New FrostWire 6.5.9 build 246 for Desktops with VPN-Drop Guard

Street Art picture taken by @gubatron - 2017/10/19 in Denver, CO
Street Art picture taken by @gubatron – 2017/10/19 in Denver, CO

About this release
Super excited to have a new release after over a month of non-stop coding.

We’ve been super busy with the Android client, which has now become the dominant client in our Network.

We estimate that now, over 75% of FrostWire Bittorrent nodes online at any given time are running on Android devices.

The cool thing about our development architecture is that whatever work we do under the hood is taken advantage by all the clients no matter the platform. We’ve had to optimize things to run efficiently to make the most of the limited hardware features in older mobile phones, therefore, the downloading experience on desktop is far superior than 6 years ago, it’s actually energy efficient in comparison to previous generations like FrostWire 4, or 5.

On this release we fixed a nasty UPnP bug that had been haunting us for months, which may have been related to possible shutdown issues in some instances of Windows 10 where FrostWire would just not shutdown, not anymore, at least we could not replicate it.

New VPN-Drop Guard

We’ve unveiled a feature that was available (since March) only to those curious and brave of you who had “alpha features” enabled, we’re talking about the new “VPN-Drop guard”. We’ve had this feature for quite a while on Android, but now it’s available for all on desktop.

Basically, if you don’t want to share files when you are not on an encrypted VPN connection, FrostWire will automatically stop all torrent transfers for you if it detects the connection is not going through an encrypted tunnel, thus preserving your privacy in front of nosy ISPs and nasty Internet trolls.

Send to Friend is back

We missed out on renewing a domain used for the “Send to Friend” feature, “”, our bad we hadn’t noticed this. We’ve fixed FrostWire for Desktop to now take you to “” when creating http:// links to share magnets in a guided-by-the-hand way.

Malaysian Translation Updated

On every release we try to bring the translations up, this release has a lot of love for our Malaysian brothers and sisters. If you see something wrongly translated, please don’t hesitate to let us know @frostwire on twitter, on our Facebook Page or better yet, you can Open a ticket on our GitHub repo to let us know how to fix it.

Full Changelog

frostwire (6.5.9) stable; urgency=high

  * New VPN Drop Guard feature available in BitTorrent settings
* UX: Edit tracker dialog supports basic keyword shortcuts
* Networking: fixed issue listening on IPv6 and random port from settings
* New jlibtorrent
* Fixes 'Send to friend' broken feature, now points to domain
* Malay translation updated

-- FrostWire Team <>  Wed, 25 Oct 2017 09:44:07 -0600

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