FrostWire 2.0.4 build 525 for Android available now

12.1 MB frostwire-android-release-2.0.4-b525-plus.apk

FrostWire 2.0.4 build 525 - APR/26/2018
 - New jlibtorrent
 - Library updates: gms 15.0.0, re2j 1.2
 - Translations updated, Hungarian
 - Music player clean up and optimizations
 - Advanced Transfer Piece viewer rendering optimizations
 - Search Filtering optimizations
 - Bug where Creative Commons features would dissapear on Plus fixed


jlibtorrent changelog

    * using android NDK r17 beta1
    * updated to boost 1.67.0
    * updated to OpenSSL 1.1.0h
    * expose to java SWIG api the aux::arm_neon_support flag for android
      runtime verification
    * remove hack of custom getauxval definition
    * null check protection in EnumNet
    * lt:honor torrent abort even on file check error
    * lt:use settings_pack::urlseed_wait_retry for default retry with http seeds
    * lt:fix storage initialization
    * lt:strtoll() returns LLONG_MAX if the input overflows, handle this case
      properly in the http parser
    * lt:remove the global cache of the current time, just use clock::now()
    * lt:deprecated alert::progress_notification alert category, split into
      finer grained categories
    * lt:disk_io_thread abort_hash_jobs duplicate code refactor
    * lt:fix part-file header allocation
    * lt:fix potential fd leak in enum_net_interfaces
    * lt:don't perform DNS lookups for the DHT bootstrap unless DHT is enabled
    * lt:avoid calls to .address() when looking for endpoint protocol
    * lt:removed unnecessary loop in request_a_block
    * lt:fix changing file priorities while checking interrupts checking
    * lt:fix issue where the current tracker would be skipped for the next
      tracker in the same tier
    * lt:remove redundant check in tracker announce
    * lt:minor fixes in utp_socket_impl
    * lt:stat files in the disk thread, in default_storage::initialize()
      instead of the constructor
    * lt:dynamically load getauxval so as to support older android devices
    * lt:track whether a file is eligible for using the partfile on a per-file
    * lt:define NETLINK_NO_ENOBUFS and IFA_D_DADFAILED if they don't exist
    * lt:fix reporting &redundant= in tracker announces
    * lt:fix windows build with UNC paths disabled
    * lt:fix issue querying block size from torrent before metadata has been
    * lt:source code cleanup, performance and stability

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