New FrostWire 6.9.7, now also with native installers for macOS M1 CPUs and Intel CPUs

frostwire (6.9.7) stable; urgency=high
  * New mplayer 12.0.5/ffmpeg 4.2.1 build.
  * macOS arm64 and x86_64 fwplayer builds
  * Telluride Cloud Video Downloader build 21 (new macOS arm64 builds)
  * Faster telluride URL search results
  * jlibtorrent (boost 1.78, openssl 1.1.1m)
  * lt:don't disable announcing from local endpoints because of temporary failures
  * lt:fix issue in parsing UPnP XML response with multiple forwarding services
  * lt:cache DNS lookups for SOCKS5 proxy
  * lt:fix stalled pieces on disk-full errors
  * lt:fix build configuration issue on NetBSD, OpenBSD and DragonFly
  * lt:make UTF-8 sanitization a bit stricter. This will re-write invalid UTF-8 code points encoding surrogate pairs
  * lt:fix restoring last_seen_complete from resume data
  * lt:fix issue on MacOS where the DHT was not restarted on a network-up notification
  * lt:make remove_torrent flags be treated as flags (instead of an enum)

 -- FrostWire Team <>  Wed, 12 Jan 2022 01:00:00 -0600

6 thoughts on “New FrostWire 6.9.7, now also with native installers for macOS M1 CPUs and Intel CPUs

    1. Sorry about that, please try updating your Mac to Big Sur 11.5.2 or later, we can no longer support such an old operating system

  1. I’ve contacted you before about the problems I’m having with Frostwire 6.9.6 and 6.9.7! Both, don’t allow me to copy and paste, onto ‘Search or enter target URL’! So when there is a complicated Search listing, I have a problem trying to get it exactly right, for it to search anything! Windows 10, Firefox 99.0.1. Have been using Frostwire 6.9.5, but that doesn’t work too well! Is the new Firefox 6.9.8, going to fix this problem, I’m having? Any Idea When It’ll Come Out?

  2. I still can’t copy and paste, to the search on FrostWire 6.9.8. The problem, that started in FrostWire 6.9.6, hasn’t changed any! I’ll have to go back to 6.9.5, that works fine, for copy and paste. The paste doesn’t highlight, as it should, when I have something to paste! And I’m missing out on any helpful, accumulated updates. If I can’t copy and paste, onto the search, the program is useless to me!

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