New FrostWire 6.10 for Windows, Mac and Linux

Significant improvements in search architecture and resource utilization

Official Installers


macOS x86_64 frostwire-6.10.0-x86_64.dmg

macOS arm64 frostwire-6.10.0-arm64.dmg

Linux (Ubuntu/Debian/Mint) frostwire-6.10.0.amd64.deb

Linux (RPM) frostwire-6.10.0.amd64.rpm

Other (Java-19 x86_64) frostwire-6.10.0.amd64.tar.gz

An update you don’t want to miss

FrostWire has just released its latest stable version, 6.10.0, and it comes with a range of new and improved features that are sure to excite its users.

One of the key enhancements of this update is faster search results. The team has been working hard to optimize the search algorithm to deliver results more quickly, making it easier for users to find the files they’re looking for.

In addition, the new Telluride build 25 comes with Python 3.11, which provides faster web video searches. The team has also added a new search engine – BTDigg – to help users find even more content.

The search results cache now works with an sqlite database, which will improve performance and stability. The default audio/video player setting for Linux is now MPlayer, which should provide a better overall experience for Linux users.

Other changes include the removal of the defunct Zooqle search engine and the removal of audio player playlists along with H2 database dependency. The team has also reduced the number of threads used, which should help reduce memory usage and improve performance.

Express VPN detection has been fixed for Windows, and there are a range of bug fixes and improvements throughout the app.

Overall, this is a significant release that demonstrates the team’s commitment to continually improving the FrostWire experience for its users. The faster search results and improved search algorithms are particularly welcome, and the removal of defunct features and engines will help keep the app streamlined and focused on what users need.

FrostWire has always been a popular choice for those who want a powerful and reliable file-sharing app, and this latest update is sure to cement its position as one of the best options out there.


frostwire (6.10.0) stable; urgency=high

  • Faster search results
  • Telluride build 25 with Python 3.11, faster web video searches
  • New BTDigg search engine
  • Search results cache now works with sqlite database
  • MPlayer 1.5.0 with FFmpeg snapshot and OpenSSL 1.1.1s
  • SoundCloud search fixed
  • Torrentz2 search fixed
  • New button on status line right corner to open settings screen
  • Old buttons to access settings screen from search results and library gone
  • SearchManager now has 2 executors, one for crawlers another for one off requests
  • Default audio/video player setting for Linux is mplayer
  • Misc screen bugfix for Linux
  • Removed defunct Zooqle
  • Removed audio player playlists along with H2 database dependency
  • Less threads, less memory usage, more thread pool reusage for background UI related tasks
  • Express VPN detection fixed for Windows
  • DEV: New SearchPerformer.isDDOSProtectionActive() logic used in unit tests
  • CI: jdk19 tests
  • CI: telluride tests do not run in CI
  • CI: all search performers have tests

— FrostWire Team Fri, 3 Mar 2023 10:43:00 -0600

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