#CODE libtorrent 1.1.1 released

You can download it from github at:


Changes since the 1.1 release.

* update puff.c for gzip inflation
* add dht_bootstrap_node a setting in settings_pack (and add default)
* make pad-file and symlink support conform to BEP47
* fix piece picker bug that could result in division by zero
* fix value of current_tracker when all tracker failed
* deprecate lt_trackers extension
* remove load_asnum_db and load_country_db from python bindings
* fix crash in session::get_ip_filter when not having set one
* fix filename escaping when repairing torrents with broken web seeds
* fix bug where file_completed_alert would not be posted unless
had been queries by the client
* move files one-by-one when moving storage for a torrent
* fix bug in enum_net() for BSD and Mac
* fix bug in python binding of announce_entry
* fixed bug related to flag_merge_resume_http_seeds flag in
* fixed inverted priority of incoming piece suggestions
* optimize allow-fast logic
* fix issue where FAST extension messages were not used during handshake
* fixed crash on invalid input in http_parser
* upgraded to libtommath 1.0
* fixed parsing of IPv6 endpoint with invalid port character separator
* added limited support for new x.pe parameter from BEP 9
* fixed dht stats counters that weren’t being updated
* make sure add_torrent_alert is always posted before other alerts for
the torrent
* fixed peer-class leak when settings per-torrent rate limits
* added a new “preformatted” type to bencode entry variant type
* improved Socks5 support and test coverage
* fix set_settings in python binding
* Added missing alert categories in python binding
* Added dht_get_peers_reply_alert alert in python binding
* fixed updating the node id reported to peers after changing IPs

Arvid Norberg

All of the changes above are already available on our Open Source Java wrapper Jlibtorrent.

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