New FrostWire 6.9.8 for Windows, Mac (x86 and arm), and Linux, with new jlibtorrent and new Java Runtime Environment 18.0.1

Official Installers
windows installer (x86_64):

mac intel: frostwire-6.9.8-x86_64.dmg
mac arm: frostwire-6.9.8-arm64.dmg

linux debian: frostwire-6.9.8.amd64.deb
linux rpm: frostwire-6.9.8.amd64.rpm

Java Enabled (x86_64) environment: frostwire-6.9.8.amd64.tar.gz

frostwire (6.9.8) stable; urgency=high

  • Java Runtime Environment 18.0.1 update
  • TorLock search fixed
  • Removed, moved to IPFS, no longer works with JSON api
  • Telluride Build 22
  • com.squareup.okhttp3:okhttp:4.9.3
  • org.junit.jupiter:junit-jupiter:5.8.2
  • jlibtorrent (boost 1.79, openssl 1.1.1n)
  • lt:upgrade to boost 1.79
  • lt:openssl 1.1.1n upgrade
  • lt:fix bdecode support for large strings (>= 100 MB)
  • lt:send User-Agent field in anonymous mode
  • lt:fix python binding for settings_pack conversion
  • lt:fix DHT announce timer issue
  • lt:use DSCP_TRAFFIC_TYPE socket option on windows
  • lt:update default ToS setting according to RFC 8622
  • lt:keep trying to announce to trackers even when all fail
  • lt:don’t disable announcing from local endpoints because of temporary failures
  • lt:fix issue in parsing UPnP XML response with multiple forwarding services — FrostWire Team Mon, 25 Apr 2022 13:03:00 -0600
Download FrostWire

6 thoughts on “New FrostWire 6.9.8 for Windows, Mac (x86 and arm), and Linux, with new jlibtorrent and new Java Runtime Environment 18.0.1

  1. On the FrostWire Free Download Page, it’s showing for Windows 6.9.7 Build 312, which is.wrong. But, the new version, still hasn’t fixed my Problem, of can’t copy and paste, to the search. 6.9.6 – 6.9.8, I’ve had this problem. I have to use 6.9.5, to be able to do anything. And you know, 6.9.5 has its own problems. Something changed in 6.9.6, that’s doing this. And is still on going!

    Windows 10, Firefox 99.0.1 So, I’m the only person, this is happening Too?

    1. Hi, this is because we were waiting for one of our partners.
      This is also why we link here to our bundle free installer on github.

      The installer on the website has now been updated to be 6.9.8.

  2. UpDate: And I don’t have Java, since, there was so much trouble with it, years ago. They were updating it, sometimes more than once a day.

    1. You don’t need to install Java yourself, FrostWire will install a custom version built for it in the application folder

      I’m on Windows 10 as well, we build FrostWire on Windows 10 and I cannot replicate the copy & paste issue. Please make sure you install all pending updates (even the non-critical ones) for your Windows 10.

      1. I keep track of Windows Updates. I just checked and nothing new.

        As I said, the problem started with 6.9.6, and is still ongoing with 6.9.8. That’s why I have to use 6.9.5.

      2. Also, as I’m stuck using Frotwire 6.9.5, it limits me to 20 total search results for each search. So do you kn ow when the new update, that fixes what was added in 6.9.6, that’s causing my original problem, that’s still ongoing with 6.9.8? Not allowing copy and paste, to search.

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