- handle short reads when exporting a file
- make pad-file and symlink support conform to BEP47

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