A New FrostWire 6.1.2 for PC, MacOSX and Linux is yours to download.

Download Installers on FrostWire’s Official Website
Download Installers and SourceCode on GitHub

Screenshot of Changelog in Github.com

Full Changelog:

frostwire (6.1.2) stable; urgency=high
  * Search performance improvements. New RxJava-based implementation.
  * Search box suggestions improved.
  * New Check/uncheck all search engines checkbox.
  * TorLock search fixed.
  * Added SSL (https) support for torrent web seeds.
  * Options window remembers last pane opened.
  * Fixes painting issues when searching Starred audio files on the library.
  * frostwire-jlibtorrent library updates.
  * Library user experience bug fixes.
 -- FrostWire Team   Wed, 24 Jun 2015 11:44:00 -0500

FrostWire for Android 1.1.2 (beta) out


FrostWire for Android 1.1.2 build 98 is now available for beta testers via Google Play.
Download it now on Google Play

NOTE: You must be part of The FrostWire for Android Beta Testers Group, or a member of The Pirate Bay Google+ Community to be able to download the beta from Google Play

Full Changelog (Updated September/03/2013 at 5:09pm Eastern)

FrostWire 1.1.2 – SEP/03/2013
– Removed offers during installation to comply with new Google Play guidelines.
– New: Stop music playback completely by long pressing the play/pause button.
– New: Audio Player menu now has “Delete this track” feature, get rid of songs
you don’t like on your device next time you come across them and keep playing.
– New: Turn on/off wifi sharing from Wi-Fi sharing screen. Turning off Wi-Fi
sharing results in considerable battery savings since the radio is not being
used constantly to discover and announce to other peers on the local network.
– Sources on search results are now underlined to hint user of sourc checking feature.
– Fixes issues parsing some YouTube urls.
– Fixes soundcloud search.
– Improved memory usage and multiple memory leaks fixes will avoid a multiple
number of crashes due to out of memory errors, specially on older devices
with limited memory availability.
– Fixes issue with double memory allocation related to
first creen’s grid view.
– Fixed some memory leaks related to picasso bitmap

FrostWire “Wynwood” 5.6.1 changelog


Download FrostWire 5.6.1

frostwire (5.6.1) stable; urgency=high
* New Feature: New simplified, more responsive, faster user interface.
* New Feature: Audio player can detect Facebook and Twitter urls
inside .mp3 ID3 Tags to display Facebook and Twitter icons of the
the corresponding artists.
* fwplayer.exe improved unicode and HLS (Http Live Streaming) support.
* New Feature: Change font size with Ctrl/Cmd + ‘+’, Ctrl/Cmd + ‘-‘.
* New Feature: Close search tabs with Ctrl/Cmd + ‘w’.
* New Feature: Switch search tabs with Ctrl+Tab, Ctrl+Shift+Tab
* New Feature: Switch search tabs with Cmd+Shift+[, Cmd+Shift+]
* New Feature: Search engines can be disabled in global options.
* Improved and optimized table rendering for search results and library files.
* Refreshed presentation of search results.
* New splash screen format.
* Fixed issue related to smart search configuration.
* Fixed NPE that would cause library table rendering issues.
* Fixed NPE while searching in starred.
* Fixed popup menu in search result displayer.
* Fixed DnD between playlists (some inconsistencies with order index).
* All FrostWire libraries now come in a single FrostWire.jar file.
* Major cleanup of the FrostWire code base.

— FrostWire Team Thu, 20 Jun 2013 00:12:08 -0500

FrostWire 5.5.6 Changelog (UPDATE 3)

Attention Technical writers, hackers and hardcore FrostWire enthusiasts, here’s the upcoming changelog for FrostWire 5.5.6 as we polish the last details and begin the testing process.

Update 3 (Apr 23 2013 – 10:38pm EST):
Download FrostWire 5.5.6 Release Candidate Installer for Windows

Update 2 (Apr 23rd 2013 – 9:32pm EST):
Download FrostWire 5.5.6 Release Candidate 2 Installer for Mac OSX

During the next hours we’ll be releasing Release Candidate Binaries for those of you who would like to help catch a few bugs in advance. This list is not final as we’re still closing the development cycle for this release.

Please fork-us and send your patch-branch via pull-request.

frostwire (5.5.6) stable; urgency=high
* New Feature: Includes search results from archive.org, which indexes millions of public domain and creative commons works from all over the internet.
* New Feature: playlist songs can be re-ordered with drag and drop.
* New Feature: all songs in a playlist can now be exported to a folder.
* Upgrade: Improved Unicode support for Chinese characters.

* Upgrade: mplayer update for unicode character file playback support.
* Upgrade: Search architecture upgrade for much faster search results.
* Upgrade: Considerably faster mp3,mp4 parsing in the library, creating playlists is now faster than ever.
* Upgrade: New more explicit Wi-Fi sharing icons.
* Upgrade: Updated radio station database.
* Upgrade: up to 20% faster listing of files in the Library.
* Upgrade: Video player upgrades for better experience.
* Bug fix: screen-saver no longer kicks in during video playback.
* Bug fix: UPnP Wi-Fi sharing discovery consumes 84% less CPU on
congested local networks. Fixing reported slowdowns and reducing
considerable power consumption for laptop users.
* Bug fix: X11 related error fix.
* Bug fix: Number of files being shared includes the number of torrents
being seeded.
* Bug fix: Library search issues related to unicode characters.
* Bug fix: Multiple null pointer exceptions and crashes fixed.
* Bug fix: Fixed rendering issue related to wrong parsing of bitrate
string data.
* Upgrade: (Developers) ant compilation scripts cleanup.
* Upgrade: (Developers) use of ‘frostwire-commons’ repository to share
common code between FrostWire for Android and Desktop projects.

