FrostWire 6.8.7 for Windows, macOS and Linux (tag 3 friends)

Featuring jlibtorrent/libtorrent and OpenJDK 14.0.2

Bundle-free Windows installer 39.1 MB

Bundle-free macOS installer
frostwire-6.8.7.dmg 46.6 MB

Linux packages
frostwire-6.8.7.amd64.deb 14.5 MB
frostwire-6.8.7.amd64.rpm 15.7 MB

Other operating systems (OpenJDK 11+ required)
frostwire-6.8.7.amd64.tar.gz 15.1 MB


frostwire (6.8.7) stable; urgency=high

  • New jlibtorrent update
  • OpenJDK 14.0.2 update for Windows and macOS
  • lt: improve stat_file() performance on Windows
  • lt: fix issue with loading invalid torrents with only 0-sized files
  • lt: fix to avoid large stack allocations
  • lt: removed deprecated wstring overloads on non-windows systems
  • lt: drop dependency on Unicode’s ConvertUTF code (which had a license incompatible with Debian)
  • lt: fix bugs exposed on big-endian systems
  • lt: fix detection of hard-links not being supported by filesystem
  • lt: fixed resume data regression for seeds with prio 0 files
  • binaries: compiler upgraded from g++-5 to g++-7

— FrostWire Team Tue, 15 Sep 2020 16:35:00 -0600

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