New FrostWire 6.8.6 for Windows, macOS and Linux

Download the new release with the faster torrent downloads and improved search

Windows 64-bit: MB

macOS 64-bit:
frostwire-6.8.6.dmg45.7 MB

Ubuntu/Debian 64-bit
frostwire-6.8.6.amd64.deb13.5 MB

Red Hat/RPM-based
frostwire-6.8.6.amd64.rpm14.9 MB

Java 11+ for any other OS
frostwire-6.8.6.amd64.tar.gz1 4.2 MB

Source code(zip)
Source code(tar.gz)

frostwire (6.8.6) stable; urgency=high

  • New jlibtorrent update
  • New 1337x search (thanks to @HimanshuSharma789)
  • New iDope search (thanks to @HimanshuSharma789)
  • Fixed Torrentz2 search dates (thanks to @HimanshuSharma789)
  • Fixed Sound Cloud search
  • Discontinues mplayer video playback, uses os default video player for videos
  • -> 1.4
  • com.squareup.okhttp3:okhttp:4.4.1 -> 4.8.1
  • com.h2database:h2:1.4.199 -> 200
  • lt: validate UTF-8 encoding of client version strings from peers
  • lt: don’t time out tracker announces as eagerly while resolving hostnames
  • lt: fix NAT-PMP shutdown issue
  • lt: improve hostname lookup by merging identical lookups
  • lt: fix network route enumeration for large routing tables
  • lt: fixed issue where pop_alerts() could return old, invalid alerts
  • lt: fix issue when receiving have-all message before the metadata
  • lt: don’t leave lingering part files handles open
  • lt: disallow calling add_piece() during checking
  • lt: fix incorrect filename truncation at multi-byte character
  • lt: always announce listen port 1 when using a proxy

— FrostWire Team Sun, 23 Aug 2020 10:45:00 -0600

2 thoughts on “New FrostWire 6.8.6 for Windows, macOS and Linux

    1. Do you by any chance have 2 screen monitors and are running FrostWire on the secondary screen?

      If not, please send us a full crash log if possible, you can obtain one by running FrostWire from the Terminal

      cd /Applications/

      When the app crashes, copy & paste all the output from the terminal window into a comment here please

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