— FrostWire Team <contact@frostwire.com> Mon, 22 Apr 2013 05:58:00 -0500

FrostWire 5.5.4 changelog

Free FrostWire 5.5.4 Download Now
In Geek speak, here are the full changes for FrostWire 5.5.4, released on Thursday, Feb. 21 2013.

frostwire (5.5.4) stable; urgency=high
  * New Feature: extract audio (.m4a) from (.mp4) videos on right click.
  * New Core Feature: HTTP resumeable large transfer support.
  * Upgrade: Default save folder for cloud downloads is updated without 
  * Upgrade: 'Repeat song' playback mode now available.
  * Upgrade: Enriched promotion display, now with audio and video previews and
    shortcuts to content creator's social media channels/streams.
  * Upgrade: binary compatibility improved for Windows releases.
  * Bug fix: if default save folder is changed it's now part of library scanned
  * Bug fix: smart search engine wasn't notifying when it was done if there
    were no results.
  * Bug fix: several crashes and errors fixed.
  * Bug fix: partial download dialog for cloud downloads would sometimes appear
  * Bug fix: out of memory error by UPnP-cling creating an infinite number
    of threads.
 -- FrostWire Team   Thu, 21 Feb 2013 14:38:57 -0500

New FrostWire 4.18.0

FrostWire 4.18 Splash screen

FrostWire 4.18.0 is finally out for Windows, Mac and Linux. Among the most important changes are:

  • Fixes Bittorrent Incompatibilities.
  • Mac launcher fixes bug where FrostWire would not allow itself to run on a external disk.
  • Fixes bug on Welcome Screen, now you don’t need to open FrostWire twice to get the latest welcome screen.
  • FrostWire caches the last 2 images shown on the Welcome Screen to save bandwidth from static servers.
  • Tools > Check for Updates. Now FrostWire can check for configuration updates, community messages, new FrostWire releases and welcome screen promotion updates during runtime.
  • The welcome screen can be customized for every language, giving the chance to more content creators to be promoted every week to different audiences that speak their language.
  • The Buttons of the Download Manager have been rearranged to avoid mistakes when trying to resume downloads. The Clear and Cancel Buttons are all the way to the right. Thanks to ‘ssome’ for the suggestion.
  • New Splash Screen.
  • Anti spam filters updated to filter out new keywords used by spammers.
  • New “Buy” icon.
  • The community chat ‘Connect’ button now checks if a nickname has been set and helps the user set a default nickname using an input dialog.
  • When users issue the “/nick” command on the chat, FrostWire will remember the new nickname as the default nickname.

A little more on these updates
Some bugs on the Bittorrent implementation were causing CPU usage to go to 100%, also torrents created with KTorrent presented some incompatibilities that are now fixed. Thanks to FTA for these patches. There’s also some work that exists on the code that will allow FrostWire to let the user download only certain files shared by a torrent. This is useful if you find a torrent with multiple files and you only care about a few of them. Since we need a little more testing for this feature it’s dormant on 4.18.0. FrostWire hackers can play with the code and enable it.

After Unpack200 was introduced for all the FrostWire jars to reduce the installer size we imposed a limitation on the Mac installer that allowed FrostWire to be run (the first time) only from the Applications folder. This limitation is now gone thanks to users that complained when 4.17.2 came out. You can now install FrostWire on your Mac on any folder, including external drives, USB drives, etc.

The integration between FrostClick.com and the FrostWire welcome screen will be far more effective as of 4.18.0. Before 4.18.0 FrostWire users would not see the latest promotion from FrostClick.com downloads until they’d open FrostWire a second time. Now, the minute a promotion is launched from FrostClick, 4.18.0 will be able to display the featured download and independent artists and free content owners will see the benefits of FrostWire/Frostclick free promotions a lot faster. Also, promotions can now be distributed to different languages so FrostWire communities in other countries will also be able to enjoy content in their own language, opening the stage for more artists per month. The images for promotions are now cached on disk, thus giving a much needed bandwidth relief to the Frostclick/FrostWire servers.

A subtle change on the interface has been implemented. Some users complained about the ordering of the buttons on the download manager, it was causing some of the users to get confused and cancel their downloads. Buttons have been re-arranged so that this doesn’t happen. Also the “Buy Item” button has a more visible icon now.

New users not familiar with IRC terminology got lost in the process of setting up a nickname joining the chat community (since they’d skip steps on the setup wizard and not enter a default nickname). Now FrostWire checks if you have set up or not your chat nickname. If you have not, a friendly dialog will let you set your default nickname before Connecting to the Chatroom. No more, Tools > Options … and restarting needed to join the chat for the first time. Also, when you change your nick using the “/nick” irc command, FrostWire will notice the nick change, and save the new nickname as the new default nickname. Next time you open frostwire, you won’t have to issue the “/nick” command again.

Other than these there are a lot of internal updates and new dormant functionality that subversion followers may have noticed in the code base during the winter months. These game changing upgrades are of such importance that we are leaving them for the FrostWire 5.0 series.

Stay tuned for a few 4.18 releases that will deal directly with spam issues, and order your free stickers before they run out, make sure you send us your pictures.

Download FrostWire 4.18.0 From The Official Website